What Is eBay Return Policy for Buyers?

eBay offers each customer an opportunity to send back their purchases regardless of the seller's return policy. The main goal of the marketplace platform is to ensure all the customers are satisfied with the service. As a seller, it would be best to learn everything about eBay return policy for buyers so as to know how to handle potential returns in the future.

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We'll help you learn how to handle returns and refunds when selling online

eBay Money Back Guarantee - How Does eBay Return Policy Work?

Even though the sellers can set up their own rules for accepting requests to send back a product, eBay's rules still cater to the buyers for the most part. If the buyer receives a damaged item, or it doesn't match the description of the listing, or it isn't the right product, the buyer will be protected by the eBay Money Back Guarantee, which operates as an advance return policy on eBay for buyers. It offers the option to send back items customers are dissatisfied with even though the seller doesn't accept such requests.

Therefore, if you've been shopping on one of the best UK online marketplace platforms and no longer want the product, the best course of action is to see in the listing whether the online reseller offers returns and how long one has to request to send back the item. When the customer initiates the process of a refund, the seller will have three business days to resolve the issue. In case sellers don't review the request, the customer can ask eBay for help.

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One of the best online selling platforms allows customers to ask for refunds

When Can the Buyer Rely on eBay’s Money Back Guarantee and Return the Item?

Every successful e-commerce business needs to place the buyer's interest at the forefront of its service. Knowing when the seller's return policy doesn't apply is crucial when selling on the second-hand marketplace online. Here is when you can expect the buyer's transaction to be eligible for a refund:

  • Suppose the customer completed and paid for the purchase on the official eBay website using the eligible payment method at the checkout. These payment methods include credit or debit cards, PayPal or PayPal Credit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, eBay's gift cards, vouchers or bucks, as well as spendable funds.
  • If the buyer meets all the requirements and takes action within appropriate timeframes,
  • The item must not be an excluded item or subject to additional exclusions. Excluded items include real estate, businesses for sale, websites, intangible goods, classified ads, services, vouchers, or travel tickets.
  • Finally, when the customer didn't seek returns and refunds through another resolution method.

How Does Seller Need to Abide by the eBay Return Policy for Buyers?

Once you start an e-commerce business, abiding by eBay's policies is of paramount importance. You are responsible for delivering every product that was described in your listing, honoring your own stated policy, and providing a reasonable solution when the customers ask to send the product back or report an issue with the order. 

If the order was completed on the platform's official website, you are obliged to meet all the requirements that are specified in the policy, as well as take action within the appropriate and stated time frames.

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Ensuring the customer is always satisfied will help boost your sales

Additional Information for Sellers - Who Needs to Pay For Return Shipping Cost?

Sellers can easily lose money if they have to pay for shipping costs every time the customer wants to send back the order. The platform allows the resellers to specify who will be responsible for the shipping costs.

However, if the product is damaged, grossly misrepresented, or the listings aren't accurate, the platform will require the seller to pay for the shipping. In every other instance, the buyers need to pay.

The customer has to read the listing thoroughly before purchasing. Most resellers specify that the customer is responsible for shipping costs since, in some cases, returns can be a case of customer's remorse, and resellers don't want to lose profit for this reason. Clothing resellers encounter this shipping issue on a regular basis since customers usually don't purchase clothes that are the right size.

Navigation of Returns - How to Initiate the Process of Returning an Item on the Site?

e-Commerce business owners are obliged to answer requests in due time. Once the customer has initiated the process of returning the product and requesting a refund, reviewing the customer's message on time is crucial. Here is how the process of returning an item looks like for customers and how resellers need to respond:

  • Customers first have to go to the platform's website, select the option 'Summary,' and click on the 'Purchase Summary' option. Then, finding the purchased product is key.
  • Once the customer finds the order, selecting the option 'More Actions' is the next step. Then, they should choose 'Return this Item,' and the 'Request a Return' page will appear.
  • eBay's Money Back Guarantee allows customers to request refunds and returns even if the reseller does not accept them.
  • The customer can then select the reason for a refund or send back purchased items.
  • If needed, adding more info is best,
  • Proving that the items are damaged, broken, or flawed in any way will help prove the seller's dishonesty. If needed, the buyer should include photos in the request.
  • The next step is to click on the 'Request Return' button,
  • The sellers will be sent the request and the date they must review the details and provide an answer.
  • The customer will either have to wait for the reply from the seller or print the return label right away. This will depend on the seller's specified rules.
  • The reseller has two options. Accept the product back or let the buyer keep the items and offer a partial refund.
  • When resellers accept the request to send back purchased items, the customer will have 14 days to ship the products back.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Too Complicated - The Buyers Should Print Labels for Returns and Simplify the Process

If the customer wants to get a refund from the seller, printing eBay's labels is the most important part of the process. The necessary labels will have a tracking number which is recorded on the customer's account. When the buyer prints the labels through the platform, it will be recorded that the package was received. 

However, when the customer uses his own postage or takes the package to the post office, the platform cannot track the package and ask the reseller for a refund. This rule is essential for stopping scammers. People who claim to have sent back the product but don't have any proof will only create problems for the sellers. When an issue arises, the platform will side with the reseller since there is no proof that the customer is telling the truth.

Here is a video on how using labels works and how sellers can respond.

Once You Know How to Handle Refunds, Expand Your Business With a Cross-Posting Software

Sellers who are starting a business with no money and e-commerce owners who want to have a better grasp of their business should use online selling tools. Yes, customer complaints, refunds, and returns happen all the time. However, once you expand to other marketplaces, you will need multichannel listing software that can control all the listings on various platforms. 

A cross-listing software connects all of your marketplaces and makes a note of sales, requests, and complaints. A cross-posting app will help you to save time, sell faster and make more money.

The most convenient and user-friendly crossposting tool is Zipsale. Software to sell both on eBay and Depop, which can auto-delist sold items, is a necessary addition to your online business. Don't miss out on a chance to increase your income by 50% with Zipsale.

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Reach a wider customer base and don't lose money on returns - all with a selling software

Abide by the Rules for Returning Products, and Customers Will Trust Your Page

If you want to avoid disputes and scammers on your page, be truthful about your listings and follow eBay's guidelines to a tee. Review requests on time and attempt to reason with the customer so that both parties win. You won't have to pay for shipping costs if they cannot prove that the product they received is damaged or flawed in any way.

Once you understand the ins and outs of online business, sign up for software for selling online - Zipsale - and increase your profit. You will control the ordering process better while having the opportunity to sell on numerous platforms simultaneously. Don't wait any longer; sign up today.


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