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How to Restore Etsy Account?

Etsy needs to stay on top of all the transactions and sellers that use its services. Online selling platforms want to sustain their integrity. This is why suspensions of accounts happen on a regular basis. If you want to figure out how to restore your Etsy account, you need to first determine what is the reason for the ban. Some users can regain access to their shop much easier than others. You don't have to google how to restore my Etsy account - find out all the details in this informative guide.

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Get back to selling online with a crossposting app after reinstating the store

Determine Why Your Etsy Account Got Suspended

Identifying the reason behind the suspension is the first step to quickly resolving the issue and continuing with your e-commerce business. Sellers most commonly violate some of the essential rules of reselling on the platform. The multivendor marketplace platform has a category for each violation. Make sure that you read them in the list below:

  • Buyer rules violation - These include several policies that cannot be violated, like community policy, hate speech, anti-discrimination policy, and sanction policy. The platform will punish anyone with a ban if there are issues with discrimination against religious or ethnic groups or if one engages in illegal activities or disrespects another buyer or seller.
  • Seller rule violation - This violation applies to the sellers only. You can violate this rule by failing to make payments and reselling banned items like drugs, tobacco, hazardous materials, alcohol, animal products, and items that promote violence and hate. Additionally, failing to ship products appropriately is considered a violation.
  • Etsy terms of use violation - The terms of use are violated if you open a store but you are still not of age, enter incorrect information, advertise a different company, post offensive content, fail to pay Etsy's fees, or engage in any illegal activities.

After determining what policy has been violated, sellers can proceed with starting the process of getting accounts back. But, for each reason you lost access, there is a different solution.

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Respect the rules and policies when reselling on a multivendor marketplace platform

How to Restore Etsy Account That God Suspended Due to Overdue Balance?

People most commonly lose access to their Esty shops due to an overdue balance. Only when you settle all the payments will you get your access back. You won't have to do anything else, the store will be automatically unsuspended.

Step-By-Step Guide on Paying the Current Balance and Lifting the Suspension on Your eBay Account

If you don't pay attention to the overdue statements, you won't just get suspended or suffer restricted privileges, but the Star Seller Badge can be removed as well. This will lead you to lose numerous customers and suffer a financial setback. So, if you don't want to lose sales on the platform, settle the balance immediately.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to pay for everything:

  • Go to Etsy's website page,
  • Select the option Shop Manager,
  • Then click on Finances,
  • Select Payment account, 
  • Find Amount due and then select Pay now,
  • Click on Current balance,
  • Decide what the payment method will be,
  • The last step is to click on Submit Payment.

Are You Dealing With a Temporary Suspension of Your Shop? Here’s How to Reply

Sometimes online resellers are faced with only a temporary ban. The platform has found a reason to limit your privileges. The status of the store can be seen in the Shop Manager. In the email about the restriction, you will know the correct details. Read the email carefully and make sure that you send a response. The best thing to do is to immediately resolve any problems that you have caused on the platform.

When everything is settled, your privileges will be reinstated. But, if the issues persist, it's crucial to reach out to the support team and ask about your access. Temporary suspension should be only a warning, and you'll be back reselling used clothes, sneakers, accessories, or other products in no time.

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You'll be free to do what you want on the platform when the violations get corrected

What Happens When You Get Permanently Suspended? Here's How to Restore a Suspended Etsy Account

Sellers won't be allowed to continue with their business as usual when they are permanently suspended. Buying or reselling on the platform, as well as creating new accounts or shops, will be prohibited. Some people cannot even sign into the website because of the nature of the violation. Resolving this situation and continuing to sell on one of the best online selling platforms is possible by filing an appeal.

Process of Filing an Appeal - Prohibited Selling Services and Features Can Be Reinstated

The process of appealing the decision of the platform is only allowed for individuals who have received emails that indicate permanent suspension

The first step is to prepare for it. Determine what are the reasons that led to you getting banned, describe the business relationship with the platform, and devise a plan for how to overcome the problems. Also, submit information and proof that your products are in line with Etsy's policy and that you are not going to repeat the same mistakes.

Go to the page titled - Submit a request. Open it and enter the information that is required. Enter your appeal and attach photos to prove your point. This is how you file an appeal. Bear in mind that violating the policies numerous times is frowned upon, and the platform will most likely dismiss the appeal in this case.

If you want to learn more tips on how to go about this issue, seek the info on numerous youtube channels about reselling or simply watch this informative video.

Use Crosslisting Software if You Want Help Managing Your Shops

Resellers that stay on top of their game fare better in the online selling industry. Even if you suffered a couple of suspensions, there is still a way to overcome any difficulties that come your way. But, you will need an assistant - a crossposting tool. This useful software will allow you to sell faster and keep track of the orders better. It will enable you to connect to different marketplaces but not lose on the quality of your services. This means that you will make fewer mistakes, so the platform won't suspect any wrongful doing. The best multichannel listing software is Zipsale. Register today with this crossposting software, and your success in e-commerce is guaranteed.

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