Where to Sell Used Clothes

Finding a new online marketplace platform where to sell used clothes can be time-consuming. A cross-posting software and online selling platforms will assist you in discovering how to sell clothes online and getting items exposed to numerous people across the world. We will guide you through the process of selecting some of the best online selling platforms for second-hand clothing.

woman shopping for clothes on an online platform
With a selling software, online shopping can be easy as well as enjoyable

How to Sell Used Clothes on eBay?

eBay is one of the top four online UK marketplaces for individuals looking to resell popular brands and second-hand pieces. It's ideal for both business-to-business and consumer-to-consumer transactions. When reselling a used item from thrift stores or flea markets, sellers frequently choose eBay since it has a smaller charge, which means they are more likely to earn a profit. Collectibles, clothing, accessories, and old goods are the most common products offered on eBay. Customers usually buy by bidding on an item on sale or by paying a fixed price on the website, which can be beneficial for promoting different brands.

Post Images of Your Listings and Get your Second-Hand Items Sold on Etsy

It's not difficult to sell specific products on Etsy. However, keep in mind that this online platform is unique in that it is dedicated to the sale of second-hand and handmade things. It is a global marketplace that features rare, unordinary, and one-of-a-kind items. Making cash on Etsy requires you to resell clothing or items handcrafted or older than 20 years. With online selling tools, these specific products can get sold in record time. 

However, bear in mind that Etsy has its own set of rules and regulations, and not everything can be sold on the website. In addition to special rules, Etsy has fees to be aware of. Transaction fees, optional ads fees, and processing fees are all included.

Here is a video on how to create a successful shop on Etsy for beginners.

Ideas for Increasing Sales and Creating a Booming Fashion Store on Etsy

There are several ways to increase sales on the Etsy website. Here is what you might find helpful:

  • Try promoting your Etsy shop on other sites like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook if you want it to gain popularity.
  • Use a crossposting app that will keep track of other websites you are reselling on and that can make your product on Etsy appear on other platforms. 
  • With a special sales discount, you will garner new customers in no time. This novel concept will attract clients who will buy more than one item because of the discount.  
  • Lower your price if you are a beginner. Assume you've discovered an old designer piece and want to resell it for a very high price. Keep in mind that this mistake may prohibit you from developing your customer base in your initial stages of reselling on Etsy.
  • Offering free shipping on Etsy might also help boost purchases. You can also give your customers an opportunity to have a free refund and return policy.

Try Reselling Brands From Thrift Stores on Depop

Depop, a fantastic social fashion marketplace, allows merchants to make money by selling their already used pieces of apparel. This online store sells a wide range of different clothing, including accessories and footwear. Younger generations enjoy searching through flea markets and thrift shops for unique pieces that will gain attention on this website. It's not surprising that the number of users of the platform is growing every day. Figuring out how to resell on Depop doesn't only give you a chance to get second-hand pieces sold but also electronic devices, records, art, and books.

How to Create a Profile and Sell Fashion Successfully on Depop?

It isn't complicated to start a profile with listings of used clothes on Depop. The initial step is always to decide what type of clothing you are going to resell. Then create a profile and start posting a listing on your profile. It is important to remember that you should connect the PayPal account with the profile so you can collect your money. Try creating a specific kind of profile and style you want to be recognized. Attractive profiles always have beautiful listings that are not embellished beyond recognition or mislea ding but that are nicely pictured and represented online. Of course, even before the first clothes item get purchased, you should figure out the shipping process on Depop.

thrift shop
Second-hand items will easily get noticed on the Depop online platform

Different Categories of Clothing Can Be Sold on Shopify

With Shopify, you will have ample opportunities to resell different brands online. The platform is subscription-based, and it is intended for people who want to expand their business or client base. It is useful for businesses as well as individuals who want to put second-hand clothing up on sale because it offers two types of options. The first is getting a profile for selling online with Shopify, and the other is an opportunity to resell anything in a physical location. The only thing you will be required to have is a point-of-sale app and Shopify POS for customers to purchase at the physical location. Reselling both online and in a physical location will help you launch a successful Shopify shop

Vinted Might Be the Right Platform For You

Every minute the Vinted customer base is getting bigger and old garments are being sold all over the world. This fashion marketplace is popular among younger generations that want to indulge in reselling, swapping, and buying second-hand items. Apart from garments, it wouldn't be unusual to see household items, kids' toys, equipment, or make-up sold on the site. You can only use your phone to get anything sold in record time. Just download the app and proceed to create a shop based on your requirements and preferences. You will see how quickly your revenue will grow on Vinted, even though there are fees that you have to pay attention to. With cross-listing software, your items will get sold on other platforms, and it will be easier to control the sale.

Look More Into Online Selling Tools If You Want to Be Successful

Deciding on the best way how to sell old clothes doesn't just include using great online places. Do you know that there is software to sell on both eBay and Depop? Managing to get different brands and second-hand pieces on different platforms at the same time would enable you to boost your cash revenue. A tool that will manage all of your profiles and accounts as well as inform you about any purchase will allow you to have a better grasp of the sales.

off-screen person doing online shopping
Getting a Vinted profile and a cross-posting tool just might be the right choice

Get a Software Tool Like Zipsale to Keep Track of All Purchases

Choose the platforms that will work best for you and make your listings appealing to buyers. Get Zipsale, a software for selling online, to manage product sales across multiple apps and websites. It will ensure that you can easily keep track of new and old customers as well as products at all times, and it will delist anything that is purchased immediately. Feel free to Zipsale; it will quickly increase your revenue.


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