How to Look for Vintage Wholesale Suppliers

Although selling retro products can seem like a dream job, know there will be many things you need to look after. One of them undoubtedly is knowing how to look for vintage wholesale suppliers. And if you don't have much or any experience in retail, the entire undertaking could sound pretty overwhelming. But don't despair because there is a lot you can do to make the whole process way easier. 

Facebook and similar platforms are a new home for clothing wholesale like shirts

How to Look for Vintage Wholesale Suppliers - Set Some Ground Rules

When you decide to become a clothing reseller, know it will also mean starting an e-commerce business. So, as you can imagine, it could be quite a serious undertaking to figure out what are the most important things for your business - from checking the most suitable vintage clothing wholesale suppliers to finding popular online selling platforms. Also, don't forget to check out a selling software, as well.

So, where should your items be sourced? Answering this question will surely help you get started with your online store, even though you don't have all the technical expertise. Just follow the recycled fashion trend that appreciates quality vintage and used products and stick to the unique style you have in mind. 

Explore Your Style and What Products Will Your Customers Love the Most 

Boosting your business is something you'll constantly think about, and you'll surely come into questions like how to upsell and what's better - cross-sell or upsell. But before all that, you'll have to figure out how seriously you will take your business. 

That's why before purchasing items in bulk, ensure your potential customers could find them interesting. In other words, you'll have to decide on what style you will be most focused on. Only then can you begin searching for wholesalers that will suit your needs. However, to figure all that out, you'll have to explore UK marketplaces using online selling tools. So, use software for selling online and check some of the most popular marketplaces:

Understand How the Sizing Policy Works

Becoming a reseller means a lot of things. But before going on an online marketplace platform and using cross-posting software, it's better to understand some basic things first. Bulk buying and paying it out isn't the easiest thing to do. So, start with understanding the sizes. This is an important step because sizes may differ from country to country.

That's how the UK's eight might be the US's six. This should be something to think about, especially if you're planning to explore an overseas fashion clothing wholesalers' website. Always check with a wholesaler about the sizing information, or simply look up the sizing information on some websites.

Do Your Homework and Search Online Clothing Marketplaces

After the outbreak of COVID-19, online businesses have grown faster, and they are no different in quality compared to retro and used clothing stores. That's how you can find numerous YouTube channels about reselling and guides on how to start an online clothing store with no money. But, besides that, you can also find many different marketplaces specialized in retro clothing online. 

So, take your time and get comfortable in your favorite chair. Surfing online in search of popular stores to buy in bulk by weight or by piece could take a bit of your free time. Put aside for a while thinking about crosslisting software to sell on eBay and figure out Depop, and concentrate on pieces that will most appeal to your audience. And if you think about it, it's just a click or two away from your perfect buy. 

Make a List of Vintage Vendors and Don't Rely on Just One Wholesale Address

You've probably already heard about Etsy shops and Facebook groups, right? But, should you really have just one supplier? Especially if you know that there are numerous wholesales you can buy items from. Even these groups have unique suppliers that provide different articles from other countries. So, you might find yourself in a more difficult situation than you thought you'd be. However, it doesn't mean you should give up on finding the wholesaler that has the stock you want.

So, make a list of all wholesalers you find exciting and check their policy. After that, it's important not to stop looking once the perfect supplier is found. You'll never know whether another one has the same article and sells it for less. That's why to keep track of all suppliers with a simple list.

Check the policy of all wholesalers when planning to buy shirts and other clothes

Plan On Buying Retro or Vintage Article In-Person

Of course, there are many differences between online and in-store shopping. However, when it comes to getting quality used items such as shirts and fashion accessories, being able to touch and see a product for yourself is way better. So, one of the tips to help your e-commerce business is visiting vintage clothing online stores

Not only can you maybe pick the product you would never do online, but once you see it, you can check whether it's in good shape and it is really vinted. It will also allow you to build a trusting relationship with a seller that indeed can help you pick the greatest pieces.

It's Best to Check Out Some Trade Shows for Gem Articles

Many sellers avoid attending trade shows for one simple reason - it's time-consuming. However, if you're relatively close to some fashion district, this could be a great source of finding some retro gems. Once you make a collection of your quality used gems, prepare yourself for using one of the best online selling platforms and boost your business. 

Trade shows are a new-old home where resellers could shop

Use the Best Cross Listing Software to Help You Boost Your Small Business

Selling used items online, boosting profits and making your store a profitable business is the ultimate goal. But, it's important to understand that it will take some time. However, with the help of the right crossposting app and multichannel listing software, you'll effortlessly show your carefully picked retro products to the world. So, arm yourself with patience, level with your vintage shop and start listing on multiple channels


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