How to Start a Successful Shopify Store - Step-by-Step Guide

Many people use online selling platforms thinking that will boost their businesses. However, if you want to know how to start a successful Shopify store, you'll need to focus on the right things and not just think about the profit, as many do. Luckily, this platform will help you go in the right way. 

The headquarters of Shopify's are in Ottawa, Canada

Why Starting a Shopify Business Is a Good Idea?

Shopify is an excellent platform if you want to build your own store, no matter if you're going to use selling software or not. Also, it doesn't matter whether you're a small or big merchant, here everyone can get all of the benefits Shopify offers. You can even connect it with your social media, and sell on Instagram with it. Find out some of the useful tips for eCommerce and some of the reasons why people find Shopify appealing:

  • Easy to use,
  • Numerous themes and apps,
  • Low startup costs,
  • Explained admin dashboard,
  • Various support options.

What Downsides You Could Run Into

One of the disadvantages is that this platform isn't the cheapest. This means you'll have to be ready for some investing if you want an extensive package. But, if you think about it, it's better to spend a bit more and save your time and nerves. So, if you plan on using a free multichannel listing software, you can use some paid features Shopify can provide you with.

Shopify plans start at $29 per month

How to Start a Successful Shopify Store Step-by-Step

How do I make my Shopify shop successful? If you've never done something like this, then everything could seem like it's just too overwhelming. However, building and boosting your shop with one of the online selling tools can be pretty easy, actually. In fact, all the following steps are self-explanatory and intuitive. So, let's see what you have to do, step-by-step.

#1 Go to the Website and Make Your Shopify Store

Succeeding in e-commerce is not always a piece of cake, but with some simple step, you will stand out on this platform. One of the first steps, as you could imagine, is going on the Shopify website and registering. This part is quite clear, especially if you've already used a platform like this before or know why you should use a cross-posting software on e-commerce platforms. Enter the store name and your email address, and you'll be able to use a 14-day trial, which is a great thing - you can check whether you're into the app or not. 

Also, note that, under “Payment providers,” you can add more than just PayPal as default. You can add Amazon Pay or credit card and provide your customers with additional payment options,

#2 Come Up With a Business Name 

Standing out on the best online marketplace platform in the UK is not as easy as it sounds. You'll need experience and time. However, a business name plays a big role, too. So, when you know what you'll sell (you can consult a reselling guide for some advice), come up with a unique name that will clearly represent what your business is all about. So, keep in mind that a brand name should be:

  • Industry-relatable, 
  • Original,
  • Short and simple.

#3 Boost Your e-Commerce with Planned Marketing and Important Content

Before you come to the part where you're promoting your brand online on social media, like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest, ensure it has the following information fulfilled:

  • Contact us - add all the ways potential buyers can contact you.
  • About us - write more about you and your products.
  • Shipping information - indicate the shipping terms and fees.
  • Privacy policy and Refund - Shopify has a handy tool for you to create a simple template for this. 

#4 Add Items You Like to Sell

After the first three steps, pass on to adding items you would like to sell through Shopify. However, it can be a bit difficult to do without losing precious time. But, if you already have your items listed on other multi-vendor marketplace platforms, it will be a piece of cake. Use cross-listing software and have all of your items crossposted. 

But, before you start with the cross-listing, ensure all product descriptions are optimized for search engines. Also, customize photos, names, and details like collections or tags. If the content is attractive from the start, it will get more visitors and possible sales. So, ensure each product have:

  • Description,
  • Pricing & Inventory,
  • Images,
  • Collections.

#5 Design Your Shopify Store 

Being so close to launching your Shopify store and posting your products with multichannel listing software means only one thing - it's time to design your shop. Many people don't realize the importance of this step, but a unique and appealing design will bring you more customers, that's for certain.

So, estimate the time you have to put in this task and your skills and start designing. Luckily, Shopify has a rich selection of paid and free design templates you can use and save yourself the trouble. 

#6 Finally, Start Your Shopify Store

If you've been wondering how to build a successful Shopify store, know this is it. You'll build a solid foundation. When you take all the steps from the above and have help from software for selling online on Shopify, know you'll be ready for the launching process of your shop. Although it might not be perfect, don't hesitate to launch it. In the next period, you'll be learning many new things and implementing them over time.

Shopify is available in 175 countries

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Successful Shopify Store?

Besides asking yourself how to make a successful Shopify store, you should also consider the costs to spend to have the best possible experience. However, there's no fixed amount you have to spend because it varies, but you should count on around 1,400 pounds.

Can You Get Rich From Shopify?

Using one of the best online selling platforms will be a breeze when you know how to have a successful Shopify store. However, after all the hard work, you're probably wondering how much does the average Shopify store make? As you may know, you surely can't get rich right after you set up your shop. But, if you're devoted and persistent, you'll surely see progress and also a profit from your hard work. Also, if you've decided to cross list while you sell your goods, use Zipsale, a free crossposting software to keep track of each store with ease.


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