What Is Depop? Everything You Should Know About This Platform

Many have heard of one of the world's most exciting and prolific online selling platforms, Depop. It's a world into vintage fashion and the practice of reusing old clothing while being environmentally conscious. If you don't know about it, learn what is Depop right here.

Learn more about Depop and start using the site to buy some excellent vintage clothes

What Is Depop? The Story of One of the Best Online Selling Platforms in the World

Depop is a peer-to-peer online marketplace platform that many call a social shopping app. It was founded in London in 2011 for people to discover and sell vintage clothing and accessories. They have an official website and an app for Android and iOS.

Currently, the site boasts around 30 million users, with the number growing daily. In a decade, the website has established itself as one of the best online UK marketplaces

The founders describe it as: "the fashion marketplace app where the next generations come to discover unique items. With a global community buying, selling and connecting to make fashion more inclusive, diverse and less wasteful." So, if you're wondering where to sell used clothes or where to resell, this is the right place for you.

What Kind of Items Do People Sell on This Marketplace?

Sellers can establish shops and earn money from reselling items or selling used things. Still, logically, each item should be in a pretty good state. Considering the number of users, sellers must somehow stand out from the crowd to garner revenue.

People on this site mainly sell used clothing of all sorts, resell items from flea markets and thrift stores, and vintage, often designer stuff they've been keeping for a while. It's how new generations get introduced to vintage clothing.

What Distinguishes Depop From an Online Marketplace Like Etsy?

Depop functions as a social media platform. It's essentially Instagram but for second-hand fashion only; users follow certain shop accounts and get item suggestions based on their algorithm. They can like and save items to their favorites, and their followers can see those likes.

Etsy is a sales website where sellers typically market their handiwork. With Depop, they can only resell used and vintage clothing. Fashion trends are ever-changing, so trends sometimes dictate Depop's algorithm. Etsy doesn't have these sorts of changes.

The better-curated shops gain more followers, and if you want to get buyers, you must understand your market and target audience. This is one of the crucial tips for e-commerce business owners

The girl in the video below created her clothing line that she eventually marketed on the platform. Her advice might be helpful to any new seller.

How Can New Sellers Establish Themselves and Put Things up for Sale?

If you want to learn how to sell on Depop, don't worry - it's not complicated. First, you need to register and create a profile for yourself and your shop. Later you connect it to an active PayPal account, which are the two things you need the most.

To become established, you must put effort into your page. Additionally, it's recommended to list your clothes on multiple platforms to reach more people globally and those specifically interested in the type of clothing you sell.

Using multiple platforms will be easier with crosslisting software such as Zipsale, so you can monitor every shop and page and still be able to build your following on the website.

The Best Way for a Seller to Start Selling Online on Depop

To become a reseller, you need a good shop name. When you register a profile, you'll get the option to name your shop and describe it in detail. You can also think of a slogan for it or give it a short logline.

Establishing a successful business on marketplace platforms requires having a brand. While some shops offer already known brands such as Rick Owens, Alexander McQueen, and alike, you can still win people over as long as you have a good story. You should also master certain things, like how changing the address on this platform works, can you refund your buyers, and what are the rules to the platform's return policy.

While you work on your store's image, use selling software and other tools for posting on multiple platforms, or to say it differently - don't place all your eggs in one basket.

You should establish a brand that can be remembered by more than the clothes it sells

How Can the Buyers Manage on This Platform? Some Keys to Depop Navigation

The platform's algorithm is designed to follow the buyers' tastes. When someone registers a profile, they're asked to add some of their favorite designers and styles.

Buyers search for clothing by their name or type. For example, you can type in 'Nike' and see results. The artificial intelligence in Depop's system remembers this for later and suggests more shops that sell Nike products.

Since it all functions as a social media network, you can like listed items without buying them (like a 'add item to wishlist' option many platforms have). Once you've liked enough things, you can use the 'My DNA' option that only suggests the most similar things to your desired list.

How Depop Transforms People’s Fashion Sense and Views

Reselling and buying vintage brands can show people how easy it can be to have access to designer clothes without spending too much money. There's also the benefit of discovering personal tastes and preferences based on a curated shopping list.

That's the beauty of this marketplace - some people discover themselves through exploring vintage brands, and others with acquired tastes get to explore the market and find something worth the purchase.

Buyers can discover their style while browsing a social shopping app

Use a Crossposting App to Monitor and Edit Your Online Marketplaces

Once you become a seller on a marketplace, you can learn what crossposting is and start working on selling on multiple platforms. The best way to monetize your vintage wardrobe is to sell it on various platforms and monitor all of them from one - Zipsale.

As a multivendor marketplace platform, Zipsale can help you keep track of your sales and even increase your revenue. When you set up profiles on multiple platforms, sign up at Zipsale's website and edit your list of marketplaces. This will be an excellent business move that'll save you time and let you be creative with your platforms.


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