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Zipsale is run by a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about producing the most cost effective and easy to use online product listing software. Our team is working to make sure your experience with our cross posting product is a seamless and enjoyable process that helps you to make more money, more efficiently, and with more control.

Timur Odintsov

Team Lead
Pursues knowledge with curiosity

Andrey Balyko

Product Manager
Works hard to make user experience as easy as possible

Yulia Titova

QA Engineer
Zipsale's positivity

Tatiana Kulagina

Head of QA
Zipsale's Sherlock Holmes who investigates and prevents bug crimes

Dmitry Ovsyannikov


Ilya Lebedev

Owns the magic of software

Maria Yavorskaya

Zipsale's inspiration

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