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It's true that internet shopping through online selling platforms has never been more popular and continues to be on the rise. There are many great online selling marketplaces through which we enjoy buying and trading. But which one is the best online UK marketplace right now, and can we name only one pick? Let's take a look at the best online selling platforms in the United Kingdom right now.

British people are very fond of online shopping, and they spend more than 11% of their salary online

Online Marketplaces Are Still Gaining Popularity

Online shopping is one of the greatest conveniences of our time. Statistically speaking, according to the E-Commerce Foundation report, the Brits love the advantage of a great marketplace platform. They love it so much that they are the top spenders on the internet with £3,120 per capita spent online shopping. But on which marketplace online in the UK does an average Brit find their vintage wholesale suppliers or shop for any other item?

Some of the Top Platforms May Come as a Surprise

Internet shoppers are well aware that the web is a vast place for buying and trading goods, and if you're looking for a piece of advice on where it's best to post your goods, these are the top picks:

Some of these you may have expected to find here, and some were the obvious choices. However, if you are a seller that wants to reach wider groups of people, you should post on several marketplaces. So, it would be wisest to sell on Vinted, while you also reach to consumers on Instagram with Shopify. You shouldn't wonder whether Depop or Etsy is better - you should post your goods on both. Unfortunately, it may be hard to keep track of all the items, and that's where free cross-posting software comes in handy. It will let you manage listings on all these websites, which will lead to getting more followers on Depop and other marketplaces.

The UK population is keen on spending on websites with generic goods, but also those with niche products

Let's Start the Best Online UK Marketplace List With Our #5 Pick - OnBuy

OnBuy themselves advertise as the online marketplace in the UK that's an alternative to Amazon. With an expansion plan on their minds that is going to cover more than 140 nations, the numbers prove that they are among the quickest expanding platforms for selling online. It's a fact that they have supported as many sales in the first three days of 2021 as they did for the whole of 2020. They are certainly loved by British consumers, and that's why they have made it on this list.

What Makes This Marketplace So Special for a Business, Old and New?

Besides being a UK-based shopping platform, which gives it an advantage with the British shoppers, there are several other reasons why it has risen in popularity. The product category is generic, and it doesn't only target a niche market. But besides that, its commission fees are highly competitive - most of the stuff sold there has a commission rate of 9%, while electronics have 5%. One of the key takeaways that they point out on their homepage is that purchasing through them gives support to small and medium businesses.

Wayfair Offers Various Home Goods and Holds the Number #4

If you're looking at e-commerces that offer furniture and all the other home goods in one place, Wayfair holds the top position in the UK. When a shopping platform focuses on a certain group of products, it usually means that they will be visited by one-time buyers. This type of e-commerce has a larger shopping basket on average, and Wayfair's numbers confirm so, with sales reaching over £10 billion.

#3 - Etsy, Where You Shop for Unique

Etsy is known for a large global community that's very collaborative. When looking at their UK data, the website generates so many visits a month that it had to be so high on our list. Although there's a significant gap in visits between our first two places and the third, it's definitely a leader when it comes to crafted items. It is mainly focused on handmade, custom, and vintage items, crafts, and arts. However, before you start listing your goods there, you should get informed on all the possible Etsy fees and regulations.

If you want to be a successful seller on Etsy, you can use a few creative ideas from the following video.

The Shopping Website That Sits Firmly at #2 - eBay

Among the most popular, eBay is the only online marketplace platform that comes near to Amazon's numbers. It hosts consumer-to-consumer sales, as well as business-to-consumer, and its area is generic. It means you can find anything you're looking for right in this place. As for the sellers, they may prefer eBay for the lower fees for most of the goods compared to those on Amazon. It's also a great place for individual sellers who offer used goods and collectible items. If you're looking for a website that will allow you to expand your business and work on your brand, eBay is probably your best pick.

Who Rules the E-Commerce Kingdom and Hold the #1 Place? The Answer Is - Amazon

The British e-commerce market is ruled by one multi-vendor marketplace platform - Amazon. It's no wonder it's the best selling UK marketplace because this website is the most popular in the majority of western nations. If you want more exposure, whether your product has a USP or not - you are at the right website. It has a base of loyal customers, as well as a huge amount of monthly visitors. When you create an account and start selling your products here, the trust of the regular customers is guaranteed.

Keep Track of a Product Posted on All Marketplaces With a Cross Listing Software

It's true that sellers will be most successful if they manage to cross-list their goods on several marketplaces. But keeping track of each of them is hard, and you might end up getting negative reviews if you don't manage to answer messages. But what does cross listing mean when selling? It's all possible to manage with Zipsale - a free multichannel listing software. It's a crossposting tool on e-commerce platforms that will help you expand your sales and keep your eye on all products you've listed, and you can use it like we've said - for free.


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