What is Crossposting And What Does It Mean When Selling

As a seller, you should ask yourself what is crossposting when selling and how can it be beneficial for your business? Remember, when selling a product, it's important to list it in as many places as possible to increase the chances of making a sale. That’s why cross-listing is the answer, and to learn more about it, keep reading.

Get your product visible online

What Is Crossposting in Selling and Why Do Companies Cross-List Their Shares?

Simply put, it’s listing across multiple online selling platforms that showcase the same item. The whole process increases the visibility of your product, ensuring that buyers find it, no matter which platform they use. 

However, if you’re new at it, it’s better first to figure out What is the difference between cross-listing and dual listing and then pick a strategy on how and which multi-vendor marketplace platform to use. 

So, let’s explain it - cross-listing is when one company is listing the same product across multiple platforms. Dual listing is when two companies (working as one) list the individual stocks on different exchanges. Companies do this to have their shares exchangeable.

Consider All Benefits and Sell Like a Pro 

Branching out and extending the platforms can be extremely helpful. However, most new things can sometimes be scary, and don’t worry, every start is hard. However, you just need to see what works best for you and go from there.

The key to successfully selling the item(s) online is to have a good strategy. Here are some steps you should take first:

  • Find a suitable crossposting app,
  • Make sure you have one platform you’ll always post on first,
  • Set a daily goal and stay organized,
  • Take baby steps to start off with two or three platforms first,
  • Tweek a listing title for each platform,
  • Learn each online market before you dive in for it.

What Are the Disadvantages of Cross-Listing?

One of the biggest cons of this whole process is that it is time-consuming. However, when you use the right crosslisting software and online selling tools, you’ll save a lot of time and nerves. Good apps and tools will save you the trouble of repeating posting actions. If you don’t use them, you’ll have to do the same process for each platform you wish to list the product on. And at some point, you might ask yourself whether it is really worth it. 

What Does Cross Listing Mean When Selling on More Than Just One Site?

Once you’re familiar with all the advantages and disadvantages, take baby steps and start with two or three platforms. You need to be diligent and follow up on all sales because surely, you want to avoid multiple sales on the same item, right? 

Utilizing too many platforms without cross-listing software can cause you only headaches and create a line of unsatisfied customers. That’s why, to avoid all the fuss, every reseller should have one main platform to list the inventory first.

Boost Your Sales By Crosslisting on Different Sites Like eBay, Depop, Poshmark, Vinted, and Other

Going big or going home is not something you should apply as soon as you develop a business. Start small, as we said, with one platform. And of course, after a while, when you get comfortable with the one, you should expand and start crosslisting. Luckily, there are different options you can choose from, whether it’s a bigger or smaller platform for an ecommerce business. And here are some of the most popular:

Furthermore, when you become a reseller, you should know what does cross-posted means when selling on local specific platforms, like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Offerup. These local markets bring many benefits. For example, there are no fees like with Etsy and even on Depop, and you can sell larger products without issues. 

You need to make some sacrifices if you want to become a professional reseller

Let the New Potential Customers See You as a Web Seller They Can Trust

Knowing what is crossposting and how it works actually means you have to learn to manage your listings and inventory. Avoiding any inconveniences and problems when selling online will be the biggest challenge. For example, it’s quite possible to sell the same product twice because it is listed on different platforms. 

That’s why we insist that you start first with one platform (and build up to a larger number). That way, you can focus on gaining the customers' trust. However, don’t get discouraged if there are problems. Know that mistakes will happen, and the best thing to do is deal with them as they come. Just remember, the more experience you have, the fewer mistakes you’ll make.

Pick the Best Online Selling Platforms With Multi-Channel Listing Software 

Crossposting from Vinted or eBay allows numerous customers to see and even buy your product. Imagine you have to cross post more than 1000 items manually? Find the help that will save your precious time. Luckily, it’s quite simple - use a reliable crossposting tool

People don't know how these tools can actually help, and they go over every listed product manually. For example, when you first had to crosspost eBay items on Shpock, you probably had to spend some time doing it. 

Opening all the listings, saving pictures, manually copying over the description, and finally adding all the filters. To avoid all of that, invest a bit and use the adequate tool for your sales. You’ll see just how much free time you’ll have at your hands. 

Explore All Pros and Cons and Put More Eyes on Your Inventory 

We established that cross-listing is a technique that can be used to sell more than one of your products or services at the same time. This tactic has been proven to increase sales, so if you're looking for ways to grow your business, it's worth considering.

That being said, covering different platforms will increase your sales because not all people have the same online buying habits. And if you cover different e-commerce platforms, it will be easier for customers to find your products and buy them. So, don’t hesitate to embrace cross-listing as a business strategy, sign up on Zipsale today, and your budget will thank you. 

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