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How to make money with Vinted

The Vinted marketplace is an ideal platform for selling those unwanted clothing items or for launching your online clothing sales business. Keep reading for an overview of this easy-to-use marketplace, including what it is, the best items to sell, and how to make use of the Vinted platform.

What is Vinted
Vinted is an exciting marketplace for resellers of clothing and fashion items. It all started with an interesting coincidence, when the founder was moving house and decided to sell her excess clothing online. Since then, Vinted has grown into a business which employs more than 700 people.
It’s a place for sellers to sell their fashion and clothing items, and for buyers to find that special something that they may not find on the high street.

Items to sell on Vinted
Unless you’re selling clothing online as a business, in which case you will have a whole range of products from shoes and boots to dresses, coats, and jeans; all you have to do is raid your closets and cupboards for those pieces of clothing that you haven’t worn in ages.
So many of us love shopping and tend to go a little wild sometimes, buying clothing for the trend of the season, or because we love the look of it on the display stand. The reality is that our cupboards get clogged up with bits and pieces that we just never end up wearing, or which no longer suit our preferred style. Well, you can sell any of those clothing items on Vinted and get a bit of money back from that spontaneous purchase which didn’t work out so well.

How to sell on Vinted
It’s super easy to get started with Vinted. All you have to do is download the app, take quality photos of the items you wish to sell, upload them, describe your gorgeous second-hand clothing item, and click upload. Your items are now live and ready to be picked up by any number of buyers looking for that something special to add to their wardrobe.

Your item has been sold! So, what next? Well, it’s now a simple process of having to package your item, print out your prepaid shipping label and sending it off to your customer within 5 days. With Vinted there are zero selling fees, so once the customer has paid you, the profit is all yours!

With Zipsale, it’s possible to not only list your items on Vinted, but a variety of other marketplaces as well. What about listing your clothing for sale on Vinted, eBay, Depop and more through one simple to use app? We can help you to do that quickly, easily, and efficiently. Visit our sign-up page to get started today!

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