All About eBay Seller Return Policy

Returns are common in the retail business. Occasionally sellers have issues with shipping and dissatisfied buyers. Fortunately, setting up your own eBay seller return policy and sticking to the platform's guidelines can save you a lot of time, energy, and money. Let us provide you with the ins and outs of returns and refunds so you know what needs to be done in critical situations.

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Learn about eBay's return policy in case you encounter a dissatisfied buyer

What Is eBay Seller Return Policy and Why It Matters?

A successful online reseller needs to provide clear instructions on how to return an item in case there are issues with the product or when the description of the item isn't accurate. Sellers should state their own return policy, and buyers should be in agreement with the rules before purchasing.

When you start your online business, state immediately whether you accept requests for returning an item. In case you want to accept them, emphasize under what conditions. For instance, you can stress who needs to pay for return shipping and that you only accept a return for a specific period of time after the purchase.

Additionally, you can include rules that would protect your e-commerce business. Some refunds can be accepted automatically, while others can be done manually. A good tip is to allow the buyer to keep the product in case the shipping cost is higher than the product's price. If you opt to handle some returns automatically, you will save time, and the buyer's request will be sorted immediately, which will only help your e-commerce grow.

What Returns Rules Can a Seller Decide to Offer Every Buyer?

If you want to succeed as a reseller, it would be ideal to devise a solid plan on how you want to handle returns. Select rules that would ensure that your online business will succeed. Here is a list of options you can choose.

  • No returns,
  • 30-day buyer-paid returns,
  • 30-day free returns,
  • 60-day buyer-paid returns,
  • 60-day free returns.

Some categories have special standards, which means that you will be able to offer different rules to the buyers. For instance, a seller can offer 14-day returns for items such as camera lenses, camera drones, jewelry, digital cameras, collectibles, and art.

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Underline clearly your return rules and help customers purchase with confidence

How Do You Set Up Returns Rules on Your Page?

eBay is one of the best UK online selling platforms. Navigating their settings is quite simple and user-friendly. Therefore, setting up everything according to your requirements won't be an issue. Here are the instructions on how to do it:

  • Search for the option Returns preferences.
  • Below the option Send a refund, you will be able to decide to allow the buyer to keep the item and automatically return the money to them in case the amount is acceptable for you. Enter the amount you think is appropriate.
  • Decide on when this particular rule would apply.
  • Below the option Approve a return, the seller will be able to approve a return automatically in case the overall refund amount is less than a particular sum. Here the seller should enter the amount that will be acceptable.
  • Emphasizing the cases in which this rule will apply is the last step.

The changes you have made to the rules will apply to all the requests in the future but won't apply to the ones that are still in progress.

Who Will Have to Pay Postage for eBay Item Returns?

Sellers won't be able to automatically approve a buyer's request every time an issue occurs. Occasionally, the seller's job is to handle each request manually. Deciding who pays postage costs is also a part of the refund process. Mainly the issue of paying postage depends on the situation. Here are the basic guidelines:

  • When the buyer has requested to send back the product within a reasonable time frame, sellers have to repay the original shipping costs.
  • If the item was misrepresented or the product arrived damaged, sellers have to pay postage costs.
  • However, in case the buyer is dissatisfied with the item for any other reason and wants to send it back within the seller's specified timeframe for returning an item, they have to pay (keep in mind that you should specify this in your listing as well).
  • If sellers have to pay for postage and they use an eBay label, the fee will be added to the next monthly seller invoice as an eBay fee.

Useful Additional Info - How to Process Return Requests Like a Pro?

Buyers will ask to send back their purchased items frequently. You don't want to get buried under the pile of requests and jeopardize the growth of your online reselling business. When you have to take action, use our step-by-step instructions and handle any request and issue with ease. Here is what to do:

  • When buyers ask to send back items, sellers get notified by email.
  • You will then have eight days to read and review the request as well as think of a plan to solve it so that both parties accept it.
  • The first option is to accept the listing back and provide the buyer with a label for returned products,
  • The second option is to pay the buyers and let them keep the products (if it's not worth the money and time to get the product back and set up a listing again).
  • The third option is to let them keep the product and offer a partial refund.
  • The fourth option is to send a message to the customer and ask how to resolve the issue in the best way possible.
  • In case you accept to take back the item, the customer will be given an appropriate timeframe to send it back.
  • When you get a hold of your product, don't forget to inspect it and ensure it meets eBay's policy on the state of products that were returned. Finally, you can then pay back the customer within six working days. On your next seller invoice, final value fees will be added as credit.

It Doesn’t Always Go According to Plan - Prepare for Possible Problems and Difficulties With Item Return Requests

Returning a listing can sometimes be complicated. Sellers who have issues with buyers, such as the items getting sent back damaged or it doesn't arrive at all, should contact the customer through Messages in My eBay. In this way, the reseller will have a record of the conversation. 

Difficult customers can bring about new and more complex issues, and the best way to resolve this is to ask eBay to step in and help. Another option is to report the customer to Seller Central. 

In case the problem escalates, the platform's customer service will review your communication, and you can provide them with photos of your listing as proof of your honesty. Don't hesitate to resolve the issue through the online second-hand marketplace platform since this is a good way to protect your business.

Here is a video with more insightful details about scams that might occur when selling online.

Use a Cross-Posting Software and Simplify the Task of Dealing With Customers 

Dealing with numerous requests and posting listings on different platforms can grow difficult over time. As your business grows, you will need to grow as a reseller as well. The key to success is to launch your products on different platforms and a listing software would make that possible. Imagine having software to sell on both eBay and Depop. It will help you increase your profit, keep track of each listing, reach out to potential customers and organize shipping. 

Among all the online selling tools, Zipsale is simply the best. It is a cross-posting tool that will allow you to lower costs and expand your e-commerce business. Every online marketplace platform will be controlled with one software for selling online. 

It doesn't matter when the customers place an order; the selling software will keep track of everything 24/7. So, if you want to evade scammers as much as possible, deal better with refunds, expand your e-commerce business, use Zipsale, the absolute top multichannel listing software.

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Selling and shipping products will be easy with a good cross-listing software

Good Navigation of the Site and Rules on Returning Items Are of Utmost Importance

When you have to deal with difficult customers (and even scammers,) you will manage to resolve any issue if you know everything about the return policy on eBay for sellers. Have an outline of what the customers can expect when they purchase and what rules apply. Once you know how to handle difficulties, growing the online store can only be accomplished with a cross-posting app. 

Zipsale will help you minimize the chances of getting scammed. Best online selling platforms will allow you to reach a wider customer base, while a cross-posting tool will make navigation of the platforms much easier. Sign up and discover the advantages of Zipsale.


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