5 Reasons to choose our FREE multiсhannel listing software

Today's online marketplaces each have their own benefits. Depending on your business or selling needs, you would usually choose the best one, based on your ideas and notions of that specific platform.

Some people prefer to list on eBay, while others might prefer Shopify, Depop or Etsy. The problem is that your business is missing out on a much larger audience by doing it this way. What if we told you that you can now easily list your items on a variety of major marketplaces, with one easy to use multi channel listing software?

Maximum exposure for your product listings

If you're a go getter and want to ensure maximum exposure for your products, you'll need to spend a lot of time on sign ups, listing your items, and inventory management.

Each platform will need to be managed, which means you'll be exerting 4 times more energy and effort, than if you were able to sell on multiple sites by simply signing up to a multi channel listing tool like Zipsale. You'll enjoy the benefit of selling your items across multiple channels easily and with minimal effort.

Inventory management made easy

So, you've uploaded your bulk listings in Zipsale and they're now live across multiple marketplaces like eBay, Depop, Etsy, and Shopify. You may be wondering what happens next. It's simple!

When your customers purchase items, you can delist those items from each marketplace with the click of a button or two. Imagine trying to juggle your inventory on each platform as the sales come streaming in. That's why you have Zipsale to manage your listings!

Increase your listing speed

Think back to a time before Zipsale when you had to log into Shopify, list your items and set your price. Then you had to log in to the Etsy app and do the same. Then you had to get onto eBay and list items and set the price for the third time! On top of that, Depop made you do this for the fourth time..

How long do you think that would take? If you have a wide variety of stock and are running your small business all on your own, then you'll know that time is not always a luxury you have. With Zipsale we've calculated that you could sell your items 5x faster and save on average 40 hours for every 100 listings. That basically works out to a whole standard work week for you to grow your business in other ways.

Sell for the price you want
When you list on one shopping site, you're basically only selling to one specific audience - the audience that is loyal to that specific marketplace. With Zipsale you can list your items at the price you want across multiple sites and offer it to a much larger audience. As such, you will find a buyer for your item at the price you set.

Increase sales

More eyes on your items means that there'll be more money in your pocket. By listing your items on our multi channel listing software, you are ensuring that your customer base is much broader, thereby increasing your potential to make sales.

It's time to take your business to the next level with the Zipsale listings manager for online sales! Try out our FREE TRIAL today and sign up to start listing your items across Shopify, Etsy, Depop and eBay.


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