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Are you looking for vintage wholesale suppliers?

Purchasing stock for your resale business can be a little tricky, but not necessarily if you find a vintage wholesale supplier! So, where do you, as a vintage product reseller get your products from? Of course, you can scout out the best vintage clothes shops in London, or wander around markets every weekend looking for great bargains, but there is another way!

The word Vintage, as an adjective, means something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind. Today the meaning of vintage may be a little blurred and is used to describe something that is real, authentic, and stylish in its own way, but not necessarily from the past.

Vintage Wholesalers
If you’ve been wondering how to source vintage products to resell, as with a lot of questions, you can simply consult Google and see what comes up. A search on Google will bring up loads of wholesale suppliers offering fantastic deals on vintage clothing. You can buy in bulk, select vintage sneakers, shirts, women’s clothes, men’s items and so much more.
Take a look at some of these vintage wholesale suppliers:
·       Bulk Vintage Wholesale:
·       Syed Vintage:
·       North Vintage Wholesale:
·       Fox Vintage Wholesale:
It certainly makes sense to purchase your stock from a wholesaler, as you will get better pricing when you buy in bulk – it just makes better business sense!

What you’ll find
Do your research and take a look at a number of different vintage wholesale suppliers before placing your order. Although they seem similar in what they offer, there are a few differences to be aware of.

Most of the suppliers have offers on bales of clothing for a certain amount, others provide Italian vintage items, while others will offer specials on categories like sneaker packages for £100 or mixed bundles. There really is no limit to what you can find online for vintage clothing suppliers.
Some vintage wholesalers will also offer you the chance to hand pick and inspect your items before making a purchase. Although more time consuming than buying a bale of clothing, at least you will be able to select the exact products you want to resell.

Where to sell your Newly acquired Vintage stock
In one word, use ZIPSALE, of course! You can list your products easily and quickly, on multiple platforms like Vinted, Depop and more. Simply sign up here and start selling your vintage products to your new customers.

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