How to Start Online Business With No Money

Money can present a barrier towards many goals in life, especially when you're aiming to become an entrepreneur. But E-commerce has revolutionized many things and enabled people to reach their dreams with ease. With some smart ideas on how to start online business with no money, anyone that is limited with funds can be successful. So, if you are cashless, but want to venture into E-commerce and run a small business, here's where you could start.

E-commerce retail sales reached around £3.7 trillion globally in 2021

Blogging Is an Excellent Small Businesses Idea

According to, an already unbelievable figure that E-commerce sales reached in 2021 is expected to grow even further. Sales have almost reached £4 trillion, and it is forecast that the number will grow by around 50% percent over the course of the next four years. Many people want to be a part of these figures and venture into an online business. But how does starting an online store with no money work?

If you have any talents for writing or have even made it a hobby to write a blog, you can take it a step further and get some money in the process. The best place for starting a blogging business is WordPress - it's free, it's open-source, fast, and secure. Before you start, you should pick a suitable niche and target them with specific knowledge. Next, you should decide on the suitable platform where you'll host the blog, such as WordPress, and choose a template to customize it. The only thing that's left is to promote it.

Start a Small Business on Social Media as a Podcaster

Another trendy way to reach audiences is to create a podcast. It's a great means to approach content creation in a more humane and personal way. You can post these audio recordings on multiple platforms, but before you start, you need to pay for some equipment:

  • A microphone of suitable quality and pricing. Some of the good medium-priced picks include Shure SM58 and the Rode NT1-A. Don't forget to buy a stand and a pop filter if it's not included (you get one with the Rode mic).
  • A computer configuration that supports recording and editing with ease.
  • Get quality headphones, and it's probably the best to pick those that are over-ear. If your budget is low, the best buy option is the Audio Technica ATH-m20x. If you have more funds available, you can get Sennheiser HD-25.
  • An acoustic panel or several to absorb any echo and reduce noise.
  • Good editing software such as Pro Tools, Audacity, or AudioLab.

Another great thing about podcasts is that you can create them alone or include different people as guests, which will make them even more dynamic and interesting.

Research a Product and Run Try Affiliate Marketing or Become an SEO Consultant

If you want to promote products or services from your home, you can become an affiliate marketer. You get to drive the sales and make considerable revenue by marketing products from a person or a brand. If you're on social media, you should know that there are many shops selling on Instagram with Shopify. The first step you need to take is to find products you want to promote and persuade potential customers to buy them. 

You'll get better results if you are selling on multiple platforms, and while it's not easy to keep track of them all, a good crosslisting software for posting on multiple platforms can help you cover all grounds. There are three different parties needed for this type of marketing to work

  • The product or service creator or seller (these can be some of the best vintage items or even resold sneakers), 
  • The advertiser or affiliate who promotes products using multichannel listing software to the consumers by sharing the content on various blogs, websites, and social media platforms, 
  • The buyer.

Another thing associated with marketing that you could do is SEO. The job of an SEO or Search Engine Optimization consultant implies that their work will help optimize web pages and other types of content posted online. If it's done correctly, it will help those sites and social media get a better ranking. This is a business idea that you will need no money for but rather some tech skills and experience.

Selling Handcrafted Goods Through a Cross Listing Software Is an Excellent Idea for Small Businesses

If you are creative and handy with different tools and materials, you can begin producing your own goods. But being good at crafting won't suffice, and you will need to be your own marketer, too. After you research other competitors and the market itself, you should not only pick one website that you consider the best online UK marketplace but instead use a listing software for selling online. That way, you can keep an eye on several platforms at once. You can set up and run a successful Etsy shop in no time. Just pay attention to the Etsy fees, and follow all the handy tips to succeed.

Are you wondering what does cross-listing mean when selling online through a website? It means that you will have a much better response time and make a trustful relationship with your customers, even when you sell through more than one website. It's one of the best tips for e-commerce business owners that will later result in good reviews, which can only help your revenue grow, even when you've become a clothing reseller and you work from your home.

You can sell your handcrafted products online and be successful

Now That You Have a Few Ideas on How to Start Online Business With No Money, Venture Forward to Success

Once you gather all the ideas on how to start an e-commerce business without money, figure out what your preferences are and stay positive no matter what challenges you face from time to time. If you are interested in selling goods through an online marketplace platform, consider getting Zipsale - a free cross-posting software. It will help you manage and keep track of all your goods on multiple online selling platforms and be successful. Small businesses that are run online are a window to the future of entrepreneurship. And additionally, you can even install the Zipsale Google Chrome extension and give it a try.


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