Where to Sell Vintage Clothing

Numerous sellers are trying to find a way to expand their customer base on the Internet, so finding where to sell vintage clothing is the first step in that process. An online product listing software will help get products seen by different customers on various platforms. Here, we will delve deeper into what selling software is best for clothes.

Get all the necessary information about getting brands sold on numerous websites

Looking for Where to Sell Vintage Clothing? Depop Might Be the Place to Start

An outstanding social fashion marketplace called Depop enables sellers to earn by selling used items. All types of clothes are sold on this online store, from accessories to footwear. People resell anything that can be found in thrift stores and flea markets. It is a perfect platform to market vintage clothing to younger generations. Apart from clothes, you can sell music, technology, and movies, too. The popularity of the website is increasing daily, and today it has around 30 million users. Research everything about how to resell on Depop and get your products sold in record time.  

How to Start Selling Vintage Clothing on Depop?

The process of presenting your products on the Depop website should be quite simple. The first step is to create a profile for your shop. Then you can start planning how you will organize and make good listings. Don't forget to connect the profile to a PayPal account which is how you will receive your revenue. 

When you start customizing your page, the focus will primarily be on the listings. Make sure to take decent pictures of the clothes with good lighting. However, you don't want to edit or change the color of the picture because this will mislead the customers. When the customer orders the item, the next step is to package it and ship it to their location. 

Here is an in-depth video on how to manage your profile and how Depop shipping works.

Sell Successfully on eBay

eBay is among the four best online selling platforms in the UK. Among all the online selling platforms, eBay is a great choice for business-to-consumer sales as well as consumer-to-consumer sales. Sellers usually opt for eBay since it has a lower fee, and in this way, they are more likely to make a profit if they are reselling vintage pieces from thrift stores or flea markets. People primarily create a profile on eBay for collectibles, clothes, accessories, and used goods. The website can be great for promoting different brands, and customers usually buy by bidding on an item or paying a fixed price. 

Try Reselling Clothes on Etsy

Getting certain items sold on Etsy isn't complicated. But, bear in mind that this marketplace is not ordinary since it is specifically designed for getting vintage and handmade items sold. It is an international platform that offers extraordinary and one-of-a-kind pieces. If you want to resell clothes, you will have to think about whether the products are handmade or older than 20 years. Since Etsy has specific rules and regulations, not everything can be featured on that site. Apart from rules, Etsy has fees one should be aware of. There are transaction fees, optional ads fees, and processing fees. 

Ideas on How to Boost Business and Create a Successful Store on Etsy

There are numerous methods one can use to boost sales on Etsy and other online selling tools:

  • If you want to have a successful Etsy shop, try promoting it on other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. 
  • You can start implementing more creative and new ideas such as offering special sale discounts customers can get. Also, don't drive the price too high. Suppose you found a vintage designer piece, and you want to put it up at a really high price. This might prevent you from expanding your client base early on, so keep in mind this potential mistake.
  • What can also increase sales on Etsy is offering free shipping. You don't have to stop there since you can offer a free refund and return as well. 

Start Doing Business on Vinted

Almost 45 million users resell or buy accessories and second-hand products on Vinted. It is primarily a fashion marketplace where one can swap, buy, and resell old but trendy clothes. Even though the majority of people resell clothing, you will find items such as beauty products, household furnishings, and things for kids. The app is quite easy to use since you only have to download it, take a few photos, and post your listings on a profile. But a part of making money on Vinted is being aware of the fees. Keep in mind that there is a selling fee before postage plus additional 0.30-0.80 pounds.

Woman preparing shoes for shipping
Vinted, a software for selling online, offers numerous opportunities for resellers

You Can Create Attractive Listings on Shopify

A great app one can use for reselling anything online is Shopify. This subscription-based software is excellent for people who want to create their own online stores and put pieces of clothes on sale. What is more, you won't be bound to only selling online with Shopify, but with a point-of-sale app and Shopify POS, you will be able to sell at a physical location, too. You will be able to launch a successful Shopify store and list incredible items, so customers who search for unique clothes will be able to purchase online or buy them in your brick-and-mortar store. This will not only boost your business, but you will be able to earn a significant payout if you do everything right. 

Sell on Multiple Platforms at the Same Time With a Crossposting Tool to Boost Revenue

Now you know the answer to the question - where can I sell vintage clothing. But, it would be wise to make use of different fashion marketplaces since you can always rely on other sites if one fails in some way. So for anyone wondering - there is useful software to sell on both eBay and Depop. For instance, if one item is not available on one site, you can reach out to customers and inform them where to find one. Selling with multichannel listing software will enable you to boost business, control the cost, and never worry about mishaps. 

Woman sealing a box
With a crossposting app, you will gain more customers and earn more money

With Zipsale, You Will Be Able to Control Multiple Sites at the Same Time

Take a pick of the platforms that will suit you the most and make your listings attractive to the customers. In order to control and maintain the sale of the products on different apps and websites, get Zipsale cross-listing software. Our crossposting software will ensure that you easily keep track of the new and old customers as well as products 24/7, and it will delist anything that gets purchased right away. In no time, you will see your revenue grow with Zipsale.


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