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How to Find the Perfect Vintage Category for Your Store?

Various items of age interest numerous buyers, which is why they've become some of the most popular things to resell. But how to find the perfect vintage category for your online shop? It depends on the type of buyers you want to reach and the profit you want to gain. Here are some categories for which you should not have problems finding buyers - choose the one that will fit you the most.

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What are the most wanted old and valuable objects? We can help you find out

Before Learning How to Find the Perfect Vintage Category, Get to Know What This Term Exactly Means

Although marking something as vintage can be highly subjective, this term commonly refers to old and valuable things - but not as old as antiques. Those are usually items at least forty years of age, but those that are still usable. With a practical value and unique look, they can be used for clothing, decorating, or simply collecting.

Combining the constant growth of the UK eCommerce market with the popularity rare and old objects have amongst buyers,  setting up this type of online business should end up as a success - and it all starts with choosing the right category for your store.

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UK's eCommerce market is the fourth largest in the world

Clothing, Shoes, Accessories - Old Fashion Is One of the Most Popular Categories

Whether we are talking about truly vintage pieces worn when our parents and grandparents were young or new retro clothes that imitate the style of the past, this type of clothing has a huge online market. Many people love to wear these sustainable and stylish clothes, shoes, and accessories, but it's a trendy style amongst the younger generations. 

Selling vintage clothes online has become a truly lucrative business - all you have to do is learn how to source vintage clothing. If you're looking for products that are high in demand but also easy to supply and ship, then this category may be the right one for you.

Posts With Old Jeans, Dresses, And Jackets Are Sought After the Most

Denim made anywhere from the forties to eighties is in high demand when it comes to this type of clothing. Whether it's Levi's jeans that fit perfectly, Jordache style denim, Wrangler, or Carhartt, old jeans are bound to find a wide range of buyers. On the other hand, dresses from different eras, denim, and old leather jackets, like those worn by Hollywood celebrities such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, also sell pretty well.

If you want to learn how to get a bigger profit and become a successful old fashion reseller, check the tips from the video below:

Buying and Reselling Old Home Goods and Decorations Can Get Profitable

The furniture resale market has increased in the last few years, and it continues to grow. These furnishings and home decor goods are stylish and usually more affordable than new ones, which is why they attract a lot of customers. Listings like these have the potential to earn you more money than selling used clothes, but keep in mind that you'll have to be a lot more careful when it comes to selecting packing supplies and shipping these objects. 

Learn How to Pick the Perfect Vintage Pieces for Your Shop

When starting an online store, the first thing you should do is search for some of the best online selling platforms to see if the objects you want to sell are profitable. If you see that there is a high demand for them, your next step should be sourcing the shop. 

When buying old home goods you intend to sell, it's imperative you do the research - get to know the item's provenance, age, rarity, and condition. Only after you're familiar with this aspect should you decide where the item in question is worth pursuing. Finally, once you start building your online store, try to create a cohesive aesthetic. 

Here are some of the pre-used stylish home goods you can consider: 

  • Old art, 
  • Decorative pillows, 
  • Vases, 
  • Coffee cups, 
  • Clocks, 
  • Rugs, 
  • Lamps, 
  • Collectible figurines,
  • Repurposed furniture, 
  • Mirrors.

Old Devices and Electronics Can Earn You a Lot of Money 

Older electronic devices can earn you a lot of money, even thousands of dollars per piece, when it comes to truly rare electronics. Everything from gramophones, Bakelite phones, and walkmans, over VHS and DVD recorders to older versions of gaming consoles, cameras, and iPods can be sold in your online store - if you find the right buyers.

The same goes for old appliances, like kitchen scales, blenders, toasters, and mixers. Usually, the rarer the object you find is, the more value it will have - especially if they still are in working condition. However, although you can earn a lot by listing them, keep in mind that they are not exactly easy to supply.

Selling Various Entertainment Pieces Can Be a Complete Success

Not only that old entertainment objects are in high demand nowadays, but many of them are collectibles, so they are bound to bring a lot of profits. As with electronics, the rarity of an entertainment piece usually increases its value, especially if they are kept in good condition. However, they are not as easy to find - you'll have to go through a lot of trouble and possess a lot of knowledge to find a precious piece. 

As opposed to reselling clothes and shoes, for example, you probably won't be able to make a living out of it - at least not right from the start. However, it can be a fun hobby that can potentially lead to a lot of earnings

Old entertainments pieces you can look for are:

  • Action figures and dolls, 
  • Books and comics, 
  • Board and video games, 
  • Music records and CDs, 
  • VHS tapes, 
  • Magazines.

Tips About Sourcing and Selling Vintage Items

In order to succeed in eCommerce, it's not enough to simply choose the category of vintage to sell at your store. You also need to know where to find the right vintage wholesale supplies and visit thrift stores, auctions, and outdoor markets. You must also know how to price used items to offer a competitive product, but also how to present it the right way. 

When it comes to these listings, it's always best to choose a multi-vendor marketplace platform specially designed for used things like Vinted or, for example, Etsy. Still, when possible, use multiple online selling tools and crosspost over different platforms to gain more visibility and, eventually, earn more money. 

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Use crossposting software to boost the visibility of the things you're selling

Zipsale Can Help You Manage Your Shop on Multiple Online Selling Platforms

Listing on one online marketplace platform is a good choice when you want to become an eCommerce business owner, but when you want to expand it and increase your revenue, you shouldn't limit yourself to just one listing software. Still, manually listing and delisting items from several marketplaces can be a tiring and time-consuming job - not to mention that it can lead to overselling and many other mistakes. 

Zipsale, our multichannel listing software, is an excellent solution to this problem. If you're looking for software to sell on both eBay and Depop and many other online platforms, this crossposting tool will help you do it quickly and effortlessly. You can gain plenty of benefits by using our crossposting app - a better profit is just one of them. Therefore, make sure you sign up now and connect your marketplaces as soon as possible. 

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