4 of the best UK marketplaces to sell your items on

Online reselling world is rich and wide, so you might ask yourself: where should I start? If you are already an experienced reseller, you might be accustomed to sticking to one marketplace only. But don't you sometimes feel this tickle, wondering, what other opportunities might be out there? Should I try something new?

At Zipsale, we love experimenting and trying out new things. TBH, that's the whole point of our existence: bring new opportunities closer to resellers! Not only that, we also aim to make online reselling hassle-free.

In any case, one step closer to reducing the hassle is to help you choose the marketplaces that are right for your business and goals.

Without further ado, rolling out the red carpet..

The Superstar: eBay
Everyone knows eBay! If you're an online reseller, you must have heard about it (and most likely, at one point or another, given it a go). It's large, it's diverse, and it has a massive audience. What is also cool is that you can pretty much sell anything on eBay (as long as it's good and honest).

Who should try selling on eBay?: everyone and anyone! You will not find a larger online marketplace audience in the UK.

Check out our eBay overview here.

The Bohemian: Etsy
Etsy is a marketplace for everything quirky, bespoke and vintage. Needless to say, it’s the place to be if your online store sales need a little bit of an extra boost with potential buyers looking for something special and unique. Etsy boasts a huge number or buyers every month and enables sellers to reach audiences across the world.

Who should try selling on Etsy?: the true vintage resellers - items listed on Etsy must be 20+ years old, so it's the perfect place for you if you're selling vintage clothing, collectables or similar items.

Check out our Etsy overview here.

The Young and Hip: Depop
Depop popped up out of the blue and revolutionized online reselling through a simple-to-use app. Depop has social media vibes, enhancing communication between sellers and buyers and boosting sustainable lifestyle through this. This marketplace targets mostly Gen Z audience, hosting a massive amount of preloved clothing and shoes.

Who should try selling on Depop?: anyone selling preloved fashion - listing items on Depop is free, and you never know who might stumble upon your items!

Check out our Depop overview here.

The Rising Star: Vinted
Vinted started off quietly, but is now boasting more than 45 million users worldwide. The catchphrase here is 'Circular Economy' - that's what Vinted is all about! Vinted promotes peer-to-peer buying and selling experience, urging its users to give their preloved items a second life.

Who should try selling on Vinted?: since Vinted is a P2P marketplace, commercial selling is not allowed. Vinted is a perfect marketplace for you, if you have a moderate number of items that you no longer need yourself.

Check out our Vinted overview here.

How can Zipsale help you?

Sign up on Zipsale and manage your listings from one platform: you're onto a winning formula. We've touched on a few of the best reseller marketplaces available online today. You

may decide to choose one and stick to that specific platform. The problem with that is that you'll be closing off a whole world of opportunity for increased sales and growing your business. Our advice: don't choose just one platform, use a few of them, and if it suits your

business, why not use them all? Visit our sign up page to get started, today.

Learn more about cross-posting your items here.


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