The Answer to How Does Depop Shipping Work

The shipping part has a big impact on potential buyers and their reviews. So, how does Depop shipping work surely is one of the first questions to answer. No matter if you're new at this or not, know how to make the best out of this fashion online marketplace platform and become a pro seller.

Deepop is a great place for selling products

Depop is a virtual place where people sell all sorts of things. Over time, it became very popular, with more than 15 million people using this multi vendor marketplace platform. So, if you're planning on selling on Depop and setting up your own online store or just gaining some extra money, besides knowing how selling software works, you should know how shipping with Depop works, as well. It can be quite confusing, but you'll know everything about it with the right guide, and succeed in e-commerce in no time.

It's Time to Ship to Your Buyer - How Does Depop Shipping Work

There are many things to consider if you want to do serious business on an app like this one. Becoming a reseller means you should know some of the best UK marketplaces and know how to use the most out of the crossposting tools. However, there's a question of shipping which is probably one of the most significant parts of the whole process - it's directly affecting your buyer's satisfaction and reviews. 

Many people are attracted to this app, especially those who are already using other online selling platforms and the help of cross-posting software. This means it's not only for beginners but also experienced sellers. It's because Depop offers some great shipping options for both sellers and their clients. When it comes to logistics, even experienced sellers can get confused and, in some cases, overwhelmed. That's why this app has three options to ship the sold item:

  • With Depop dropoff,
  • On your own,
  • With Depop Courier collect.

Ship Sold Items Directly With Depop

Using crosslisting software and learning how everything works can be hard and a bit confusing. But, considering the benefits of knowing all the useful things and how to ship on Depop will definitely ease the whole process. Luckily, this app is user-friendly and has three options to offer your customers and ship their items.

Which shipping method to use will depend on the seller's preference. However, doing it with one of the online selling tools, like Depop, is probably the most hassle-free option. This means you won't have to deal with printing all shipping labels. They will directly send them to you, and all you have to do is decide whether you prefer the dropoff or collect method. Also, know that tracking the packages will be automatically set.

Have effortless shipment with Depop

How Your Own Shipping Works 

When using one of the best online selling platforms, and you want to ship items on your own, ensure you choose "my own shipping." Although it will be more work for you, there are some benefits of doing it yourself. For example, you can ship internationally. Also, it will allow you to choose from numerous shipping companies and find the most suitable one with the best price. 

Don't forget about the tracking part. Ensure the packing is tracked once you arrange the shipping. If you omit this step, you won't be able to know whether the package is sent or delivered. Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to package and ship on Depop.

How Much Is Shipping on Depop and Who Is Paying It?

A Depop shipping cost depends on the size/weight of the package. Also, there are four size categories, including extra-large, large, medium, and small. All the seller needs to do is determine which category their package fits into. After that, you'll need to open your PayPal account, as well.

There are two scenarios when it comes to determining shipping price and who pays it:

  • Seller pays it - Depop deposits item's price on your PayPal account and takes a regular 10% selling fee.
  • Buyer pays it - item price and additional shipping cost will be deposited into your PayPal account and after that take-out shipping cost plus usual 10% selling fee. 

Include Selling and Shipping Fees For Every New Purchase

You thought that using multichannel listing software was confusing, well, what about Depop's selling fee? Don't worry. When you make a sale, Depop can charge shipping costs to your customer upfront and avoid all kinds of inconveniences. All you need to do is estimate the size of the parcel, and it will automatically be added to the customer's price.

What Is Depop Free Shipping Promo?

One of the reasons why Depop became so popular is the possibility of free shipping. So, no extra fees for customers and sellers is a win-win situation because, in many cases, free shipping could be an incentive to purchase. In fact, it can increase the chances of selling, so no wonder why sellers should definitely check out this promotional period combining it with a crossposting app.

You'll gain more buyers with free shipping

Take Advantage of This Great App

Now that you know how does shipping work on Depop, and how this platform works in general, you can start learning new stuff, like how to get followers. Also, you should figure out how to use software for selling online. Not only will it help you grow your business, but it will also make your life easier. And being on an app like this will only strengthen the connection between you and your buyers because you'll give them a smooth experience, and even if you add your little personal touch in a thank you form, then you're in the game. So, learn how everything works and make the best of it. 


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