A Quick Guide on How Does Depop Work

Online selling of vintage and used items is an excellent way to be environmentally conscious, make money and reduce the carbon footprint fast fashion's caused over the years. You can use many platforms for this, and one of the best is Depop. To learn how does Depop work read more about it here.

Making sales online is a good idea, especially if you do it on Depop

What Is Depop Anyway, and What Do People Sell On It?

Before we give any insight on how to sell on Depop, let's talk briefly about what Depop is and the platform itself. It is a global platform that sellers and buyers use to sell and buy items. These range from clothing to accessories and can be sold via the official website or app.

It was founded in 2011 in London with the intention of selling, but also reselling used clothing; it aimed to put a stop to the new environmental damages caused by fast fashion brands. It's now one of the best online UK marketplaces.

Depop's appearance is like Instagram's - the marketplace is presented in the form of a newsfeed, and buyers can browse clothes by category. Selling online has never been easier with this platform, and any potential seller needs to register and connect an existing PayPal account.

How Does Depop Work? A Guide to the Internet’s Best Vintage Selling Platform

To become a reseller, and more importantly take a first step toward succeeding in e-Commerce - all you need is to create a profile and have an existing PayPal account that you can connect to the platform. You'll need to verify your profile with a 6-digit code, fill out personal information, accept the site's terms of service and start your shop.

How the whole thing works - the platform has a program similar to targeted advertising - the artificial intelligence reads buyers' preferences and directs them to what they might be interested in. This connects the right people and gives them more opportunities to reach the suitable fashion (or clientele).

If you use this marketplace platform, you're free to list clothing on others, too; they each have a private messaging system who don't interfere with each other. In the case of using multiple vending platforms, you can keep track of them with Zipsale, our cross-listing software.

To Sell Items, You Must Know What’s Popular and What’s Vintage

Since this marketplace allows people to express their fashion preferences and style freely, there's everything for everyone on it. Still, for anyone to be a successful seller, there are tips for e-commerce business owners on recognizing a good opportunity when it comes by.

Here are some tips on what you can sell on this platform:

  • Clothing that's in good condition but too small (or too big) for you,
  • Gently used clothing from your friends and family - you'd be surprised how often our older relatives have original clothes that they've kept at home for a long time,
  • Things from your local thrift store or second-hand market - these are good places to look for things to expand your store with; it's reselling at its finest,
  • If there's something in your home that you've reworked or redone in your manner, that could be received well as it's creative and refreshing.

A Short Guide on How to Make Money With Your Listings

Using a successful online marketplace platform that around 30 million people browse daily could be a bit complex; getting noticed in such a huge market is like standing in the middle of a farmers' market with a couple of tomatoes when everyone around you has piles of seemingly nicer veggies.

You can hone your online selling skills by first researching the marketplace. Check out what users buy the most and what the least, take notes and explore your audience. If you see a space for your stuff, you can set up shop.

Making sales online is a good idea, especially if you do it on Depop

Tips on Listing Items on Your Vendor’s Page

Here's how listing things on Depop works. When you make an account, the first step is to choose a clever name and photo for your shop - it should be memorable and easy to find. When you want to list something, here's how:

  • Open the app or website,
  • Find the 'Sell' page, and under it, see 'List an Item,'
  • Add up to four pics of the item and one video; ensure they're all high quality and that the item can be viewed from multiple sides,
  • Write an accurate description of the item,
  • Add the following - category, condition, location, and of course, price,
  • Go to 'Post Listing.'

You can list the same things on a different platform - that's called crossposting. If you're unsure what crossposting is, check out Zipsale, the crossposting app, which is an excellent tool for posting on multiple platforms.

How Payments and Shipping Work on the Platform

When it comes to payments, this marketplace has fees just like most online selling platforms. They're 10% of a total transaction fee, with shipping costs, and there's another fee charged either by Depop Payments or PayPal, which amounts to about 2.9%. However, these costs depend on your location, mainly.

In the UK, shipping works in one of three ways:

  • You can arrange the shipment yourself by buying a third party shipping label or simply sending the stuff via mail,
  • On the UK mainland, you can use Dropoff, which is a shipping method the platform uses through Hermes,
  • Or opt for Courier collect, where a courier (also from Hermes) comes to your address to pick up the items.

Be Even More Popular by Using Zipsale, a Multivendor Marketplace Platform

When you set up shop on Depop, it's a good time to figure out how to sell on multiple platforms. The easiest way to do this is by registering on Zipsale, online cross-listing software that enables vendors to run their multiple marketplaces through one platform.

It's easy to create a profile on Zipsale. All you need to do is head to sign up, register an account and connect your marketplaces to your profile. This is a great way to increase your revenue and save time, so as soon as you crack this marketplace, visit our site.


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