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5 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is upon us and people are searching for presents for their family members and friends on some of the best online selling platforms. This is an opportunity for sellers on any multivendor marketplace platform to offer sustainable Christmas gifts. A so-called "green gift" can be a perfect way to help the environment as well as surprise people we love. We can help you choose home products made of low-impact materials that can be recycled. Follow our guide, and you'll know just what you should be selling online next.

Person holding a Christmas gift
Use software for selling online and offer reusable gifts on different platforms

#1 Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gift - A Sprouting Jar With Seeds

One of the best eco-friendly and sustainable Christmas presents for chefs and gardeners is a sprouting jar and seeds. It's a perfect gift for promoting agricultural sustainability. Children would enjoy a sprouting jar since they can learn about growing food.

Sellers can use a crossposting tool and create listings on numerous platforms simultaneously. The listings should include a kit that consists of a packet with seeds, a jar, and a screen lid. An additional instruction manual should be added to the listing as well.

A jar with herbs growing inside
The ultimate gift for chefs and garters - a sprouting jar with seeds

#2 If You Are Searching for Creative Sustainable Christmas Gifts, Sell Socks That Can Serve as a Stocking

Socks are a great reusable gift. They come in various Christmas patterns. Sellers can use this holiday season to sell socks that can be filled with candy, fruits, and coins, just like stockings. It's a type of present that is associated with Christmas cheer while, at the same time, it will help the buyers soften their ecological footprint. Online shoe resellers can offer them along with their primary listings.

What Organic Linen Socks Should You Sell?

Christmas theme socks that are also made from materials like linen and organic cotton would surely get sold fast. The e-commerce business owners that use a crossposting app to sell on multiple platforms would get them sold twice as fast. However, it's important to have the right types of socks as well. Here is a list of brands that you should consider:

  • Kind Socks - The brand has colorful socks that are mostly 80% made from GOTs-certified organic cotton.
  • Q for Quinn - Their matching socks for the entire family would be a good gift. They make soft organic Christmas socks.
  • Friday Sock Co. - Sometimes, searching for something a little bit different is good. This brand has "mismatched" socks that come in all kinds of colors and patterns. They would catch the eye of many buyers for sure.

#3 A Travel or Experience Voucher

Sometimes the best gift someone can give to people they love is a memorable experience or an exciting trip. This has been made possible with e-vouchers. Individuals who don't want to shop for home products would like this option. Therefore successful resellers can offer culinary vouchers, gift vouchers from a luxury shop, hotel reservations, travel vouchers, skydiving vouchers, dinner date vouchers, and many more. You can offer someone an e-voucher or send them a real box with a brochure and a ticket that has been produced from recycled materials.

Empty voucher with a red ribbon
Authentic sustainable presents for Christmas are experience and travel vouchers

#4 Zero Waste Cups and Mugs - An Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gift Everyone Would Love

Buyers who are searching for the best sustainable Xmas presents for coffee enthusiasts should have the option of buying zero-waste coffee cups and mugs. These reusable coffee mugs and cups can be designed in creative ways with fun and unique patterns. They are supposed to be used on the go, so one can avoid using plastic cups and paper cups in coffee shops. You can sell them on your Etsy shop, your eBay shop as well as a Shopify shop.

Along With Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Mugs and Cups, Offer Ethical Coffee

You can improve your sales on Etsy, eBay, or Shopify by adding to the zero-waste coffee mugs and cups ethical coffee brands. This is a great way to introduce your buyers to coffee brands that don't exploit growers and workers. When more people are aware that there are eco-friendly and sustainable coffee options available, it would have a good impact on the global market. Some of the ethical coffee brands are Ethical Bean, Larry's Coffee, Higher Ground Roasters, and Conscious Coffees. Price the items appropriately and use cross-listing software to reach customers so as to sell mugs and ethical coffee

Bear in mind that your products should be packaged in an eco-friendly way. Here is a video with tips and hacks on how you can perfect your packaging system.

#5 Plantable Pencil Crayons and Pencils

Biodegradable pencils are a great addition to your shop. Feel free to make listings featuring pencils that have stubs with seeds that can be planted once the pencil gets used up. This is an incredible way to give back to nature and fight against deforestation. Products like these are the best for kids, gardeners, and students. Along with these pencils, you can add other reusable home essentials to the listings, like aprons, non-toxic bakeware, and reusable storage bags and containers, and become successful in e-commerce.

Yellow and black pencil on a black background
Non-toxic and lead-free plantable pencils can be an incredible Christmas gift

Use Our Ideas and Create Listings That Will Get Sold on Multiple Platforms

Resellers selling zero-waste and recycled products will attract a lot of buyers who don't know what or how to buy sustainable gifts if they invest in crossposting software. Reaching a wider audience and improving sales is possible with Zipsale. It's one of the best software for selling both on eBay and Depop. You will be able to keep track of all listings 24/7, and the tool will also automatically delist anything that gets purchased. Register with Zipsale, and your sales will skyrocket.

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