Selling on Multiple Platforms

Online selling on multiple platforms is not only a smart choice for small businesses venturing into the e-commerce market. It's essential for reaching new customers and potentially increasing revenue. However, choosing the best online selling platforms isn't simple, and managing selling online through different marketplaces is hard to keep track of. But with some knowledge of handling it and a bit of help from cross-posting software, it will be a piece of cake.

The Reason Why Selling on Multiple Platforms Is Great

Everyone that strives to have a successful e-Commerce business and to increase sales will look for available opportunities to achieve it. But creating a branded presence in the online world through one website may not cut it. So, can you sell on multiple platforms?

When you start a small e-commerce business, it won't take long to realize that you should expand your presence in order to be noticed and reach a wider customer base. You will need to take your offer and list on multiple platforms. But you'll also acknowledge that being present everywhere isn't doable. So, what is the easiest platform to sell online? In truth, you won't know which platform works best for you until you try. But let's look at the main advantages of crossposting on a multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Online sales are on a slow yet inevitable rise

Using More Than One Online Marketplace Platform Is Good Marketing for an e-Commerce Business

One of the most obvious reasons to sell items on multiple sites is to create leverage and allow yourself to have a backup plan in case your primary sales channel isn't substantial. That would mean selling on Vinted, while you also sell on Instagram with Shopify. But here are more advantages of cross-posting:

  • While you may not gain a large customer base right away, reaching wider audiences will be beneficial in the long run. You don't need to sell on all of these websites, but when you cross-list, you can monitor the data and reach and figure out what customers look for on each website.
  • Produce more opportunities for your business, from Amazon to OnBuy. More opportunities will eventually lead to higher revenue and open the doors to potentially even bigger sales. And you'll manage everything without breaking a sweat when you use a cross-posting app.
  • Once you start offering any product across several websites, you'll notice that some of them have certain restrictions. You may be limited as to what you can offer, have a limitation on the shipping destinations, and most certainly vary in fees. However, when you decide to sell on multiple marketplaces, it will be your way around these restrictions and issues. It's up to you where you'll sell used items online or any other type of product.

The Potential Disadvantages of Posting on Several Channels

The first challenge you will probably face when posting on several channels will be the higher competition. Websites like Amazon and eBay have fierce competition for customers, so there's no going in without a solid plan.

Once you start cross-posting on several online selling platforms, another challenge will be set. You will need a lot of time to manage everything. Building up your brand's profiles across several websites and monitoring everything will be especially time-consuming. However, you can work around it by using a cross-posting tool which is basically software for selling online.

Once you begin cross-listing, you'll realize how time-consuming it can get if you don't use a listing software.

Begin With a Smaller Inventory

While it may be alluring to go ahead and post your whole inventory everywhere, it will be hard to manage at first. Also, you will be venturing into unknown territory, so it would be wiser to know the target audiences first even if you're starting your reselling business without money.

You don't need to post everything you offer on each channel right away. You can start smaller by posting a part of your inventory on several different channels (Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, for example) and monitoring the data. Analyze the reach and the sales, and get to know the customer base that visits each platform. Cross-listing will also give you an answer to the question, "Which platform is best for reselling?"

More Tips to Achieve Multi Sales

According to, the UK is a leader when it comes to online shopping websites in Europe. The statistics show that the British e-Commerce market reached £693 billion in 2019. So, to make your business part of this market, we'll list some tips to help your e-commerce business. When you decide to sell on multiple platforms and increase the number of channels you offer your goods through, it's good to know the best strategy for it.

Sort Out Your Inventory, Place Correct Product Tags, and Be Organized

Going about a simple strategy may be the greatest plan to incorporate as far as cross-listing goes. But that doesn't mean that creating an account and posting goods will be sufficient - instead, be systemized. Be particular about pricing, shipping options, and your inventory, and try to avoid doing too many things at once. Also, consider that product tags should describe their features and characteristics - color, size, material, and category. For instance, if you manage to find the perfect vintage category for your items, you'll reach the right audience more easily.

Your Brand Will Grow More Popular With a Direct Tie to New and Old Consumers

When using more than one marketplace platform to post products, you should encourage the customers to make a direct tie to your shop. It's a great way to keep in touch with your customer base if something happens to one of your sales channels. Ask them to sign up to your email list, which you manage by yourself, so you can keep them updated on your goods. This strategy can make any vintage clothing online store more successful.

Make an email list and keep in touch with your target audience regularly

Use Cross-Listing Software That Will Help You Sell on Multiple Online Marketplaces

So, the first step is to get organized, make accounts on several websites and start posting. However, you should use something like a free multichannel listing software to manage selling on multiple marketplaces without any issues. Zipsale crosslisting software can help you keep track of your goods and manage customers while you have time to learn about the preferences of potential consumers.


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