How to Install Zipsale Google Chrome Extension

People who run small online businesses should use the Zipsale Google Chrome extension. If you, too, want to experience all the benefits of one of the best online selling platforms and have its Google Chrome extension, you're at the right place. Check out our guide and learn how to increase your browser's functionality in just a few simple steps. 

Chrome has a worldwide browser market share of 63.58%

Setting up an online store in several steps is not the end of an e-commerce journey, as you should work on expanding. But being present on many online marketplace platforms and using crosslisting software isn't the easiest thing to do, right? There are many things to be considered if you want the business to grow organically and eventually to have an income. In other words, to succeed in e-commerce and be on an upward trajectory. Luckily, your online store sales on Etsy, eBay and even Depop or vintage selling platform Vinted will boost with Zipsale multichannel listing software. Additionally, using a browser like Chrome and its extensions will provide you with great functionality.

What is Zipsale Google Chrome Extension and How It's Related to Your Shop?

Let’s start with the basics, Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers today, it has more than 2.65 billion internet users, so there is a big chance that you are one of them. Its popularity is related to the user-friendliness and functionality it offers.

So, before we dive into all the benefits of using Zipsale Extension, let’s go over the difference between an app and an extension. The extensions add functions and features to the browser when you're using specific websites with web-based technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. On the other hand, a web app is basically a link that leads you to an application on the internet.  

When we're talking about extensions for Zipsale, it will help software for selling online, which means it will directly assist you as a seller to list easier and more efficiently on certain online selling platforms. 

A registered Zipsale user will easily, and in no time list items they want to sell on Depop, Etsy, Shopify, and Vinted. Practically, this allows Zipsale to communicate smoothly with servers of these marketplaces, assist you as a seller in uploading items, and effectively manage your stock across multiple marketplaces. And last but certainly not least, if you use the Zipsale Google Chrome extension, you can make more sales and more money!

Step by Step Guide How the Zipsale Extension Works

When you decide it's time to extend your business, the good solution is to do it with a crossposting tool or crossposting app. But, when you're already using that kind of advantage, you should also install a browser extension. With a Zipsale extension, you'll save time and effort because it will replicate the actions you would otherwise do manually. Just keep in mind that extensions can't be added to Incognito or guest browsers. Here are steps you need to take in order to add an extension:

  • Open the Chrome Web Store,
  • Find and select the Zipsale extension,
  • Click Add to Chrome,
  • Click Add extension to confirm.

Now, if you want to connect, for example, a Depoop, you should follow simple steps:

  • Go to your Marketplaces,
  • Click on the Install button of install Google Chrome Zipsale extension,
  • It will lead you to a Chrome Webstore,
  • Click Add to Chrome, and an extension will be added. 

If you want to learn more about how Zipsale extensions works check out our video below.

FAQ About Zipsale Google Chrome Extension

Being part of a multi-vendor marketplace platform, you probably have many questions that come to your mind. Here you'll find some of the most asked ones and their answers. It will surely be helpful when figuring out whether you should install it or not. 

Are Google Extensions Safe to Use?

Following the Chrome policy, the extensions are considered extremely trusted. So, besides thinking about a marketplace platform, consider the safety measurements when planning on using this kind of integration. 

Is the Zipsale Extension Integrations a Bot?

Yes, in some cases. Let's use Depop as an example, there are two bots - the ones to trust, and they use a browser add-on. There are also bits to avoid - downloading an app and providing the password. It can be a big security issue for online selling tools.

Can You Install Zipsale Google Chrome Extension on a Phone App?

Many extensions can be added to a browser when using your phone. You just need to open the Chrome app and sign in if you haven't done so already. Then find the wanted extension and confirm by clicking the Add button.

However, using a cross-listing software like Zipsale and wanting its Google Chrome extension will be possible only for desktop browser usage. It's not available for phones or any other browser, except desktop one. 

Is It Worth Using Zipsale Google Chrome Extensions?

If you consider that there are 137,345 available extensions for Chrome, you might think it could be a great solution for your business, as well. So, learn how a good cross-posting software can help you grow your small online shop, but including Zipsale extension will monetize and grow your account. It's also a great option because you can rest assured that your safety is guaranteed. After all, their plugin is updated accordingly with all Chrome's terms and conditions.


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