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What is Depop Seller Protection?

In the fast-paced dynamic of online selling platforms, ensuring a trustworthy and safe environment is essential for both sellers and buyers. This is where Depop Seller Protection comes into play - the key to a successful and worry-free online reselling experience. In this blog, we'll delve into the intricacies of this program and unravel the features it offers to individuals engaging in transactions. Also, learn how those using cross-listing software can use it.

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Find out from experts about reselling on Depop, what is seller protection exactly!

What Is Depop Seller Protection and How Can You Benefit From It?

If you've been wondering for the longest time does Depop have seller protection, the answer is a firm yes. The program of scam prevention has been meticulously tailored to provide a secure environment, offering assurance to online sellers who navigate the world of e-commerce. 

In case a transaction and communication with a buyer goes wrong, the multi-vendor marketplace platform will step in to help resolve a dispute. With enough evidence to settle a dispute, the platform will take your side so you can continue reselling using your online store.  

Where Will the Seller Protection on Depop Marketplace Be Available?

On the 3rd of September, the program will come into effect, and the resellers can count on the perks of the program for an amount of up to £250. It will be available for users in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, only resellers shipping with their Depop shipping labels will be eligible to use the program's benefits.

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Make sure that you meet the criteria to enjoy the perks of this online marketplace platform

How Does the Seller Protection Work When Shipping Items With Depop’s Label?

The program works in a very simple way, and the only thing that one needs to remember is that it covers only the sales that have been made using the platform's BUY button. This is only a reminder for all aspiring top resellers that the main objective is to urge a buyer to make an in-app purchase. 

When reselling and shipping an item, resellers often need to resolve a dispute with a buyer. The program will help you not lose in case:

  • The purchase was made via the BUY button,
  • The item being sold is not on the list of prohibited items,
  • The product got shipped to an address that is the same on the Depop's sales receipt,
  • There is solid proof of the product being correctly shipped to the address.

How Does Depop Marketplace Improve Prevention of Scams And Resolve Disputes

The program's main purpose is to ensure that you continue to sell on one of the best online selling platforms without hassle. Since the online shopping realm is packed with scam scenarios, the platform has devised a plan to help you win.

Suppose you have started an e-commerce business, and your customer informs you that the shipped item didn't arrive. In case you used the platform's tracked shipping, you can discern whether the buyer is honest or not. In case you are dealing with a scammer, simply provide proof to the platform that the shipped item arrived, and the dispute will be resolved.

Another way that Depop can work in your favor is when the buyer states that the product is not the same as in the photographs. If you have solid evidence that the buyer is dishonest, customer support will ask the buyer to return the product using tracked shipping, and you will receive a full refund.

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Don't forget that only disputes occurring after in-app purchases will be resolved by Depop

How Can Sellers Get a Depop’s Program?

When you start reselling on Depop and you receive a message that there is an issue with a product that has been shipped with the platform's shipping label, you will have to provide an explanation and respond to the platform's message in the appropriate time frame. 

In case the transactions were carried out via PayPal, everything will have to be resolved via the PayPal dispute resolution program. The Depop's program is applicable only when there is proof of the first claim made with PayPal and proof that you lost an appeal.

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Find out how software for selling online can assist in gaining successful sales

Will Seller's Protection Program Be Coming to Etsy?

You might be wondering what the Etsy website has to do with this, but it's important to underline that Etsy actually owns Depop, and it has been seen in the past that Depop is continuing to align its policies with Etsy's

Still, the two are very different and are running as separate entities. For now, no major alterations will be made for Etsy. However, it won't be surprising in the future when similar policies start trickling into this site. So, if you are using a crossposting app, there is no need to change the way you conduct sales yet.

Is There a Similar Program on Other Marketplaces Such as eBay, Shopify, and Vinted?

Protection from scams is a constant concern across different online marketplaces, which prompts the question of whether there are similar programs on platforms such as Shopify, eBay, and Vinted. Actually, these websites have instituted scam prevention programs designed to shield sellers and buyers from fraudulent activities. 

The initiatives are akin to Depop's program, offering avenues for dispute resolution and fraud prevention measures. Therefore, you can securely use multichannel listing software and confidently offer listings on different sites.

Here is what reselling using the best software for selling online looks like.

Place Your Trust in a Crossposting Tool and Sell Freely on Multiple Platforms

Now that you are equipped with the basic knowledge of scam prevention, you can plunge into the exciting world of online reselling. Increase your sales across multiple platforms with a great partner - crossposting software. Have an inventory in one place where you can track orders and pending listings. If one product doesn't sell well on one site, it will most likely find the right customer on a different site. The best software to sell on both eBay and Depop is Zipsale. Learn valuable information about the benefits of this selling software on our website and sign up today.

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