How to Make Money With Vinted

Vinted is one of the best online selling platforms for second-hand fashion. Both people who are looking to start their own enterprise and those who are just looking to earn some extra money will find this software for selling online quite useful and convenient. But how to make money with Vinted? 

Online selling platforms have become quite popular for online merchants to start their enterprises, and customers often use them to buy products

Vinted Has a Long History in the Fashion Business, and You Can Make Money Using It

This selling software was created in 2008. Since then, it has become a reputable online marketplace platform for all fashion entrepreneurs who are looking to start an eCommerce enterprise in the field of online second-hand clothing sales. What is more, it perfectly synchronizes with cross-listing software, which is a really useful software to have when using eCommerce platforms for your enterprise. 

Vinted Offers a Great Business Model to Sell Your Fashion Products and Items 

If you were looking where to sell used items online, you should definitelly check out Vinted. The software offers a lot of online selling tools both to buyers and sellers. First of all, it is possible to advertise and sell through Vinted in many countries. What is more, you will not be responsible for paying shipping fees. Your buyers will have to take care of that. Also, this company does not deduct a commission from purchases. Finally, you will not necessarily have to sell clothes, and bother to find the perfect vintage category to present your goods. There is also a possibility of "swapping." 

Is It Hard to Set up This Software? Does It Require Any Funding?

If you are looking to become a clothing reseller, the good news is that this app is completely free and works both for Android and IOS. You'll just need to create a free account, and the option to link this account with your other social media accounts is available. This can help immensely with advertising your goods. Finally, you'll receive a verification email, and once it has been verified, the app is ready to be used, and you can add it to your crossposting tool. 

What Do I Need to Do to Start Advertising and Selling Items on This App?

Once you have created the account, the main interface will have the option "sell." From there, a few steps need to be performed in order for an ad to be posted:

  • First of all, you'll need to enter all the required information about the item. The main name of the product will have to be entered (this will be the title, a blue woolen sweater, for example). 
  • Next, a brief description of the product for customers to read should be entered (for example, the condition of the item or the brand). If you are using a crossposting app, check what has been entered on another platform and copy it. 
  • Then come the details about the price and shipping. You'll also choose whether the product is open for swapping or only for sale. 
  • Finally, it is time to upload a picture of the product. Moreover, a video can even be uploaded of the product, which can increase the genuineness of the description. 

Once this has been performed, you are ready to post your product. All in all, this will take five or ten minutes at the most. Here is a useful video on how to successfully start advertising an item on this app.

A Lot Depends on Whether a Buyer Will Leave You a Positive or a Negative Reply

People who want to become successful resellers mustn't forget that reputation is the most important thing when it comes to renowned reseller hosting apps. That means that honesty of service is really important, especially if you are starting an online clothing store with a limited budget. A single one-star review can completely ruin your chances of establishing a successful enterprise since customers tend to buy only from merchants that have the highest reviews.

This Company Collects Revenue From Various Sources That Don’t Affect Your Income From Sales 

If you are just starting to learn how to create profit on this app, you are probably wondering whether there are hidden fees since there will be no commission deducted from your sales. Well, this company gains revenue from various sources like buyer protection fees and other services like insurance and monitoring the process of shipping which makes it one of the best UK marketplaces to sell your items on. 

However, there are also services that you can subscribe to (you'll have to additionally pay for these services) in order to boost the advertising of your products, and, at the same time, this is a major source of revenue for the company:

  • Wardrobe Spotlight - This service will last for a week, and within that period of time, your goods will be shown on the news feed of all potential buyers. Moreover, a potential buyer will have the option to enter your account from the news feed and view all other items that you have posted. Finally, your items will not be advertised to random people. According to the type and description of your product, it will be advertised to people who have searched for similar products in the past. 
  • Bumping Listed Objects - This functions the same as the Wardrobe Spotlight. However, you can choose a single item to be advertised on the news feed, and you can choose how much the advertisement will last (it can last for a single day or until the product is sold).

Learning How to Make Money on Vinted Is Easy, but the Success of an Online Business Depends on Other Things as Well

As an online entrepreneur, it is best to sell on multiple platforms, because you should keep in mind that crossposting when selling will help your business grow. Vinted is, indeed, a great app to start developing your enterprise, but you should look to use as many platforms as you can in order to increase your profits. With Zipsale multichannel listing software, you'll have software to sell on both eBay and Depop and all other popular platforms. 


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