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What Are the Best Things to Resell on eBay?

Growing sales on one of the best marketplaces on the Internet is possible if you use the right strategy. Before creating a shop on the platform, think about what you'll resell. If you don't know what to do, consult our list of the best things to resell on eBay. The products that will create new opportunities on any online marketplace platform are the top-selling ones. Therefore, create a business that would be successful by following our list.

Man and women selling clothes
Find out what will be a hit on the most popular online selling platform in the world

Selling Smartphones and Accessories Will Earn You a Big Profit

There is never a shortage of smartphones. The demand is always growing. eBay's selection is huge, but the customer base is constantly searching for new and modern phones to order. It's anticipated that these types of products are going to grow to almost 93 billion dollars by the end of 2022. The phones that get the most attention are Samsung and Apple.

Along with smartphones, accessories have proven to be in demand as well. Everything connected to smartphones will make it easier to run a successful e-commerce business on the platform. Products such as silicone cases, skins, covers, iPhone holders for cars, and headsets get sold the most.

Phone next to headphones
Sellers who need to increase sales can opt for reselling smartphones and accessories

Become a Top-Rated Seller by Reselling Video Games

Video games sell like hotcakes, and all sellers can attest to that. One cannot go wrong with selling some of the most popular and addicting games. Also, if you aim to increase international sales, video games will help you with that. Buyers are mostly attracted to games for PlayStation and Nintendo. Bear in mind that additional profit can be made by reselling attachments and controllers along with the games.

Here is a video on how you can quickly sell games on the platform.

What Gaming Gear, Accessories, and Attachments Can Be Sold in This eBay Category?

Do you want to make your online store stand out? Then upgrade the video game category by offering your customers gear at a competitive price. We suggest selling items such as:

  • Gaming headsets - wireless headsets with microphones, 
  • Gaming controllers - A racing wheel, controller for Xbox and PC, joystick for Xbox, and rudder pedals,
  • Gaming speakers,
  • Gaming keyboards,
  • Gaming mice.

Items for the Garden and Home Are Among the Most Searched and Bought Things

When spring and summer arrive, home and garden items are the most searched products. From equipment to decor and artwork, anything that will bring a fresh new look to the garden or home sells incredibly well. eBay is also a place where customers find home furnishings like kitchen and dining items. Workshop tools and DIY equipment get noticed quickly. The brands that are popular are Milwaukee and Dewalt.

Home products for the bathroom
Among the best things to buy and resell on eBay are home and garden items

Over Time Cameras Became a Hit on the Platform

Photographers turn to this platform as a source of quality equipment that they can get for a low price. Sellers who choose to dedicate their store to selling cameras and gear for photographers would do incredibly well on the platform. The most searched and sold brand is GoPro. We can only expect this category to grow in the future since capturing the best picture or video is what motivates people to buy these items.

A GoPro camera on a white surface
Get your shop noticed by reselling quality cameras

What Camera Accessories Will Allow You to Make More Money?

Professional photographers won't just order a camera, they would like to have the latest accessories that would upgrade their photography. We recommend following the new trends and creating listings with gear and accessories that will catch the attention of numerous shoppers. Here is a list of the top ten camera accessories you can sell:

  • Lens cleaners,
  • Camera strap,
  • Camera bag,
  • Rubber lens cap,
  • Memory card case,
  • External hard drive,
  • Tripod,
  • TTL flash,
  • Reflectors,
  • Camera stabilizer.

Learn From the Pros - Sell Second-Hand Clothing, Accessories, and Shoes

According to reports by Edison Trends, the category devoted to accessories and clothing on eBay makes up 16 percent of all sold items. All pro sellers start off by selling used clothes and accessories because it's easy to source vintage clothing and sell them at a good price. A successful seller manages to grow the business very fast. Shoe and sneakers sellers also attract many customers. The most sold categories on the platform are bags, men's hats, men's shirts, and women's accessories.

A girl modeling a shirt
Clothing and accessories will always be popular on online marketplace platforms

Best Tips on Selling Clothing and Accessories on eBay

Do you want to become a top clothing seller on the platform? It's easy. Simply follow our tips. First and foremost, you should invest time and effort into making clear and well-lit pictures of vintage clothing. It would be ideal to buy a good camera. 

Also, don't forget the importance of detailed descriptions of the listing. A great seller needs to provide the buyers with measurements and all important details about the item. 

Then, price the item appropriately. Search how much people have paid for similar items and then make a decision on the price

Lastly, consider helping your listings gain more attention on numerous different platforms at the same time with crosslisting software. A good crossposting tool will allow you to sell much faster and control listings from one place.

Clothes, a watch, and a flower
A software to sell both on eBay and Depop will increase your sales 

With Our List of Best Things to Resell on eBay and a Crossposting App, Success Is Guaranteed

So, are you ready to create your store? Make a decision about what type of items will bring you the most profit. Base your decision on whether it will be easy for you to source the products. Then, embark on the journey of online reselling. But don't forget that software for selling online can help you on this journey tremendously.

eBay doesn't have to be the only platform you can resell on. With a great multichannel listing software like Zipsale, you can connect Shopify, Depop, Etsy, and eBay. It will control the listings 24/7 and amend all necessary details. Register today and become a successful seller.

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