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5 Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

With people getting more environmentally conscious each day, it shouldn't come as a surprise that environmentally safe products are witnessing a rise in popularity. And with Christmas just around the corner, many wonder - what are some of the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts? If you're planning to follow the trend and start selling these types of products, take a look at our list.

Woman packing Christmas gifts
This shopping season, environmentally safe gifts are pretty popular

#1 Low Waste Personal Care Items Are Excellent Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Personal care items are always high on the list of holiday gifts. However, those who wish to approach this holiday from a more environmentally continuous perspective will consider a zero-waste beauty. Therefore, if you wish to start an online store, know that there are many world-renowned plastic-free brands you can make a part of your offer. 

Here are just some of the brand names to remember:

  • Dab Herb Makeup, 
  • Meow Meow Tweet
  • Axiology, 
  • Rainwater Botanicals, 
  • EcoRoots.

Refillable Shampoos and Conditioners Are Among the Sustainable Personal Care Products

The popularity of refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles is also on the rise since they promise zero plastic waste - and often a more affordable price. A good hair care routine is necessary, which makes hair care products perfect gifts for both men and women. However, for those environmentally continuous, they become even more special if they come in sustainable packages.

Hair products lined up on the beach
Using refillable packages instead of constantly buying new ones is an excellent way of reducing unnecessary waste

#2 Plantable Colored Pencils Are the Best Gift for Young Ones

Every child loves to draw and doodle, so colored pencils seem like an excellent gift for them. However, plantable colored pencils bring something extra into the mix. Made from sustainably sourced materials, they can be used until they become too short - and then they can be planted. Not only do they imply zero waste, but kids can use them to learn about the importance of environmental preservation from an early age. This makes them the ultimate holiday gift!

#3 Reusable Water Bottles Are a Good Solution for Those Who Wish to Go Green

Plastic bottles are not dangerous solely for the waste they cause - many are concerned about the fact that it's possible for water to absorb chemicals from plastics and for microplastics to enter the body. People have found a solution in safe and environmentally friendly plastic-free reusable water bottles, especially those that have additional features, such as temperature control or leaking and condensation prevention. Not only do they make a good holiday gift, but they are also fairly easy to source, which can make them a perfect new addition to your store.

Recycled Wine Glasses Are Also Among the Best Sustainable Gifts

Did you know that recycled glass can save energy and reduce carbon emissions? At the same time, glass is one of those materials that can be infinitely recycled without any loss in quality. Those who like to have an occasional glass of wine (or two) with their friends and family may find all the benefits reusable glass brings, which makes them a good product to have in your eco-friendly offer.

Wine glasses turned upside down
A set of recycled wine glasses is the perfect gift for those who love to enjoy this exquisite drink

#4 Sustainable, Non-Toxic Candles Can Spice up the Holidays

It's estimated that the candle production industry is worth more than 2.5 billion pounds. It's safe to say that they are the home decor items loved by many. However, most of these candles are made from mineral or paraffin wax. This wax emits carbon, which is bad for the environment - not to mention the people breathing it in. Luckily, there are sustainable candles made from bee or coconut wax, as well as flameless options. This way, people are able to enjoy one of their favorite non-necessities without putting themselves or the planet in danger. 

If you're looking for the best non-toxic candle brands for your store, check the video below for some valuable suggestions:

#5 A Variety of Secondhand Items Can Be a Solid Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Choice

There are many reasons the secondhand market has witnessed a boom in the past few years. Less waste, reduced carbon imprint, and affordability are some of the most common reasons why buyers seek secondhand items instead of new ones. Whether you plan on selling clothes and home decor, finding the perfect vintage category to sell, or offering collectibles and reselling shoes, you should be able to witness a lot of orders. It's safe to say that pre-owned goods are fairly interesting to those looking to buy an eco-friendly gift for their loved ones. 

Where to Sell Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts?

Now that you know what some of the most popular new and used environmentally safe presents are, you should also learn where to sell them. Some of the best online selling platforms, such as eBay or, for example, Etsy, are always a good place to start. Using software for selling online will allow you to reach buyers all over the world from the comfort of your own home. Even better, if you wish to help your eCommerce grow, you can decide to use multiple online selling tools, sell on multiple platforms - and increase the chances of earning during this holiday season. 

Girls using cross-posting software on a laptop
Instead of only one multi-vendor marketplace platform, try using several different marketplaces

Let Our Cross-Posting Tool Help You Make Your Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas More Profitable

Although posting on more than one online marketplace platform can bring you more sales, keep in mind that managing inventory on all of them can get tricky. However, with the help of Zipsale, our multi-channel listing software, it can be handled automatically. You wouldn't have to worry about listing and delisting on each platform individually - our cross-posting app will do that for you. With the help of our cross-listing software, you'll be able to reach more buyers without any additional work. If you like the sound of that, just sign up, give our cross-posting tool a try - and make sure you succeed in eCommerce.

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