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Boosting Tool for eBay - The Ultimate Guide

In today's competitive online market, it's virtually impossible to garner any interest in listings older than two months or more. Buyers are constantly seeking the "next hot product." Fortunately, now a seller can boost sales of any listing on eBay with the ultimate feature-boosting tool for eBay. Suddenly, with the help of an innovative feature, reviving items and giving them extra time online for free is possible. Learn here how to use it.

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As a seller, make business moves that would lead to reselling and shipping a product fast

What is a Boosting Tool for eBay?

New Zipsale's tool is designed for the sole purpose of being able to re-list an old listing that rarely appears in search bars. By simply selecting up to 100 items from your inventory that need to be promoted, you create listings from scratch, attempting to make them more appealing and visible on eBay. It doesn't work the same as refreshing since listings will appear as newly listed, thus garnering more interest and appearing in search results more. Now, by using this feature, it's possible to do the re-listing directly through the cross-listing software and not on eBay only.

Increase the Likelihood of Selling an Old Item With a New Listing

When a product surpasses the 90-day mark on this online marketplace platform, its visibility tends to plummet, drastically reducing the chances of a sale. To save the products, for instance, vintage clothing, from being forever lost in the overwhelming number of failed offers, online sellers are advised to refresh or create a new listing. This practice breathes new life into the product. It appears relevant and newer, which, as a result, instills confidence in buyers to consider the price and click on the "Purchase" button.

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Feel free to explore the chances of reselling products with additional help

Buyers Will See the Item Listed at the Current Time

Maximizing profits on one of the best online selling platforms, eBay, can be significantly enhanced by making sure the buyers see the item listed at the current time. This is what the tool's feature allows a seller. When the item is refreshed, the timestamp is updated to the current moment, catapulting the products to the top of relevant search results. The price can be updated as well. The secret ingredient is to always show buyers that they are engaging with the "fresh product."

Seller Can Boost the Visibility of the Store on eBay

Sellers looking for a way to make an online store successful on eBay and significantly boost the visibility of their store will benefit from using strategic tools designed for this purpose. When the boosted products appear at the top of search results, the name of your online store appears as well. This is a great way to attract customers and make them browse through other offers, too. A hidden gem can be transferred into a go-to destination. 

Listings Will Remain in Sync With Zipsale's Servers

Selling on multiple online selling platforms has become a cornerstone strategy for those looking to sell online to make money. With the advanced capabilities of selling software, sellers can ensure that their listings remain in sync across Zipsale's servers. The most important benefit of the boosting tool is that the crossposting app will relink the re-listed listing to the crossposting app's import, in this case, Zipsale's import. In short, Zipsale won't allow the connection between the listings on other platforms to be lost like it will be lost if you do re-listing through eBay.

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A crossposting tool will help sellers reach wider audiences without hassle

How Do You Use the Boosting Tool for eBay? Use Our Navigation Steps

Learn the ins and outs of crossposting software as well as how to apply the tool's features to your items. The process is straightforward, but there are instances where some editing is needed. To appeal to buyers, new rules and regulations have to be followed, and sometimes, old items need to be edited. Here are the basic steps to take:

  • Select items - On the "My items" page in Zipsale, choose the products that need to be boosted. Select an individual item using the checkboxes. An inventory of a maximum of 100 items can be selected.
  • Find the "Boost Sales" button - Look for and click on the "Boost Sales" button that should appear on the taskbar.
  • Choose the marketplace - After clicking the "Boost Sales" button, you'll have the option to select the marketplace where you want to boost the item. Currently, eBay supports it.
  • Confirm and proceed - Once you confirm your choices, a small box will appear in the lower right of your screen next to the chat box. This box displays a rough estimate of the time required to complete the boosting process.

In some cases, particular items cannot be boosted. If this happens, Zipsale will delist them from eBay. You then have the opportunity to edit these items and relist them. This step is crucial, especially if eBay requires new item specifications or updates before they can go live again. During this process, the price can be altered.

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Navigate all the tool has to offer with ease to create more traction

How Much Does a Seller Need to Pay for the Tool?

The tool itself is available for free for all users who are already subscribed to Zipsale every month. However, it's important to note that each use of the tool to refresh a listing counts against the seller's monthly listing allowance on their eBay shop. 

This aspect is crucial for budgeting, as exceeding this allowance incurs additional fees. For a basic eBay shop, the listing fee charge is 10p per listing once the allowance is surpassed, while mid-level shop owners are charged a lower rate of 5p per listing.

If you're new on eBay, here is a video with more info on listing fees if you want to calculate what expenses to expect.

Good News! Booster is Promoted for Depop Listings, Too

Those selling on Depop don't need to worry because this feature is present on this platform as well. The tool, already a great helper for those utilizing software to sell on both eBay and Depop, now brings more benefits. As a paid add-on for Depop, the Booster tool provides an enhanced ability to relist products frequently, a strategy that is highly recommended for maximizing visibility and sales on the platform. 

Need Help to Relist Any Listing? Rely on One of the Best Online Selling Tools

Zipsale's boosting tool can be a vital ally in online sales, particularly for those needing to relist products efficiently. Zipsale excels as a crossposting solution, seamlessly synchronizing listings across platforms like eBay, Shopify, Vinted, Etsy, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, and Depop. The launched tool will create hype around the store, ensuring high visibility for products. 

Ideal for resellers on multiple platforms, Zipsale simplifies the selling process, enhancing the likelihood of successful transactions with its user-friendly and powerful capabilities. If you want to resell in bulk, be free to register with this great software and use all of its features.

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