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How to Post on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace became available for online sellers in 2016. Since then, it has been used in 50 counties for selling and buying products. Individuals, as well as business owners, can use it to get sales for used or new products. If you don't know how to post on Facebook Marketplace, follow our clear instructions. We'll show you just how easy it is to use this online marketplace platform and how you can benefit from it.

Phone displaying a Facebook logo
Apart from Facebook Marketplace, crossposting software will help you get buyers

Steps on How to Use Facebook Marketplace to Sell Items

Let's start with the basics everyone should know. First of all, you need to learn how to post something on Facebook Marketplace and sell it. Luckily for all new resellers, this process cannot be any easier. Here are the steps for posting on one of the best online selling platforms:

  • Find the sign with three parallel lines in the top right corner of the website's page,
  • Then click on it and mind the option "Marketplace" - it's represented by a store,
  • Click on "Sell"
  • Create a listing by setting a price, title, and category of the item,
  • Choose the option "Add photos" so you can provide a visual representation,
  • Finally, click on "Publish" for it to go live.

Tips for Selling Items and Creating Listings on Facebook Marketplace

If you want to be successful in e-commerce, you should implement a good strategy. Our first tip for anyone who wants to get sales is to include well-lit photos so they show the true condition of the product. Apart from photos, it's wise to be as detailed as possible in your descriptions. Mention any tears, stains, and flaws.

In case you are a clothing, shoes, and sneaker reseller, bear in mind that the items need to be clean. If you can manage to restore their original shine, it would be the best. Also, before you accept the payment, make sure that the buyer inspects the product and that he is satisfied with it.

Finally, consider using multichannel listing software so you can quickly turn a profit. With a crossposting tool, you won't have to worry whether a potential buyer will appear. You will expand your audience with simple software to sell on both eBay and Depop as well as Facebook's platform.

White Converse sneakers
Attract more customers with great photos and in-depth descriptions

Can You Post Products Without an Active Facebook Account?

So, are you wondering about how to use Facebook Marketplace without an account? Probably the most important piece of information is that you cannot post on Facebook Marketplace if you do not have an active account on the platform. The prerequisite to selling anything is to first sign up on this multi-vendor marketplace platform. But, since it only takes a couple of steps to create an account, it shouldn't be an issue for serious resellers.

Feel free to watch this video with tips on how to use Marketplace on Facebook to sell once you create your account.

How to Post a Garage Sale on Facebook Marketplace - Follow Our Tips

Garage sales are definitely an incredible way to make some space in your garage and house. Making money off of products you no longer need is always a great idea. Facebook Marketplace will help you get rid of any used vintage clothing, toys, jewelry, gadgets, furniture, board games, home decor, and books. Here is a list of steps on how to post a garage sale:

  • Go to the platform's page,
  • Select "Sell Something,"
  • Then, tap on "Category,"
  • Choose "Garage Sale,"
  • Type in the description of what will be offered,
  • Next, you don't need to price the items; leave the price at zero since everything will be sold individually,
  • Add the location where the sale will take place,
  • When you sort everything out, tap on "Next,"
  • Finally, click on "Post."

Garage Sales Are Allowed But Can a Business Offer Services on the Platform?

Numerous individuals search the Internet to find out how to post a service on Facebook Marketplace. Many enterprise owners want to promote their services via this convenient second-hand marketplace platform. However, Facebook's policy doesn't allow this. Facebook's statement is clear when it comes to services, and they are not accepted. We recommend not even attempting to create a new listing offering services since you will get blocked and banned, and any privileges will be taken away.

Man holding binoculars with Facebook logos
Don't make a listing with a service on the platform since it is against Facebook's policy

How to Post on Facebook Marketplace as a Business? Is the Selling Method Related to the One of Individual Sellers

Even though people cannot promote a service, they can definitely post as businesses and help their e-commerce business grow. The process is the same as for individual sellers we've already discussed. However, the only difference is that you should be an admin of the business page that will be used. The process of publishing the listings is very easy, just follow our list with steps. 

However, don't forget that the Marketplace feature needs to be enabled on the page before posting anything. This can be done by going to your page settings option and searching for the option "Marketplace." Tap "Edit" and click on "On."

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Create listings as an enterprise owner the same way individual sellers do

Don’t Just Settle For Facebook Marketplace, Register With Zipsale and Post on Different Platforms at the Same Time

Facebook Marketplace is excellent if you want to organize a garage sale or if you want to sell something in the area where you are located, but it is still limited. This is why you should offer items on multiple platforms such as Shopify, eBay, Depop, Etsy, and Vinted. With the help of Zipsale, a crossposting app, more people will see your products. With software for selling online, you will have a better grasp of what has been sold and what you need to resell also. The cross-posting tool is essential if you want to turn your hobby into a serious job. We recommend using Facebook's platform as well as others with our useful cross listing software.

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