How to Make Vintage Clothing Online Stores Successful

To run vintage clothing online stores, you should be ready for the ups and downs of that business. Popular vintage clothing stores online have something that makes them stand out - an image, purpose, or garments that are hard to come by. You can also start selling online, but first, read some tips on succeeding.

Two girls looking at vintage garments in a secondhand store
Anyone can start an online clothing store, but not everyone can run it

The best way to get the most out of selling online is to advertise your shop on multiple platforms. After you've developed a good image and established a brand, use Zipsale, the cross-listing software that will help you manage all your stores from one place.

Successful Vintage Clothing Online Stores Require More Than Just Clothes

Visiting the best UK marketplaces for selling clothes and accessories can easily give people the idea that they're fit to open a secondhand brand of their own and sell pieces that have been gathering dust in their storage. 

On the one hand, that's a great way to earn some money on the side and potentially turn a side hustle into a full-time business. On the other hand, someone trying to do this must observe sales platforms to see what makes them so popular and successful.

If you do this, you'll quickly realize that most big names have something in common - a brand. Even if they're just selling second-hand dresses and shirts, they've made their store's image a part of the selling experience. Sometimes, the pieces you try to market aren't enough, and there's something more to consider.

The Best Way to Sell In 2022 Is By Having a Strong Social Media Presence

If there's any tip for an e-commerce business in 2022, it's this one: establish a social media presence. Word of mouth is a marketing method that's toe-to-toe with paid advertising today, so ensure the new social media page you create has something good to push. If people have something to talk about, they'll get you more followers and, hopefully, shopping customers.

If you have unique brands, your idea and game plan come first. Branding will come naturally, but a marketing strategy might require further thought. You can ask a friend for help or read books that dabble in marketing to help you create something worthwhile. Social media is free, so you can basically start an online clothing store with no money and lots of enthusiasm.

The girl in the video below used social media to test what style of garments and accessories sell the most and selling and shopping methods that could be helpful for a beginner.

Find the Niche of Your Vintage Clothing Store Online by Discovering Your Own Style

When you find your niche, you'll learn the difference between cross-selling and upselling. Why? Because knowing what sort of items you want to sell will give you a chance to either upsell, cross-sell, or both. Besides that, knowing what style suits you the most and what you prefer will define your new brand, its success, and its popularity. So, no pressure.

You can discover your style by going through your wardrobe and separating the pieces you love to wear. Going through Pinterest and social media with specific hashtags will also allow you to discover your fashion preferences.

Why is it important to know your style? Well, your shop will seem more presentable. You'll know what clothes or accessories you're trying to advertise and might even become the model for them. Wearing a garment that's in your comfort zone will make it stand out much better, and you'll love to feel confident in its quality and sellability.

Research the Most Sold and Popular Styles by Browsing Online Selling Platforms

To learn how to sell on Depop, you must research it. While you gather pieces for your online shop, lurk around big sales platforms to see what's currently in fashion, the bestsellers, and the least sold items. You'll quickly become a reseller if you research the "competition" and the looks of the moment.

A person making a website for their online shirt shop
Create a unique and memorable social media presence for your store and fashion

Find the Best and Most Reliable Sources of Second-Hand Pieces (Besides the Ones You Have at Home)

You can make money with Vinted and other vintage clothing stores by selling the brands you have at home. However, you might have better chances by reselling secondhand pants, dresses, and alike. So, for that reason, one of the first steps before starting your new online shop is to search for vintage wholesale suppliers and establish a good relationship with them.

To achieve this, ask people for recommendations or help when your search begins. Secondhand shops have some serious fashion gems hiding in their garment piles, but you don't have to spend hours searching for just one thing. Wholesale suppliers can get you to that pot of gold much faster.

Allow Customers to Buy Your Items on Multiple Online Selling Platforms

Finally, the best way to make your new business successful isn't to look for the best online selling platform - consider them all the best. That means you should market your goods on more than just one website and consider them all relevant for your business.

This will increase your exposure and social media presence, give you options for prices and sales, and make it easier to sell tough-selling dresses, accessories, or brands. Here are the top 5 UK marketplaces at the moment:

Manage the Listings on Various Sites Through Zipsale, a Crossposting App and Platform

When you decide to advertise your store on multiple platforms, it'll be great to learn more about what crossposting is. Running many stores on different platforms might be overwhelming, so at Zipsale, we figured out a way to become a multivendor marketplace platform and a crosslisting software.

You can even get the Zipsale Google Chrome extension and get notifications about your stores at any time. Marketing your belongings on more than one website will help you raise sales, and now, with our software, it'll be easy, too.

Here's a short video on how Zipsale works and what to expect.

Use Our Online Selling Tools to Branch Out and Become Successful

Now that you have the answers to how to make a vintage clothing store successful, it's good to learn how to sell on multiple platforms. Our selling software is why you should crosspost and use various vendors to develop your presence and shop; all you have to do is sign up today and get started with your marketplaces. You'll be able to manage them, save time, and control and oversee your stores' inventory from one place - the Zipsale crossposting tool.


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