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How to Sell Funko Pop on eBay?

When searching for a way to part with popular collectibles, always consider utilizing a multi-vendor marketplace platform. For collectors of vinyl treasures, we'd like to share some of the best tips on how to sell Funko Pop on eBay. With 132 million buyers reported on the platform in the second quarter of 2023, eBay promises a definite sale of the most hyped figures. Let us share with you now how to boost your listings.

Funko Pop figurines of Scrubs
We'll provide free advice on how to sell your Funko Pop collection

How to Sell Funko Pop Collection on eBay?

Venturing into the second-hand market on the Internet with your precious collection in tow can be an exciting adventure. When selling on eBay, it's crucial to maximize the appeal of the items as well as their visibility. Setting prices competitively and highlighting unique features are the first steps.

Offering excellent customer service and proving yourself as a reliable online reseller would solidify your reputation, making other buyers flock to the shop. Gain many positive reviews and you've got yourself a successful e-commerce business with a focus on Funko Pop.

Be free to check out this video with basic eBay resale tips for 2023.

Research Your Competitors and Figure Out the Right Pricing

Scour the online selling marketplace to arm yourself with knowledge about the going rate for similar figures you plan on offering to eBay's customer base. Learn how much money the buyers are willing to pay. For instance, follow a couple of auctions on the site and determine what the final price for the Pops was. Monitor how long similar items stay on the market before people buy them. The point is to start the online store with a thorough understanding of the market.

Consider the Condition and Rarity of the Funko Pops

When choosing what things to resell on eBay, it's essential to pick something that can earn you a substantial sum of money. In the case of vinyl figures, the more hype, the better. The same thing can be said about the condition. When it's apparent that the item has been lightly used, its worth increases. Therefore, the pricing of the piece should be influenced by the rarity and condition of the set. If you have a rare limited edition piece, it's best to aim for a premium price tag.

Important Step - Before You Sell Anything, Factor in eBay Fees

One thing is important - eBay's commission can sometimes be expensive, so bear in mind that pricing anything too low can be detrimental to the shop. Educate yourself about eBay's fees and charges before setting a final sale price. A great place to start is eBay's calculator of fees. Estimate your charges quickly, just bear in mind that PayPal fees should be added in case this payment system will be used for the transaction.

A black calculator on a yellow background
Remember - even one of the best online selling platforms has an elaborate fee structure

Take Excellent Photos of The Funko Pops You'll Be Selling

Crips, clear photos not only demonstrate the condition of the item but also zoom in on the authentic features that can be spotted by some collectors. Ensure that the photographs are well-lit, photographed against an uncluttered and clean background, and in focus. Close-ups and multiple angles will provide the buyers with a sense of trust. A great idea is to post the photos on social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

Use Out Money-Making Photography Tips For Creating New Listings on eBay

To sell goods online effectively, particularly visually driven products such as Funko Pops, the images have to stand out. Make the customer want to buy the figure. This is why we'll share the ultimate tips for making excellent images:

  • Use natural light to make the features illuminated evenly,
  • Put the figures against a neutral backdrop,
  • Zoom in on the colors and textures,
  • Take pictures of the box, including numerous angles,
  • Don't rely on digital enhancements.

Be as Detailed as Possible In the Descriptions of Pops

When creating listings for popular collectibles like Funko Pops, a detailed description is the selling point. Collectors want to read exhaustive information, wrapped up in fandom writing style, before investing in the chosen collectibles. Mention the model number, any anomalies, the condition, and what kind of trend your collection represents. Be clear in the descriptions, but add some code words or language that characterizes the movie, series, or comics associated with the collectibles. Underline why someone needs to buy it.

Are You Selling Funko Pop Comic Covers - Put Thought into the Description?

In case listing Funko Pop Comic Covers is the primary goal, being extra descriptive and thoughtful throughout the listing is paramount. Emphasize that while the items are free of actual comics, they are in high demand because they are artistic representations of iconic comic book covers. Highlight the condition and quality of the cardstock paint that the figure is attached to.

Black Widow Funko Pop
List wisely on the online marketplace platform for maximum profit

After Understanding How to Sell Funko Pop on eBay, Shipping Process Should Be Learned

Finding the best way to ship on eBay involves understanding what the most reliable shipping option is. Compare local couriers, Royal Mail, and Hermes. On your account, specify what kind of shipping you offer - international or domestic. The safest way to track the order and have protection from the platform is by using eBay's shipping labels. 

When dealing with popular collectibles, avoiding scams is a BIG YES, so try to use the safest method of shipping. This means using eBay's suggested options. This platform is not like Facebook, where you need to negotiate with the buyer on your own.

Person holding a cardboard box on the table
Make sure the figure is shipped as soon as possible after the buyer orders

For Beginners Thinking, “I’m New, I Just Started,” We Recommend Using Software for Selling Online

Being new to the online reselling industry is challenging. But, with the ultimate crossposting tool, this phase can be a breeze. Use one of the most popular online selling tools - Zipsale. With a nifty crossposting app, boundaries are expanded. Listings can then reach buyers on Shopify, Depop, Vinted, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and Etsy. Many people will want to buy the item. 

Moreover, what can be more great than using software to sell on both eBay and Depop? The auto-delist feature makes this cross-listing software a dream come true for numerous sellers. Contact us and enjoy the gifts of our multichannel listing software today! 

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