How Does Vinted Return Policy Work?

Shipping from one end of the country to another or even internationally can bring many unexpected occurrences that can damage the sent packages. Moreover, even the best sellers can make mistakes and provide unsatisfactory items. How does Vinted return policy work in those cases? Let's find out!

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Learn everything you need to know about Vinted's refund protocol before sending your first package

In Which Cases Do Buyers Get a Money Refund for a Purchased Item?

This online marketplace platform wants to keep both buyers and sellers protected, which is why getting compensation is achievable but only in some instances. Reimbursement is possible if the pre-used items are

  • Delivered damaged - whether damage occurred in transit or before it (but not described), 
  • Not authentic - if items are described as designer clothes, for example, and it turns out they are not, buyers must be compensated,
  • Lost in transit,
  • Not as described on the seller's page - they are not the right color, size, and so on.

If the buyer's complaint is reviewed and accepted, reimbursement is mandatory - they will send the package back (if it's not lost), and the platform or seller will pay a buyer back. Additionally, keep in mind that buyers are encouraged to return the shipment to the sender if the package is visibly damaged upon delivery.

On the other hand, it's up to you to determine if buyers should be compensated in other cases - if they don't like the article bought, for example, or if the item in question doesn't fit. You may allow the item to be returned, but you're not obliged to do so. The platform won't intervene whatever you decide.

Are Buyers Entitled to Scam Protection in the UK?

Vinted's well aware that some sellers can harm buyers, intentionally or not. A Buyer Protection service is created so the buyers, their purchased products, and payments can stay safe - it prevents scammers from making money on Vinted easily. Buyer Protection applies on each transaction and remains in effect until the order is completed. However, buyers must first pay a mandatory Buyer Protection fee when purchasing, which will be automatically calculated before confirming an order. 

Which Costs Will Be Refunded With a Return Policy at Vinted?

How does Vinted work regarding buyers' competitions? You should expect the returning shipment to arrive if the report is accepted. Once you confirm the receipt of the parcel (or shipment gets marked as canceled), the platform will pay the buyer back. This refund will cover the cost of the product, fees, and taxes. However, buyers won't be compensated for the cost of returning the parcel and the packaging required.

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uyers will be accordingly compensated after the dispute is resolved

Vinted Return Policy - Explaining the Protocol

If you want to start an online clothing store, you must be prepared to deal with dissatisfied consumers. Every e-Commerce business owner must know how to handle the buyers' refunds according to the platform's rules and regulations. If you plan to become a clothing reseller with the help of this software for selling online, take a look at Vinted's refund protocol.

Submitting the Report for a Product Sold 

If the item bought is in bad condition or does not match the description, consumers can contact the seller and share concerns through the I have an issue button. However, before they claim reimbursements, customers will need to send proof. 

It must be done within two days from the delivery. This selling software will then put the buyers' payment on hold until the problem is successfully resolved. If buyers press the Everything is OK button or miss this two-day mark, a reimbursement won't be possible. 

Searching for the Best Solution

Buyers are encouraged to try to contact the seller first, share the problem, and resolve the issue. However, if you can't get to an agreement with your customer, they can contact Vinted's support team. They will review the issue and make the final decision about the claim. The product will be returned if they conclude that the customer's claim is correct.

Returning the Product to Your E-commerce Company 

If you and the customer agreed on product returning, you should provide them with the correct shipping details, after which they have three days to send the parcel back. Only after you receive the package will reimbursement be issued.

Zero Policy Towards Fraudsters Protects Users From Being Scammed

Vinted's Catalog Rules forbid users to sell used clothes that are counterfeit. Suppose the consumers suspect the authenticity of an article, and Vinted's support team confirms these suspicions. In that case, a buyer doesn't have to return the purchased item, and the seller will be appropriately dealt with.

However, remember that scamming can also go the other way around. There are many buyers on the online second-hand market who want to get a discount by using dishonest methods. If you are a seller, take a look at the video below and learn a tip or two on how to avoid scammers on Vinted and other similar platforms, such as Depop:

Will You Be Refunded if the Parcel Gets Lost or Damaged?

As a seller, you must also be compensated if your product gets lost or damaged during transit. However, the reimbursement will depend on the shipping option you choose. When selling an item through your online store, you can opt for:

  • Integrated labels - the platform will compensate you (up to a specific size of a package), 
  • Shipping Instructions - reimbursement will be provided directly from the carrier company, if the report is accepted, 
  • Custom shipping - you'll be choosing the carrier, so you'll be held liable if the parcel gets lost or damaged. 

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