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How Does Depop Buyer Protection Work

So, does Depop have Buyer Protection? Yes, this trendy marketplace offering eye-catching second-hand fashion strives to protect both sellers and buyers. With multiple allegations of online scams, the security of transactions became of paramount importance. Depop Buyer Protection ensures shoppers are protected from sellers that are out to scam. However, as a successful reseller, you need to be aware of how to avoid losing money to dishonest customers as well.  

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So, how does Depop Buyer Protection work? The programme represents a "safety net" in case of issues or disputes with purchases. When a problem occurs, the customers can initiate a resolution process with the seller by communicating directly via the app. In case a mutual decision cannot be reached, the platform will step in and make sure that the dispute is resolved appropriately.

What Is Depop Buyer Protection

This programme protects the customers of the app in the same way the Seller Protection programme protects all online resellers. Customers from the United States and the United Kingdom have the opportunity to request intervention from the Depop's team in case there is a dispute with the seller. 

The only thing that needs to be underlined is that the multi-vendor marketplace platform will side with a customer only if all requirements of the programme are met

Why Should You, as a Seller, Know About This Programme?

Conducting successful sales will be much more effortless if you are well-versed in the programme that will protect the customers. Even before they request a return, you can ensure that all concerns are professionally and promptly resolved. 

For example, picture yourself reselling vintage shoes, and the customer notices a small flaw in the product. With the knowledge of this programme, you will be aware of in what instances the platform will support the customer so you can find an amicable solution right away that won't carry the risk of receiving negative reviews.

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What is Buyer Protection on Depop? Find out how to resolve disputes in your favour

What Is Covered By Depop Buyer Protection?

The customers are eligible for a refund if they report that the ordered products: 

  • Arrived damaged, 
  • Are not the same as described, 
  • Didn't arrive at all. 

Of course, they need to prove the honesty of their claim to the Depop team in case a dispute with the reseller arises. On top of this, the customer must report the problem no later than 30 days after the date of the order

Your followers on Depop need to shop using Depop Payments (this includes using card payments, Klarna, Google, and Apple Pay) as well as PayPal to be covered by the programme. Also, PayPal users need to file their claim first through the PayPal Protection Policy and then turn to Depop's team.

What Will Not Be Covered by the Buyer Protection Programme on the Depop Marketplace?

Here's the deal - sellers don't need to worry about losing their money to dishonest customers in case the purchase was made outside of the Depop's website or app without using the BUY button. If the transaction was made using a direct money transfer, the programme won't apply.

Another key factor that the resellers should pay attention to is tracked shipping. In case the tracked shipping shows that the items were delivered, the platform cannot provide a refund. So, make sure that you always use tracked shipping once you start your e-commerce business and know where the parcel is at all times.

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If the BUY button was not used, the customer cannot lean on Depop's help

Sellers, Watch Out for New Scams From Buyers Who, Instead of Returns, Seek Refunds

Selling on one of the best online selling platforms isn't always easy. Recently, there has been a concerning surge of deceptive practices where buyers, after receiving their item, falsely claim that the product is not as described or that it is damaged, and they seek to obtain a full refund without attempting to return the product. 

Online shopping scams cost a reseller money and time, which can negatively impact the online shop. The first step to overcome these problems is to familiarize yourself with the platform's dispute resolution policies as well as the Depop's return policy.

Tips for Avoiding Scams and Receiving Your Item Back

There are ways to prevent becoming a new victim of an online scam, and we'd like to share some useful tips that would put you right on track for leading a successful e-commerce business.

  • Only talk to your customers through the application since you will be eligible for a Sellers Protection programme in this way,
  • Make sure that the customer is legitimate by checking their page,
  • Don't conduct transactions outside the application just to cut down on Depop's fees,
  • Don't ship an item to an address that doesn't match the one listed on PayPal.

You can always rely on Seller Protection if the dispute cannot be resolved appropriately. To find out more on how to avoid scammers both as a reseller and a customer, check out the video below:

Don’t Hesitate to Email the Depop Support Team in Case of a Scam

Abide by the Depop's Privacy Policy, don't share any personal information, and don't carry out transactions outside the application. However, if a dispute or an issue escalates, the next best thing is to email the support team and provide all the necessary information to resolve. We recommend taking action as soon as possible to evade detrimental effects on your online shop.

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Make sure that you prevent losing money and items to scammers

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