How to Get Followers on Depop and Increase the Number of Sales

When you're selling products online, you need to know every factor that could impact your sales. So, knowing how to get followers on Depop, not only you'll learn how to increase profit, but you'll also make sure you get the right customers that will come back. With the right online selling platforms and steps in getting the right audience, you'll sell like a pro. 

Take some time to build your community and grow your business

How to Get Followers on Depop and Does Engaging With Other People Matter for Your Business?

Starting an eCommerce business is a great way to align with an ever-growing online market. But if you want to succeed in e-Commerce, you should figure out Depop, inform on all their fees, and eventually start cross-listing when selling. But once you decide to spread your business on a platform like this one, you should know that using trustworthy selling software often won't be enough. This is a reselling app but has a huge social side, meaning you get to interact with your followers and possible customers. And engagement plays a huge role when you want to gain more potential buyers.

So, the main question is how to get more followers on Depop? And how does it all work on this platform? Start by attracting people who are interested in what you sell and might start following you. Interacting with them is probably the first thing you should do. Follow people, like and comment on other products, and answer all the private messages. 

Increase Your Sales Like a Pro and Target the Right Categories

After engaging, you should pass on another step that will help you increase sales. Targeting particular categories will bring your shop more visibility, besides updating your listings with cross-posting software. Yes, with cross-listing software, your shop will get certain visibility. But, it's not just that - you need to know exactly what people are your target demographic. That's why it's best to follow people that:

  • Already follow you,
  • Like your items,
  • Have already bought something from you before.

Update Your Listing and Promote Products More Efficiently

Online selling tools are extremely helpful for spreading your shop on multiple online platforms. However, when it comes to Depop, you'll need to post more products in order to increase the possibility of selling them. A multi-vendor marketplace platform can be a jungle if you're not organized. 

Avoid posting an item you don't intend to sell, or that is subpar. This means you should increase your inventory organically. And probably the best way to do it is with thrifted things. Visit vintage wholesale suppliers and find gems that your community will love. It's the low-budget option that should work perfectly. 

Timing Is Crucial - Know What Is Peak Time for Depop Posts

Becoming a reseller will require learning some techniques that will help you promote items like a pro. This means you'll have to bring your brand more visibility and gain a wider audience. The more customers are following you, the higher the possibility you'll sell something. One of the ways of doing this is knowing Depop's peak times. So, be more active during:

  • Weekends, 
  • Evenings,
  • Holidays such as Christmas and Black Friday,
  • Payday.

Make Sure Your Sellers Bio Is Updated and Clear 

Numerous sellers focus on learning how to crosspost on an online marketplace platform, but they neglect one important thing - keeping your bio clear and simple. When a potential buyer visits your brand, the bio is what they'll see first. 

Welcome the new customer and let them get to know your brand. This means you should introduce yourself first after the software for selling online does all the hard work for you. Only then you can then pass on answering some practical questions in your bio:

  • Where are you shipping?
  • Will you negotiate?
  • Are trades or swaps possible?

A Good Picture Will Go Long Way

Aesthetics are everything when it comes to online shopping. Selling on Depop is no excuse, so make sure you have high-quality photos of your items. But, don't worry, you don't need professional equipment to do it. Just find the good light, and the phone camera will do just fine. When you have photos ready, use the crosslisting software that will put everything you want to sell on the platform. For more creative ideas on how to take a good photo at home, watch the video below.

A Positive Review Is Sometimes More Important Than the Number of Followers

Help your e-commerce business by using reviews. In fact, reviews are extremely important because they are the best proof you're doing a good job. However, keep in mind that sometimes a mistake could happen. Using multi-channel listing software and selling on multiple platforms can be quite hard work to do, and it's completely normal for something to slip your mind.

In that case, communication is everything. If customer service is good, there should be no unsolvable problems. Always look to interact with each new customer and follower and be honest with them. When your audience sees that you're doing your best, know it will pay up. And as a result, you'll have numerous positive reviews.

Market Your Products - Explore Other Platforms 

When you want to boost your shop, besides knowing what crossposting is, you should definitely do some marketing, too. And this platform is a great way to do it on other social media accounts, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other similar platforms. It's an amazing chance to introduce your brand to new customers. 

Keep in mind that you can use other great ways to grow your community, such as tags and hashtags. For example, every post should have a Depop tag and all sorts of hashtags related to the item you're selling.

So, besides learning everything about a crossposting tool and crossposting app, focus also on other things that can get you a wider audience, like sharing your item on other social media. 

Positive reviews will attract more people to your account

Get the Steps Just Right and Attract Possible Buyers

Although followers aren't the key to a successful shop on the platform, they surely are one of the factors that can change everything. The larger your community is, the greater are the chances you'll have more sales in no time. So, use one of the best online selling platforms for listing your products and growing your followers organically. 


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