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5 Best Tools for Posting on Multiple Platforms at Once

Knowing how to use social media networks can be a great benefit, whether you’re a small business owner or a big brand. However, posting on multiple platforms can be time-consuming if you don't use the right cross-posting tool, which is why we are here to help you make the right choice. 

Keep your online accounts up to date and save your precious time by using a cross-posting app

Can You Post on Multiple Social Media Platforms at Once?

Yes, posting the same content on several apps at once is doable. Nowadays, every business has to be present on all popular social media platforms because these have become excellent alternative selling platforms, as well. Reaching a broad audience will help your business grow, and sharing content on different platforms is surely the best way to do so. However, losing your precious time on sharing each post on every app individually is just overwhelming. Imagine selling on Instagram with Shopify, while keeping an eye on the clothes you're selling online on Vinted. It would be complicated to manage, at best.

Using cross-posting software for selling online will be more than handy if you decide to start posting on numerous platforms. It will keep your content in order and in sync while you easily control everything without. Integrated sharing already exists on some platforms, so that can be a great start, just keep in mind since these don't work as a cross-posting app, your options will be somewhat limited.

  • Instagram - in the caption section, there’s a button to share posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
  • Facebook - with an add-on option, every update will go on TW and Instagram.
  • Tumblr - with the share button, share the content on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.
  • Twitter - activate the connect to FB option, and all tweets will automatically be posted on FB.

Should You Post the Same Content on All Social Media Platforms?

One exact same content shouldn’t be posted across multiple platforms all the time. Your audience could see the repeated post, which can affect your social media strategy negatively. In other words, people can find your content dull. On the other hand, not everyone follows you across all platforms, so you should strive to find the perfect balance.

How Do I Post a Video on Multiple Social Media Platforms?

Trends are constantly changing, and more and more apps and their algorithms are embracing the power of video posts. On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and others, videos and reels are extremely popular.

If you’re new at this, don’t worry. You’re just a few steps away from creating the best content you can share on whatever platform you want. With Veed, you can post the same video on different platforms. Check out some simple steps for creating a video you can later share on various platforms in the video below.

1. Buffer - Try the Free Version and Post to All of Your Social Media Accounts With Ease

Social media marketing and multi-channel e-commerce management are important for all businesses selling online. If you’re running one of them, then you're probably wondering how can I post to multiple platforms for free? It’s simple - you can use Buffer once. You’ll effortlessly schedule posts across different networks and help your brand grow.

A Free Crossposting Tool That Will Help You Post on Instagram and Other Social Media Platforms

Buffer works on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With its brilliant and user-friendly dashboard, you’ll easily schedule posts on these platforms. A free membership will allow you to access up to three accounts. When it comes to social media marketing, you’ll be able to track shares, impressions, comments, clicks, and reach.

Check how Buffer can make crossposting a breeze

2. Hootsuite - Schedule Posts Across Social Media Networks Through One Dashboard

If you want to help your e-commerce business, Hootsuite is a great way to monitor different online platforms. With the free account, which you can assign access to the members of your team, you can monitor up to three accounts from just one dashboard, and these are the apps they cover:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram,
  • LinkedIn, 
  • WordPress,
  • Pinterest,
  • YouTube,
  • Google+.

3. Create Your Own Applets on IFTTT

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a free solution to link numerous app accounts and set tasks. It’s great because, with it, you can build “applets” that await to be triggered (if this) for a command in response (then that). For example, you can specify that a post on LinkedIn goes automatically to another app, like Twitter or Facebook. And as a bonus, you’ll be notified about each action done.

IFTTT is an essential part of any good online marketing strategy

With IFTTT, You're Just a Step Away From a Perfectly Managed Social Media Account

Crossposting on e-commerce networks can be quite simple if you know all the right steps to take. Use the best of IFTTT by creating a free account. Then browse the IFTTT website or app to find what interests you. Proceed with connecting and customizing the services involved in an applet.

4. CoSchedule - Organize All Your Online Marketing Activities in One Place

Effectively distributing content on some of the best UK marketplaces to sell your stuff on is extremely important because online marketing has such a big impact on sales. So, staying organized is a must. With CoSchedule, you can easily select all the social media profiles you would like to publish your content on and save precious time. Additionally, you'll get access to numerous templates, which will help your posts look on point and modern.

5. Power Automate - Have a Bit More Control Over Your Accounts

A Microsoft-supported product, Power Automate, will help you easily share the same message on different apps. Besides standard online social media platforms, it also supports Slack and Blogger. Expand your options because once you realize all the benefits of a multiсhannel listing software, you’ll only grow your brand organically.

Save some time when sharing content on LinkedIn and other apps

There Are Many Crossposting Apps for Posting on Multiple Platforms, So Which One You'll Choose?

There are many things to learn when trying to master online marketing, from online selling tools to researching the best cross-listing software. Although it will take you some time, knowing how to use some of these tools and apps (or all of them) will only help you in the long run. In case you run a vintage shop and struggle with multi-channel e-commerce inventory management, ZipSale might be your best option, sign up today, and try our free forever free plan. Remember, crossposting when selling is important to help increase your revenue.

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