All you need to know about Zipsale Google Chrome Extension

What is Zipsale Google Chrome Extension?
Zipsale works on Depop and Vinted using a Google Chrome Extension. This allows Zipsale to communicate with these marketplaces' servers, help you upload items, and effectively manage your stock across multiple marketplaces. By using Zipsale and our extension you can make more sales and more money!

Are Google Extensions safe?
Google’s review process means that their extensions are very safe to use - they are extensively reviewed and will not ask you for your passwords or personal details.

How does the Zipsale Extension work?
All extensions use a token-based authorisation scheme. This means that once you have given the extension permission, it uses a token instead of a password for a limited time and in a limited way to make changes e.g. by listing items to your Depop and Vinted account.

All that Zipsale extension does is replicate the actions that you would do manually in your account, but just removes the time investment and the effort.

Is the Zipsale Extension a bot?
In a way, yes. There are two kinds of bots that work with Depop.

The ones to avoid!
This kind of bot requires you to download an app and provide your password, which can be a huge security issue. They also tend to adopt more or a broad brush approach which can result in your account being banned for spamming others with mass following, unfollowing and messaging. They also often lack the functionality of other bots. These are the ones not to use.

The ones to trust
This kind of bot just uses a browser add-on, such as a Google Chrome plugin, and will not ask for your password. They will not allow you to complete actions in numbers beyond what you could achieve normally on the platform meaning you can work faster, but will not be banned for using them. The Zipsale Extension works in this way. These are the ones to use to grow and monetise your account!

What are the disadvantages to the Zipsale Extension?
The only disadvantage is that you have to use the Google Chrome browser, however this is what keeps your accounts and personal information safe!

What are the advantages to the Zipsale Extension?
It will help you to efficiently manage your stock across Depop and Vinted. You will not be banned for using the Zipsale extension, as it does not perform ‘spammy’ actions i.e. those that could not be performed by a normal human.

I’m still worried about being banned for using an extension
We abide by the rules set out by Depop and Vinted. We constantly keep up to date with their terms and conditions and update our plugin accordingly. If you have any concerns, you can alway contact our team to chat to them!


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