About Depop
Depop is a social fashion shopping marketplace, focused on the next generation and sustainable ways of buying and selling. By offering a peer-to-peer buying and selling platform, Depop aims at making fashion more inclusive as well as less wasteful. With a fresh-looking interface that takes after most popular social media platforms, Depop offers an effortless buying and selling experience to its users.

What to sell
Depop is a great marketplace for selling fashion items: clothing, accessories and footwear. On top of this, you can also sell homeware, movies and music, as well as certain technology items.
Make sure that the item you wish to sell is not in the list of prohibited items on Depop.

Selling fees
Depop selling fees are pretty straightforward: you will be charged a 10% selling fee when you sell an item, plus a transaction fee, which is 2.9%+£0.30.
You can read about Depop selling fees more closely in this article.

Tips and tricks
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