How Does Depop Return Policy Work?

Being on a fantastic platform that will help you build a business surely is one of the first steps to take when wanting to start your small enterprise. That's why learning about the Depop return policy is a vital part of your journey. Understanding all the Depop's regulations will allow you to use this marketplace in the best possible way and gain a massive audience. 

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Learn all about returning policies on one of the most successful online selling platforms

Returning goods through Depop's platform is quite an easy process. As a reseller, you'll receive a notification through your profile. There are two options to proceed with depending on the payment method - whether it's done through the platform or PayPal payment. And lastly, you can take some steps in order to boost your profit. 

What Is a Depop Return Policy?

Most online sellers choose to be in more than just one marketplace at the same time. That's quite an easy thing to do with the right crossposting app. And no matter which of the top-rated UK marketplaces you'll use, whether it's the Etsy marketplace or the Shopify platform, it's essential to know how the returning process works. 

But, even though you'll have much-needed assistance from a crossposting tool, you'll still have to learn different regulations about sending back items for each marketplace. When it comes to the return policy on Depop, it's good to keep in mind that it happens - people will send items back for many reasons. More importantly, it's your responsibility to deal with all the returning and refunding requests professionally. Not only will you get more followers, but it's one of the tips on how to help your eCommerce business

How Do Depop's Returns and Refunds Work 

Taking a leap and starting an eCommerce business can be challenging. You'll have to figure out how to sell on multiple platforms with selling software, but also be available to your customers for any kind of questions. More importantly, you need to be prepared that sometimes a customer will send you back an item, and issuing returns and refunds adequately will only do your business good. So, let's check two situations you might run into on Depop's platform.

An individual reseller won't be required to deal with issuing, returning, or refunding goods. But if your buyer indicates that a product was listed with an inaccurate description, you'll be the one to deal with it. Thankfully, using reliable cross-listing software is the best way to avoid this error.

On the other hand, if you're a registered enterprise on this platform, some selling regulations must be followed. This means a buyer will have 180 days to file a claim from the day of the transaction if an item isn't as described. 

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Buyers on this platform will have a 180-day returning guarantee of a purchased product

How to Best Manage Returns and Refunds for Depop Payments

Besides checking some of the best YouTube Channels about reselling, keep in mind that you'll have to manage the situations where a sold product is being returned. When it comes to payments made through this platform, the process itself is fairly straightforward:

  • Click on the Home button after logging in,
  • Tap on the button All Sold Items,
  • Track the transaction in question and click the Refund button,
  • Choose between a full or partial refund,
  • Confirm the process and finish with the action. 

What if an Item Was Bought Through a PayPal Payment?

This platform is becoming more and more popular because there's an amazing option for secure and fast PayPal payments, so it's important to keep track of all the Depop's fees when you want to start an online store. When this method is used, PayPal will charge a transaction fee that is usually 3% and an additional £0.30 for each transaction. But what to do when a buyer wants to send back a product paid with PaPal? Check the following steps:

  • Open your PayPal account and find the summary page,
  • Search for the specific transaction in question,
  • Click on Transaction Details and then the Issue button,
  • Ensure the process is complete before leaving the page. 

What Is Seller Protection and What Happens If You Use It?

Being a reseller and using some of the online selling tools will require many sacrifices and time spent figuring out how to maximize sales. Having all this in mind, no wonder why Depop's policies are so appealing to many resellers. In fact, if a customer uses the Buy button, a reseller automatically gets covered by this policy. In other words, when there's some inquiry between reseller and client, Depop's support will be prompt to assist. 

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Enable software to sell on both eBay and Depop to maximize your profits

How to Guarantee a Buyer's Privacy and Prevent Being Scammed?

Being on an online marketplace platform and crossposting on other platforms will benefit your business. However, you need to ensure your customers are safe and their privacy is respected. Luckily Depop's buyer protection got you covered, and the customer's purchase will be automatically protected. Before shipping a product, be sure to know the following:

  • It is applied only when a product is paid inside the app,
  • If it was an in-person purchase, the platform can't protect the purchase,
  • It can't apply to prohibited and restricted products. 

Check How to Avoid Returns in the Best Possible Way

Selling on this platform is a job you need to take seriously if you want to create a successful business. One way of doing it is avoiding the possible scenarios where customers are returning the sold products. Of course, this won't always be possible, but doing everything you can to minimize the chances of it is surely what you need to do.

A Seller Should Use Accurate Listing Images and Descriptions 

There are two main things you can do to avoid returning goods scenarios. Besides using a trustworthy crosslisting software, and choosing a good vintage wholesale supplier, here's what else you can do: 

  • List accurate and high-quality photos,
  • Ensure the shipping policies are clear,
  • List thorough and transparent descriptions.

Boost Your Sales With One of the Best Online Selling Platforms

Every platform has a flaw, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use software for selling online and cross-post your products. When it comes to this specific platform, using Zipsale, the best multichannel listing software out there, will certainly help increase your profits. And once you learn everything about the returning policies, which is an important part of every sale, you can only expect your business to grow. 


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