How to Sell on Instagram With Shopify - Use These 4 Ingenious Tips

Selling and managing your inventory on multiple platforms can get tricky, leaving much room for unnecessary mistakes. But did you know that you can sync a Shopify store with an Instragam profile? We can help you learn how to sell on Instagram with Shopify, gain more visibility and promote your eCommerce business - all you have to do is follow our tips. 

Woman using Instagram for online selling
More than 100,000 buyers go through Instagram Shopping posts each month

To sell on Instagram with Shopify, one of the best online selling platforms, you need to first connect your professional Instagram profile with the Facebook bunnies page and Shopify store. After your account is approved, you should utilize many Instagram features to promote your shop - including posts, stories, reels, captions, tags, and the like. Marketing the products should lead the followers to your Shopify store, where they can make their purchases. 

#1 Learn All the Technicalities of How to Sell On Instagram with Shopify

In order to start selling on multiple platforms, you have to connect your eCommerce with an Instagram profile. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to sync these online selling tools:

  • Step one - Go to Meta Business Manager and create an account, 
  • Step two - Create a Facebook shop (if you don't have one already), 
  • Step three - Create a professional Instagram account, so you can access different business tools, 
  • Step four - Add a Facebook business page to the linked accounts (be sure the Facebook page is associated with Meta Business Manager), 
  • Step five - Sync your Shopify website to your Instagram shop,
  • Step six - Wait for the account approval, 
  • Step seven - Once you get the approval notification, you can start tagging each product on Instagram. 

Instagram Shopping syncs all of the products listed on Shopify to your professional Instagram profile. This feature allows you to tag every product and allows potential buyers to see the prices, visit your Shopify store and make a purchase easily. 

If you need a detailed tutorial on syncing Instagram with your shop, take a look at the video below. Just remember - setting up a shop is only the first step. There is much more to do to increase your sales on Shopify by using Instagram.

#2 Optimize the Profile and Make Posts Work to Your Advantage

Your profile must be fully optimized in order to look professional, so your bio has to be nothing less than engaging. A profile photo must be entirely in sync with your niche, and you need to choose eye-catching product catalogs from your Shopify page that will attract your targeted audience. Additionally, if you have yet to start an online shop, learn how to find good products to sell on Shopify with Instagram to maximize your profit.

Once your account is approved, you'll be able to create shoppable posts. A little shopping bag icon will appear on which potential customers can tap. It will allow them to see the details about the products featured in the post. Customers can also click on the view products button or tap on the tag itself, which will lead them to the landing page that holds the redirection link to your shop. But what should these posts look like?

Use Instagram Images and Videos to Attract More Buyers

Instagram is a visual social media platform, so the photos and videos you add need to look exceptional in order to attract customers to your shop. To create striking visuals, you should research photo trends, always look somewhere else for inspiration and, of course, post only high-quality images and videos

Additionally, it would be good to advertise your product with a model with whom your target audience can connect. It should go without saying that eCommerce business owners should post regularly to gain more visibility. 

Creating Engaging Captions Should Be the Next Step 

Captions are another easy way of marketing your online store - that is, if you know how to make them attractive. However, entertaining content isn't the only important element of each caption. You also need to direct your potential customers to click on the link in the bio or tap on a tagged product. For that purpose, utilize a call-to-action that is simple yet effective. 

Hashtags Can Draw More Attention to Your Store

Perfect hashtags for your shop should be found based on hashtags your followers often use and those important for your niche. Utilize specific and relevant hashtags, take time to observe, join trending topics, and, in the end, make branded hashtags. However, don't overdo it with the number of hashtags posted so you can avoid shadow banning. 

A person using Shopify listing software
Marketing a shop via Instagram is bound to increase the sales

#3 Use Instagram Stories and Reels to Market Your Store

Instagram users love interacting with stories, so it's yet another excellent way of marketing your shop and selling your products. You can choose to simply add your posts to your story and engage your followers enough to go to your feed. The best part? You can also start adding a product tag sticker to your story! 

Followers often find it easy to connect with the brand through stories showing some behind-the-scenes moments regarding products. A real-life view of your business will establish your authenticity and make your followers trust you more, which increases sales. The same goes for the reels. 

Woman using Instagram as a selling software
Instagram allows easy interaction with the brand, which many customers love

# 4 Engage with Followers to Increase the Selling via Instagram Shopping 

Interacting with potential customers can only be beneficial for your future profits, so don't skip on all the interacting options Instagram has to offer. Ensure you:

  • Reply to customers' comments - your response should be swift, and you should direct the customers to your online shop whenever it seems fitting, 
  • Offer promotions and special discounts on Instagram - for example, followers who visit your Shopify page through the Instagram profile for the first time can get an exclusive offer,
  • Use the live streaming option - allow your followers to interact with you in real-time, answer their questions, show them how some of your product functions, and get immediate feedback.  

Partner up with Influencers to Advertise Your Shopify Store 

By creating contact with some well-loved influencers, you'll be able to share your brand with an even wider audience. It's a great solution when you're still low on the number of followers. Remember that even a mention from a famous influencer can drive many people to your page and then the online shop, which can immensely impact the sales. 

Instagram 3D icon concept
Surveys show that people become a lot more interested in a brand when it's promoted on Instagram

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