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Our Big Journey

We’ve been so busy building Zipsale for the last twelve months that we couldn't find time to write about it in our blog. 

We now feel that we have a lot to share with you, as Zipsale has evolved significantly!😀

Our Journey So Far

We started our journey in 2020, when Maria, one of the founders, tried to find a solution for selling pre-owned items as fast as possible. Her research of the existing solutions didn’t show any results and she had no choice but to start developing a new tool that was supposed to solve this problem. We had no idea if anyone would really use our product but we were obsessed with creating something that never existed before and something that would help millions of professionals and individuals to be involved in the sustainable economy in a more efficient way.

In March 2021 we raised investments from our investors, launched a beta version of Zipsale, and acquired the first registered user. We were over the moon, but it was just the beginning.

What we’ve achieved from then:

  • Connected 6 marketplaces: eBay, Depop, Vinted, Shopify, Etsy and FB marketplace💥
  • Designed unique mapping services to speed up the process of crosslisting (not ideal lol, but constantly improving)
  • Over 750,000 listings made🚀
  • Almost 4,000 professional sellers joined
  • Some of our users doubled their revenue in 6 months after starting using Zipsale (WOW!💥)
  • Autodelisting success rate is close to 95%
  • £350,000 spent on the development to date
  • 6 investors + 2 accelerators backed our project
  • 5 team members drank 8,500 cups of coffee (we haven’t really counted 🙂 but this should be close) while writing the code day and night
  • Templates, Depop refreshing, Analytics, Bulk import have been launched
  • 145 serious bugs were fixed
  • 143 new improvements and features were executed
  • And many more are coming!🤯

The first version of Zipsale launched in March 2021 was free. It had a lot of bugs, only two marketplaces and nothing else. We are so grateful to our early birds who were nevertheless using Zipsale and providing us with honest and sometimes harsh feedback that allowed us to promptly address the issues and boosted the development of the product. We introduced our first paid subscription in January 2022 when we felt that Zispale started creating some value for our users. We decided to keep the tariffs low as we knew it would have been unfair to charge more as the product was still not ideal.

Making Changes

Today is the first time in the two years history of Zipsale that we are changing our pricing plans, as we feel that Zipsale is becoming stronger and brings more value to our users. We need your support as never before.

We’re introducing  the following changes

  • We’ve raised the fees, BUT…
  • also increased the number of items that can be uploaded within each tariff
  • significantly increased the quality and functionality of the product
  • offered everyone a 15% discount on annual plans
*Yearly plans include 15% discount

This doesn’t mean we’re now satisfied with what we have achieved! We will continue working even harder to deliver a new level of quality and functionality to the Zipsale product. We realise that what we’ve done so far is still 1/100th of what we have in our pipeline. Our vision is to create the most convenient all-in-one global product that will simplify the process of buying and selling second-hand items and contribute to a sustainable economy. 

Thank you so much to all who support and believe in us! We’ll keep you posted!💪💪💪

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