eBay Business Account vs Personal One - Similarities and Differences

Do you want to be an e-commerce enterprise owner or sell worn-out clothes, old products, and accessories as a hobby? When you decide what type of seller you want to be, you need to learn about the similarities and differences between an eBay business account vs personal one. Fortunately, we have all the necessary details to get you started on one of the best online selling platforms. Let's dive in.

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Choosing between two types of eBay's accounts? First, gather the necessary info

What is an eBay Personal Account?

When you express your desire to become a reseller, you will be offered to create either a personal or business account. The individual one is intended for resellers who don't want to sell online on a regular basis but rather as a hobby. You will be able to list a minimal number of products. There is also a selling limit that is only lifted when you gain a reputation as a reliable reseller. 

Goods sellers usually list with their personal accounts are antiques and old household objects that they no longer use. Therefore, if you want to make additional income or just start a new e-commerce company with no money and see if it can succeed, registering with this type would be the best option.

Do You Want to Sell Online? Here Is How You Create a New Personal Account

Registering is quite simple since you don't need to fill out an extensive form to gain access to the perks of buying and reselling on the second-hand online marketplace platform. Here's how to do it:

  • First, go to the official website of the platform,
  • Click on the option Register,
  • You will be given a regular form to fill out,
  • Enter your name, last name, and email address,
  • The last step is to create a strong password,
  • Click on Submit after confirming the password.
  •  Voila, now you can buy and sell on the platform.

Prioritize creating an eBay personal account vs business one if you are a casual reseller. However, if your needs and requirements change over time, you will be able to switch from one to another easily.

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The process of registering is quick and simple

What is a Business Account?

These types of accounts are for resellers who will be buying and selling online their own products or items they get from their suppliers. If you are dealing in large quantities of sales on a regular basis and if you are a manufacturer, a new account for enterprises is a better option. They will reduce the various fees levied on the sales and products while it can open different pathways for your e-commerce to succeed and expand. You would also have an opportunity to have a storefront and save on taxes.

How Do You Create One?

The form that has to be filled out is different from the regular individual account's form. When you click on the option Register, in the upper left corner, you will see the option that will take you to the form for businesses. The information that has to be entered is the name of the enterprise, address, phone number, as well as your first and last name. That is all that is required upon registration.

eBay Business Account vs Personal - What Are the Similarities of Each One?

The similar aspect of the two accounts is the fact that they enable you to have access to the listings on the platform. Product and clothing resellers can both list their items and browse other products, as well as order what they are interested in. Also, the users have to abide by eBay's return policy in the same manner. 

You might wonder - what about eBay fees for business vs personal account? There are similar eBay fees. Every reseller has to pay an insertion fee upon creating a listing and a final value fee when the item gets sold. Also, there is a limit to how many listings can be created for free. However, having more zero insertion fee listings per month will depend on the store package you opt for.

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Similarities between the two accounts are basic - both allow you to resell and buy

eBay Personal vs Business Account - What Are the Differences?

The main difference between the two is the benefits they provide each user. The accounts suitable for enterprises offer the reseller exclusive benefits that are not available with individual ones. First and foremost, various subscriptions are available. These subscriptions can improve the prospects for promotions and sales.

What is more, using an individual one will make it difficult to handle revenue and taxes. However, with accounts for businesses, you will be protected by legal. All of the bills and invoices will be associated with the enterprise name that you decide to have. This opens limitless options for tax deductions.

The main disadvantage that many users struggle with is the individual account's minimum listing limit for items - it is only ten. But, those for enterprises boost the listing capacities. You will have the opportunity to list more and sell more.

Do You Want to Spend Less Money and Time on Your eBay Store? In This Case, Individual Accounts Have Better Benefits

While the main differences between the two accounts have to deal with seller limits, better sale opportunities, and tax deductions, the individual one has two benefits that might be of paramount importance to particular sellers.

The first perk is that you will save on many fees for tax. Even though, when selling as an enterprise, you will have tax deductions, with an individual account, you will have fewer fees since you are reselling fewer products. 

Another great advantage is that it will take less time and money to manage the store. There won't be a need to boost sales with ads or promote marketing campaigns. This is the ideal option for e-commerce beginners and amateur sellers.

Watch this insightful video on how to begin reselling on the best UK marketplace and make a profit.

Once You Choose One, Take Advantage of a Multichannel Listing Software and Sell Like a Pro

Reselling on one platform doesn't have to be your limit. When you select the type of account you want and begin expanding your online presence, cross-listing software will come in handy. With a crossposting tool, you will be able to connect different marketplaces. Listing and reselling everywhere you want as well as amending item details and answering customer questions and complaints, will be easy and effortless.

The best crossposting software for any type of seller is Zipsale. It will manage all listings 24/7 and boost your sales by displaying items everywhere. If you've been wondering - is there software to sell both on eBay and Depop? The answer is yes - Zipsale.

A Software for Selling Online Will Allow You to Have Better Inventory Management

There is nothing worse than not being able to keep track of items you have sold and that you still have to list. Luckily, a crossposting app will be able to help with that. Use it to keep track of your inventory from one place. Control, create, and upload items with cross-posting software with a few clicks. You will have an overview of everything that has been sold, and the selling software will ensure that objects get delisted immediately upon getting sold on online platforms.

When you choose between eBay business vs personal account, start cross-listing

Determine What Works Best for You and Start Selling Online With Confidence

At first, it might be complicated to understand the similarities and differences between a business eBay account vs personal one. However, once you determine what type of seller you want to become and what benefits work best for you, it will be easy to reach a conclusion. Once you register and create an online store, make sure to expand into other marketplaces as well. With online selling tools, your presence on the Internet can be limitless. If you want to watch your revenue grow with Zipsale, sign up today. 


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