How to Source From Charity Shops for Your Store and Make a Profit

When it comes to finding products for your online business, knowing how to source from charity shops properly is something to consider. Although you may sell almost anything to the proper buyer, it can be difficult to identify quality and value items in a charity shop. It's crucial to become familiar with this kind of sourcing.

Charities are a great way to make a profit for people who are starting an eCommerce business

People usually think it's a great idea to become a clothing reseller. This means you'll have to be aware of charitable sites and dedicate yourself to finding the perfect ones, no matter if you're looking for clothes, video games, or books. Also, ensure the quality of objects is good and have a variety of them to offer to the buyers. Lastly, trust your gut and visit the stores regularly. 

How to Source From Charity Shops?

Remember to choose things based on fundamental principles as you learn how to source and sell while you're sourcing items to resell on platforms like Depop or maybe Vinted. While it may be alluring to search for priceless antiques or vintage apparel, the easiest method to benefit from purchases is to make purchases that you are familiar with. In this manner, you may determine whether you are paying a fair price for the item and whether there is a market for it.

How Much Money Can You Actually Get? 

What you purchase, how much you pay for it, and how much you can sell it for all determine how much sales you can make. After all, these are some basic steps when starting an online store

When selling stuff from charities, the average profit per sale is about £10.50, but if you have a keen eye for a deal, there's no reason you couldn't make much more. Of course, it could be worthwhile to think about giving a little extra back to the charity shop if you do make lots of money on one item.

With charity shops growing savvier and rising prices, it is proving more difficult to turn a fair sale on their goods. In fact, some organizations even have departments dedicated to selling on eBay, where they aim to sell their most expensive items before they even make it to the shop shelves. Sales can still be made, but these days it requires more work and a little bit of luck.

Additionally, don't forget to factor in any potential expenses, given the fact you're selling on multiple online platforms. You'll have to pay for your spot at a car boot sale if you sell at one, and eBay will deduct a percentage of your profits if you sell there. If you intend to go a distance to discover the ideal products to market, keep travel expenses in mind as well. Oh, and one other item to consider is taxes.

Find the Place That Has Items You as a Reseller and Your Buyers Would Be Interested In

If you want your online store to be successful, you must be willing to make time and energy sacrifices and learn a variety of skills. Because of this, in addition to using trustworthy online selling tools for cross-posting on Etsy and other platforms, you'll also want to be aware of which charities are worthwhile. 

Better options are typically available in more affluent locations, but you'll also notice that the prices are a little higher because locals are more willing to pay more for that particular item. Smaller shops, on the other hand, will undoubtedly offer lower prices, but the selection of products will probably be more constrained.

Check Where Some Brands Donate Their Products

Many folks simply aren't aware that certain major businesses supply a lot of charitable organizations. They are known as corporate partners. Additionally, if you're establishing a business on a shoestring budget, you'll need to understand your target demographic as well as decent cross-posting software.

Woman and man sorting clothes
The great thing about these organizations is finding branded clothes

Make Sure the Quality of the Item Is High Even Though It's Not a New One

A great way to help your eCommerce business is to gain the trust of your buyers. And you can do it by offering only the best items. You'll have to remember you're not selling new goods that buyers can return. Most of these pieces, whether clothes or jewelry, won't be able to be returned because of the no-return policy for secondhand. Although it's not always simple to recognize quality, one idea is to ask yourself, "Would I want this item?" before making a purchase. Would I purchase it? What might lure me in? What would turn me away from this thing?

Keep in Mind the Condition of the Goods You're Planning to Get

Simply said, choose anything that is in good condition (it's possible even if it's not new,) or if you are unable to do so but are aware of the item's value, choose something that will be amenable to restoration, cleaning, or recycling. That way, you can sell on multiple platforms and not worry about the quality of the goods you offer to the customers.

Visit Charity Organizations Regularly 

You must go to these locations frequently to find the best items for your collection, whether you like to shop in person or online. Of course, there is another side to the tale. By attending frequently, you'll get to know the volunteers and increase your chances of discovering some secret gems before anybody else.

Additionally, as it tends to be busier on the weekends than during the week, you should ask volunteers to set aside specific goods such as clothes, shoes, bags, and other items. Lastly, be a flexible bird because going early in the morning can also result in savings.

Assorted clothing
People who visit these more often stores are more likely to find better objects

Trust Your Gut

If your instinct tells you to buy it, do so. You might not be aware of it, but all the time you spent browsing, reading, and viewing lots of YouTube videos has been lodged someplace in your memory. Even if you're not aware of it, the knowledge is assisting you in separating the good stuff from the garbage. Have trouble describing your attraction to something? Purchase it now to market it later, so don't worry. As time passes, you'll understand why that was a good value or a wonderful piece.

Things Worth Money in Charity Shops

There are items in charity shops that are worth the money, and listing them with one of the best online selling platforms. Here are the top ones you ought to take into account for your online shop:

  • Clothing, 
  • Artwork,
  • Books and comics,
  • Jewelry, 
  • Furniture and other homeware, 
  • Toys and board games, 
  • Video games and consoles.

After You Learn How to Source Like a Pro, Let One of the Best Online Selling Platforms List Your Goods 

All the hard work you've put into searching the charity stores and learning actually to source from them isn't an easy thing to do at all. However, don't think this is the only thing you'll have to do. On the contrary, this is only the beginning since you'll have to put everything you've found online, and there's no better way to do it than with a cross-posting tool. So, don't waste your time and sign up for Zipsale, the best multi-vendor marketplace platform. 


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