What are the Best Youtube Channels About Reselling

Earlier, when we thought about the resale market, we would think about collectors of antique items and thrift store hunters. However, the times have changed, and this market has expanded and become a source of wardrobe novelties. We can take a look at the best YouTube channels about reselling before you can venture into the world of second-hand goodies and treasures. It will also be a learning opportunity for all of those who want to start their own online selling adventure.

Flipping items to gain a profit can be a side-hustle that grows into a serious business

Probably the Right Platform to Push Your Sales up Is eBay but Consider the Rest, Too

Venturing into the second-hand business as a side-job has many advantages. It can be a good source of a steady income, which will come slowly at first, with a tendency to grow. There are many platforms that are considered the greatest online UK marketplaces, but many second-hand dealers mostly focus on eBay.

Other best online selling platforms include Amazon, Craigslist, and Etsy. More recently, many resselers focus on Depop, manage to sell on Instagram with Shopify, and figure out how Vinted works. But if you want to cover several platforms at once, inform yourself about what does cross-listing mean when selling online, and get a cross-posting app to keep everything in check. As for the places where you can buy various interesting stuff to resell, you can always try and snoop around antique stores, second-hand shops, and bookstores that sell used novels.

The following video offers some recommendations about books that fare well on eBay.

Let's Examine the Best Youtube Channels About Reselling

There are several factors that have helped the resale market grow, and their eCommerce succeed. The obvious one is that it has expanded into a source of second-hand designer pieces at reasonable prices. But more importantly, there are rising concerns about the environment and ethics behind consumer products globally. According to Statista, the UK market has seen a rise of almost 18% of the value of the resales market during 2019.

You may stumble upon the reselling world and dive into it by yourself, but the second-hand community can be very helpful. They create and share an enormous amount of content, from which you can learn a thing or two. So, let's talk about the best YouTube channels about second-hand before you begin your own journey of selling on multiple online selling platforms with cross-listing software. 

One of the Finest YouTube Channels for eBay Operation Is Thrift Mine

If you're into garage sales, you should check out the Thrift Mine channel. It's run by Ryan and Pam, who regularly post videos about different yard sales adventures they go through on weekends. They also purchase storage spaces occasionally. What's the greatest thing about their channel is that they display the listings on eBay and present a lot of the items they have bought to resell. They also keep it very real in their talks about the success both on YouTube and on a marketplace platform, and they also explain selling used items online.

Watch Shed Flips if You Want to See Realistic Sales Prices From Resellers

The Shed Flips channel features two eBay personas and resellers - Candice and Lonnie. They are very open when they talk about the prices of the stuff that they have sold recently. You could also follow them and watch out for the tips they share on how to ship items in a proper way. So, this isn't just another YouTube content made for the sake of posting online. Instead, these two are a real deal, and they will show you all the tips and tricks they use when dealing with second-hand items.

Craigslist Hunter Is a Reseller for Vintage Lovers

If you want an insight into dealing with real vintage pieces, you should give the Craigslist Hunter a follow and spend some time watching the clips. This reseller is also an owner of a real shop called The Trading Post. But keep in mind that this channel is not really about reselling clothes (if that's what you're looking for,) but it rather deals with stuff like electronics, vinyl records, vintage toys and video games, and everything else that one might consider as rare and interesting collectibles. Although they mostly share videos about the items themselves on this channel, Hunter will occasionally insert and list very useful eBay tips that can help you with sourcing goods or just figuring out the value of something. It can also help you find the perfect vintage category you want to cover in your shop.

With quality video content, you can learn a lot on how to become a reseller.

Here’s How to Start Your Second-Hand Adventure

If these YouTubers have inspired you to venture into the thrift market, and you want to be a part of that world, here's what could make it work:

  • Choose what you’ll sell and where you’ll get your items,
  • Research thoroughly and pick a suitable online marketplace platform where you will make your base and start to resell the goods,
  • Do in-depth research on that multi-vendor marketplace platform to figure out which pieces sell exceptionally well.

Additional tips for e-commerce business owners who are starting out would be to keep in mind something you are well acquainted with and consider it for resale. If you know designer bags well, you should focus on them. Or choose the stuff that has the highest profit margin and learn a thing or two about it.

At Least One Channel Is Going to Help You Catch a Lesson or Two About the Resale Market

Although there are many YouTubers out there offering insight and advice about every aspect of the thrift market, you shouldn't get caught up in consuming videos by other people and not getting into your own work story. It's simple advice - get up, focus on the type of goods you want to buy and sell, and spend some time working on marketing strategies. If you want to cover multiple platforms, it's smartest to use something like Zipsale, a free cross-listing software. It will help you keep an eye on any incoming messages, orders, and requests, and it will help you build a customer base.


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