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How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace?

The online reselling industry has continued to expand, which resulted in many social media channels turning into marketplace platforms. Facebook added the feature of Facebook Marketplace in 2016, and since then, many people have profited from reselling second-hand goods. Our guide on how to sell on Facebook Marketplace will help you get started on this multi-vendor marketplace platform. When you learn the ropes of reselling, expand your customer base with online selling tools.

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With listing software, your products will get sold faster on an online marketplace platform

First and Foremost, Learn the Rules of Selling on Facebook’s Platform

The social media channel has a commerce policy that all people who want to become resellers need to know before they start reselling used clothes, toys, jewelry, furniture, home decor, shoes and sneakers as well as any other item. Here is what the site won't accept from its resellers:

  • It's not allowed to resell services, news, or memes,
  • The listings cannot violate the intellectual property of another party,
  • Listing prohibited products would get you banned or blocked. Prohibited items are animals, vouchers, events, and adult products.

The platform also provided further guidance on safe reselling during the pandemic. This entails adhering to regional safety and health regulations, cleaning the products before sending them, and planning the delivery of goods. An e-commerce business owner has just three days to ship the products after it gets purchased.

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Before using a multichannel listing software and reselling anything, learn Facebook's regulations

Now Let’s Discuss How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace Properly

Now that you've decided what you will offer the customers on one of the best online selling platforms and you are aware of all the rules and regulations, it's time to begin posting listings. We'll show you how to sell something on Facebook Marketplace. 

The first thing that needs to be done is logging into the business or personal account. If you don't have one, you should know that signing up will be quick. When you access the account, find the icon that represents Facebook Marketplace. It's an image of a store. On your smartphone, it's going to be at the bottom right corner, whereas, on the desktop, it can be found at the top right corner.

Click or tap on your Sell button or the option "Create new listing," depending on whether you're using a desktop or smartphone version. Next, select the type of your listings. It can be items for sale, property for sale, or vehicles for sale

Add information about the product and then choose the delivery option and make sure to set your location. When you hit the Publish button, the listings will go live on the second-hand marketplace and potential buyers will reach out to you.

If you need a detailed presentation of how to sell things on Facebook Marketplace and what to pay attention to, watch this video.

How to Properly Describe the Product to the Customer on Facebook Marketplace Posts?

The key to getting as many sales as possible is to be extra detailed in your descriptions. For starters, if you are a clothing reseller, don't omit measurements, types of materials, and any damage in your descriptions of articles of clothing. For any other product, include flaws and be as specific as possible about the condition. We recommend including approximately ten photographs that have good lighting and that can show the true condition of the product. Lastly, provide an eye-catching title that will grab the buyer's attention.

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Learn how to sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace with success by using good descriptions 

What Payment Options Are Available on the Platform?

A big part of learning how to sell items on Facebook Marketplace is managing the payment options. Facebook's platform is not the same as Shopify, eBay, Depop, Vinted, or Etsy. It doesn't have its own payment system. This means that resellers and buyers need to reach an agreement about the payment method.

One can either decide to receive cash or opt for electronic payment systems that would guarantee transaction security. These systems include Wise, PayPal, and Venmo. We recommend adding details about the payment and shipping options to the descriptions of the listings so that buyers have a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Being concise and clear about the transactions is a great way to prove yourself as a reliable reseller and help your e-commerce business grow.

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The main drawback that differentiates this platform from others is the lack of a payment system

Tips for Boosting Sales on Facebook's Site

Now that you've posted the listing on the platform, you don't have to nervously wait for a buyer to appear. There is a way to speed up the entire process and boost sales quickly. We have tips that will help you.

Pricing Too High vs Pricing Too Low - Here’s What to Do

Don't price your items based on your intuition. Conduct research before determining how much products should cost. Compare prices with other resellers and set your price according to them. Don't set a price that is high or that is very low. Try to find a middle ground.

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Start by adequately deciding on the price of your product

Use Search Tags

Search tags help the buyers find your listings. When you start creating listings, pay attention to the tag box that can be found under the listing's form. You can type in as many as 20 search tags that would target buyers who are searching for things from this category.

Use a Crossposting Tool and Become Popular on eBay, Shopify, and Vinted as Well

If you feel like you cannot profit enough from only one platform, the best course of action is to start using a crossposting app. It is a form of selling software that will connect multiple platforms and showcase all of your products there. The greatest thing about software for selling online is that it manages your listings 24/7. Also, you don't have to worry about an overwhelming amount of orders; anything that is sold will be automatically delisted by cross listing software. If you want to register with the best cross posting software, you should choose Zipsale.

Check out the video below on how Zipsale works before registering.

Ready to Start Reselling on Facebook Marketplace and Other Platforms?

If you want to be a reputable and successful reseller, then first learn Facebook's regulations and don't forget to abide by them. Posting listings is a straightforward process but don't forget to describe the condition of the products in detail. Also, boosting sales is possible by including search tags, pricing the item correctly, and using selling software. If you register today with Zipsale, you will see just how easy it is to increase sales and manage different shops at the same time. Don't miss this opportunity.

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