How to Sell Clothes Online on Vinted?

How often do you feel stressed out because your wardrobe is overcrowded and unorganized? Throwing out items you don't use anymore is an option, but if you wish to be more economical, you might want to try and sell clothes online on Vinted. It is a platform that you can use to sell and buy clothing, and it's super easy to manage.

You can sell all kinds of clothing pieces on this app

What Is Vinted and Why Should You Use It For Selling New and Second-Hand Clothes?

Vinted is an application and software for selling online primarily focused on vintage clothing and other dressing pieces. This app has been around for quite some time, but it has become super popular in the past few years. The community itself has approximately 34 million users, and it's a tremendous crossposting app that you can use to create your online store for second-hand pieces of clothing

Using Vinted Is the Best Way to Earn Money for Free

How much does Vinted charge for selling clothes? One of the best characteristics of this online marketplace platform is that they offer you their online selling tools completely free. They do not charge a commission on listing articles compared to other apps. This makes it a great selling software if you wish to create an online store without investing money.

With this app, you can earn money easily from your phone

How to Sell Clothes Online on Vinted - The Process Is Super Simple

Vinted is one of the best online selling platforms, mainly because it is user-friendly and not complicated to use. Once you download the app, most of the options will be self-explanatory, but we will discuss a few critical points throughout this article that can help you become a better clothing reseller in no time. Let's see how to sell clothes on Vinted.

Set Up Your Profile  

If you want to look like a good seller on this app, you should take a few minutes to set up your profile to look professional and approachable. Consider adding a photo and a few interesting facts about yourself and your store in your bio, showing people why they should trust you and buy your items. 

The app will ask you to verify your account, which can quickly be done through Google, Facebook, and other similar platforms. At some point, you will have to set up your banking account to be able to withdraw the earned money.

Upload Your Products With Some Good Photos and Description

When posting products on your online store, be careful with how you are presenting them. The first thing you should pay attention to is how the photographs look. When taking a picture of the product, you should pay attention to things like:

  • The images should be appropriately lit,
  • The clothing should be seen from different angles,
  • Photograph the label or the tag,
  • Take some pics of the details,
  • Have a plain background.

Generally, it's beneficial for the buyers to see what they are willing to buy. This also includes adding all the essential details and information about the item you are exchanging. Write a proper title, describe the item's color, size, condition, whether there are any issues with it, and other similar info that could be useful to the buyer.

Choose the Category and Set Your Price

To make your clothing more visible on the app, you should follow the rules written above and place your item in the proper category. Some people enjoy surfing through the app, but many people go on the app to search for a specific clothing piece. Once you categorize your clothing by condition, color, and type, the buyers will find it more accessible.

Setting the right price is also super important, and you want to be realistic about it. Take a look at the prices of other similar clothing, and moderate yours accordingly. Think about whether it's a new piece, how much it has been worn, is it rare, and other similar factors.

To sell more clothing, you need to follow specific guidelines

How to Profit From This App?

One of the best parts about being on this application is that you can quickly profit and earn some cash since it's completely free. Everything that you put on this app can be sold if it has a reasonable price. How much you are going to earn depends on how much clothing you have and how good of a seller you are. 

Some people don't earn anything, while others make an accurate monthly salary on apps like these. Everybody has different incomes from this app, but if you're active - benefits are guaranteed. However, it's a good side job and a simple way to earn a few extra pounds now and then.

You Can Sell and Ship All Over the UK

Since the app covers the UK, you have plenty of clients and opportunities. When someone decides to buy an item from you, you should prepare it in an excellent package and ship it to a specific address. Usually, the buyer covers the shipping so you won't worry about that.

Both Sellers and Buyers Are Protected Here

The support team has made sure that both protect stay parties during online exchanges. Buyers pay a Buyer protection fee on each transaction, and the cost is 5% of the item price plus 70 cents. A refund policy also protects customers, so there's no need to fear scammers on the app.

It is super easy and safe to profit from this app

Tips and Useful Information for Getting Good Reviews

So how do you sell clothes on Vinted successfully? Having good reviews on your profile will help you upsell and become a more popular and successful seller. First of all, you want to be approachable and friendly and have good communication with other people on the platform. 

Also, you should be highly responsive and dedicated to your customers, as this can help you get some excellent feedback. On that note, here are some more tips for getting good reviews:

  • Use keywords,
  • Add hashtags,
  • Set affordable prices (not more than 20 GBP)
  • Focus on a particular type (for example, focus on being a successful sneaker reseller)
  • Post attractive pics,
  • Prepare nice packages.

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