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Best Sustainable Gifts on Etsy

Every gift needs to be something that our friends and family members would cherish but that they can require. If we add to this gift an eco-friendly quality, we have a perfect present for someone. We have a list of the best sustainable gifts on Etsy that would catch the eye of many buyers and bring profit to the seller. Invest in items that are free from toxic materials and that are reusable. It's best to offer something for personal use that will embellish every home. We'll help you choose something ideal for your store.

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Choose to sell the best sustainable gifts on Etsy and make a great profit

A Great Eco-Friendly Gift Is Handmade Ethical Jewelry

Etsy is known as an online marketplace where you can shop for quirky handmade pieces of jewelry. Jewelry is among the top picks among Etsy shoppers when it comes to buying presents. Sellers use different materials to make rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. But what if you used natural materials to create your own jewelry? Stunning wooden rings or cotton bracelets can gain popularity fast, and your Etsy shop will gain more followers. You can even use recycled gold and silver to make beautiful jewelry. Make sure that there are creative and colorful designs full of life on your jewelry. The most important thing is that it is plastic free.

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Surprise your shoppers with a wide variety of handmade ethical jewelry

Set of Eco-Friendly Notebooks

Have you ever heard of tree-free notebooks? They can make an incredible gift for anyone who wants to make notes about their life in an eco-friendly way. Corn husk is used to make them, which means that they help with reducing water use, carbon emissions, and deforestation. If you're starting a business with no money, this is a great product to begin selling. Sellers can promote these journals from corn husk on multiple platforms with listing software. They will attract the attention of many buyers since notebooks are popular gifts.

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Promote eco-friendly notebooks on different platforms with a crossposting app

Zero Waste Vegan Reusable Makeup Palette - Starter Kit

Incredible zero-waste gifts can include a makeup palette that is made out of metal and that can store tiny tinned vegan products. They are popular among shoppers that need small palettes for travel. Sellers can offer vegan makeup products that fit inside the palette as well. Of course, this palette or case is not for food storage - it's designed for makeup only. For instance, the starter kit can include products such as: 

  • Eyeshadow, 
  • Blush, 
  • Bronzer, 
  • Lip balm, 
  • Mascara, 
  • And lipstick.

Tips on How to Pack and Prepare Goods For Shipping All Over the World

If you are on a mission to offer buyers eco-friendly gifts, you should also invest time into figuring out a way to package goods in the same way. We recommend mailing the products in 100% biodegradable and reusable packaging. It's important to avoid plastic packaging. You can use boxes made from recycled materials like paperboard, cardboard, or plantable packaging that is made from food waste, corn, or seaweed.

Since you'll be packaging gifts, here are some ideas on how to wrap them in a unique and fun way at home.

A Gift Box Filled With Natural Handmade Soap

An incredible gift for anyone who is a fan of natural soaps is a gift box with vegan and palm oil-free soaps. They are handmade and have a range of different scents. Once they are used up, there won't be any litter or garbage left. The soap bars are packaged in biodegradable packaging. The best thing about them is that they are allergen, paraben, and detergent free. What is also worth mentioning is that the cost is the same as with regular soap bars. Buyers will get to enjoy the sweet, fruity, and rich scents of the colorful soaps. Everyone should have natural soaps in their home.

Bars of soap wrapped in paper
Use software for selling online so you can reach more customers on other platforms

Sustainable and Ethical Shoes and Sandals

An increasing number of brands have opted to take a step in the direction of environmentally friendly footwear in 2022 that is made only from sustainable materials. The shoes and sandals are now made from vegetable-tanned leather or leather that is reasonably sourced. If you don't want to be a clothing reseller, consider becoming a shoe and sneaker reseller. Look for brands that offer footwear that is eco-friendly and ethically made. It's vital to offer shoes, sandals, or sneakers at home that have low-impact dyes and that have been dyed during a water-less process. Increase sales with a great selection of shoes.

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Your business that promotes the best sustainable presents can sell ethical footwear

A Reusable Tote One Can Pack Everything In? Sell a Stylish Eco-Friendly Bag and Purse

What can be a more fashionable Christmas or Thanksgiving gift than a practical bag made from recycled materials and vegan leather?  Bags and purses have always been popular accessories on numerous online marketplaces. Purses, water-resistant totes, backpacks, slings, and belt bags that promote sustainability can be your niche. Source bags that are made from recycled fabrics or natural materials such as cotton, chrome-free leather, or raffia.

Feel Free to Use Our Tips on Marketing and Selling Women's Bags Online Successfully

If you've chosen your niche and what your brand will be, it's time to start selling on Etsy.

First, decide how to buy sustainable gifts. Look into brands online or thrift shops where you'll be able to get the products you want to sell

Next, we recommend pricing the products well. The best decision you can make is to set competitive prices. Therefore, research how other handbag resellers are pricing their items.

The next step is to spread the word about your online store. Every popular and successful e-commerce business would need to be promoted on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

E-commerce owners who want to spread the word about their listings as fast as possible should consider using multichannel listing software. This is a cross-posting tool that allows you to link platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Depop, and Vinted. Your listings will appear on all platforms simultaneously, making it easy to sell faster. What is more, the cross-listing software will make your life easier by delisting or changing details on your listings for you.

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Think about how you will market your eco-friendly products 

Ready to Start Selling Sustainable Gifts on Etsy?

With our tips and ideas, you're equipped with the necessary knowledge about how to succeed online by selling zero-waste and reusable items. It's now to come up with a strategy of how to properly achieve your goals. Don't forget to use packaging made from food waste and corn free from plastic. 

Also, we recommend using the help of crossposting software like Zipsale. Not only will you be able to control the inventory from one place, but there is a possibility to increase sales by 20% in just 2 to 3 months like some of our members. Register today and use the amazing perks of Zipsale.

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