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Can You Have More Than One Shop on Etsy?

If you've been using an online marketplace platform like Etsy for a while and there are versatile products that you want to sell, a great solution would be to create a new store. But can you have more than one shop on Etsy at all? The answer is - yes, but there is a catch. You need to follow specific instructions of the multi-vendor marketplace platform to manage multiple shops simultaneously. We'll show you how to do that and how to open a second store.

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With multiple shops on this platform, you can sell different products more successfully

Can You Have More Than One Shop on Etsy?

Yes, sellers are allowed to have more than one store. However, you need to abide by the regulations set by the online marketplace platform to open a new one each time. The first prerequisite is to register the shop with another account. Separate accounts for each shop allow you to keep your sales data and order information separate for each store. This can help track sales and inventory. Having separate accounts for each shop can help you to maintain the integrity of your feedback and reviews.

Apart from separate accounts, you need another email address and bank account. The next rule is that the account must comply with all the Seller Policy as well. Don't forget to have an authentic name for the shops.

How Many Etsy Shops Are You Allowed to Create to Sell Your Products Along With Your First Shop?

Now that you know the answer to - can you have more than one Etsy shop, you might be asking yourself how many you can have. There is no limitation on the number of shops. Every time you need to create a new online store, you need a separate account and an email address which might be overwhelming if you want to have several stores. The good news is that you won't face any limitations, but the question is whether controlling the new store is manageable.

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You can create more than one store on the platform, and there are no limitations on how many

What Are the Advantages of Having Multiple Shops on Etsy?

There are a couple of advantages that would help you boost your e-commerce business and get more customers to view your store. Here is a list of the best advantages you can look forward to:

  • Targeting different product categories: If you sell a variety of products that appeal to different customers, having different shops for each product category can help you to increase your sales. For example, if you want to become a sneaker and shoe seller, but you already have a store where you sell just used clothing, it's better to use another store.
  • Branding: Each store can have its authentic product branding, which can help you to establish a stronger brand identity and create a professional image for your new e-commerce business.
  • Improved organization: Separating your products into numerous shops can help you to keep your inventory and sales data more organized, making it easier to manage your business and make data-driven decisions. What is more, with a crossposting tool, you can track the sales simultaneously so you won't get disoriented and overwhelmed when requests start coming.
  • Better customer experience: By creating a separate store for different product categories, you can provide your customers with a more streamlined shopping experience and make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

Apart From Advantages, Our Guide Shows That There Are Other Factors When Opening Multiple Etsy Shops 

There are no specific drawbacks associated with opening more than one store on the platform. However, there are a couple of factors that play an integral part in the success of the booming e-commerce business

For instance, managing a new store requires more effort and time. You need to consider whether you can manage them effectively. This issue can be solved with the use of a cross-listing software that manages different stores for you and collects information on the customer's activity.

Next, do you have enough items to sustain all the stores? In case you only have a couple of products that don't fit in the branding of your existing store, it won't be beneficial to open a new one.

Make sure that you consider whether the products you want to sell appeal to the target customer base. If the listings already appeal to the current customers you have, it will be ideal to keep selling them in just one store.

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Consider whether other additional factors will bring advantages to your store

Considered All Aspects? Here’s How to Open a Second Shop on Etsy?

After considering whether all aspects imply that your e-commerce store can only benefit from multiple shops on the platform, it's time to set up an additional store. Here are instructions on how to open a second Etsy shop effortlessly:

  • Go to the platform's website,
  • Select the "Your Account" option and consider the name of the store in the Shop Manager,
  • Sign out,
  • Sign in again,
  • Register,
  • Type in a new email address that is not connected to the first store, type in the new name and password for the second store,
  • Click on "Register,"
  • Then, select the option "Sell on Etsy,"
  • Click on "Open Your Etsy Shop,"
  • Then simply follow the additional instructions provided by the platform and the second store will be opened.

Manage Multiple Stores Efficiently With a Cross-Listing Tool

The best way to reap the benefits of having multiple stores on Etsy is to use multichannel listing software. By crossposting your listing on various marketplaces, you can reach a wider audience and potentially increase your sales. You will save time since you won't have to manually list your products in different stores. There will be fewer opportunities for errors, and the business will operate more efficiently. So, if you want to delve deeper into the online selling industry, consider getting software for selling online, such as Zipsale.

A cross-posting software or a crossposting app will be an ace up your sleeve when selling online. If you want to know more about how listing an item on Etsy works, you can watch this video. 

Have You Made Up Your Mind?

Whether you want to increase sales on one platform or you want to target a wider audience across numerous online selling platforms, you will have to consider whether you will truly benefit from such a step. Before making any decisions, plan and consider all the additional factors. You will need new email addresses and accounts and pay more Etsy fees. Bear in mind that you can use a selling software like Zipsale to be your secret helper. It will manage the shops from one place if you think it's impossible to do everything on your own. Register with the amazing crossposting tool and see how it can bring you positive results.

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