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What Sells Best on eBay and Why?

Competition is fierce since there are millions of sellers who want to promote their listings to as many buyers as possible. It's essential to ensure that your listing will be seen and considered by many people. This is why we'll share with you what sells best on eBay and why. With our product ideas on what you can improve upon, you'll quickly become a top seller and your e-commerce business will only grow.

Two women selling clothes online
What are best selling items on eBay? Find out everything you need here

What Sells the Best on eBay? Clothing and Accessories Category

Sellers who want to become successful generally opt for reselling clothes and accessories. This category is one of the most popular on any multivendor marketplace platform. Anyone seeking to raise sales would choose this option since some customers search for brand clothing that has a price lower than in the official store, while other buyers search for unique vintage used clothing pieces.

Jeans hanging on a hanger
Use a crossposting app and you will profit from reselling on different platforms

What Type of Clothing and Accessories Category Sells the Best on eBay? 

If you want to know how to find best-selling items on eBay, you need to search for trending products. Use eBay's search bar, which will allow you to see what is popular on the market. Also, the so-called eBay Terapeak is available for sellers who have a reselling history allowing one to find out product ideas that are popular at a specific time.

As for the clothing and accessories categories, if you don't know how to find the best-selling items on eBay, we can help with our list of the items that would sell fast on the platform and become a successful clothing reseller:

  • Branded clothing - You will create more traffic for your store if you start reselling specific branded clothes.
  • Athleisure - Sportswear is popular throughout the entire year. The items that mostly get quickly sold are socks, leggings, and hoodies.
  • Pins - An accessory that never goes out of style. Customers usually want to express their identity and interests through fun and unique pins.
  • Hats - Every type of hat is sold on this online marketplace platform. From beanies, trucker caps, and bucket hats. This accessory is a top seller.

Video Games Sell Quickly

One of the products that get the most attention from eBay's shoppers are video consoles and video games. The brands that most sellers rely on to turn a profit are Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. One can opt for listing either new games or already used ones, and it's important to post a photograph of the video game from different angles. 

Most sellers consider sales of video games and consoles easy money. One can sell them in a couple of days. It's simple to get them sold. So, if you want to have a flourishing e-commerce business, consider tapping into this category.

Two people holding gaming consoles
A video game is a product that will quickly get noticed if you use crossposting software

What Video Games Get Sold the Most?

Listing video games just might be the niche you make the most money in. Here is a list of the top five video games that sell like hotcakes:

  • Pokemon Violet - Nintendo Switch,
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind - Nintendo Switch,
  • Mario Kart 8 - Deluxe - Nintendo Switch,
  • Splatoon 3 - Nintendo Switch,
  • It Takes Two - Nintendo Switch.

Custom Made or Used Jewelry - Learn What Can Bring Your Profit?

Categories for different kinds of jewelry are considered to be a true goldmine across different online selling platforms. People usually first think of Etsy when it comes to unique jewelry pieces, but eBay's wide selection attracts various customers. The convenience of reselling jewelry is the most essential part. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches are easier to package and ship. This will make managing eBay fees and the eBay return policy much simpler as well.

Watches, Necklaces, Rings, or Earrings - What Categories Are Popular?

If you are considering jewelry categories, you have to choose wisely what type of products you will want to sell in your store. Most customers buy watch brands and smartwatches. They look for a stylish design and authenticity. Next, custom clocks and watches tend to be a huge hit among numerous buyers. And lastly, any type of necklace, earring, and ring, whether they are custom-made or vintage, sells incredibly well.

Woman wearing a necklace and holding a red collar
Make listings with necklaces, bracelets, and watches, and you'll increase your sales

Home and Garden Products

Numerous customers turn to eBay for home and garden products. According to the statistics, about 9 percent of all items sold on this platform are from categories for home and garden items. The buyers search for cushions, lamps, wall prints, and plant pots the most. Other popular things include coffee tables, chests of drawers, and sofas. The average price for them is $55. When it comes to the garden category, most searched items are parasols, barbeques, and garden furniture.

How Should You Market Your Home and Garden Products?

When you have numerous pictures of your home and garden products, you will ensure that they sell quicker. Don't forget to write descriptive, clear, and easy-to-follow listings. Among the most important things one needs to do is to list the product under the correct category. In this way, buyers won't struggle to find it. 

Another crucial tip is to follow what your competitors are doing. When pricing a used product, you don't want it to be too expensive or inexpensive. Determine the right price that would bring you profit but also draw new customers. Also, don't forget to factor in eBay's listing fees.

Finally, consider using software for selling online. A good listing software will enable you to improve your sales and get more customers.

If you want to learn more details about selling on the platform by visiting popular YouTube channels devoted to reselling online. Here is an insightful video that will help you.

Health and Beauty Products

The Health & Beauty category is among the most visited on the website. Things that get sold the most are hair dryers, dietary supplements, skincare, vitamins, hair straighteners, and perfume. The brands the buyers mostly look for are Puritan's Pride, LifeVantage, and Great Healthworks. Among best-selling products, the number one spot in this category are the Omega XL Joint Pain Relief tablets.

Cosmetic products on sale
The platform offers a variety of health and beauty products that quickly get sold

Selling Items to a Larger Customer Base Is Possible With a Cosslisting Software

Improving your business and becoming a top-rated reseller is only possible if you start selling on the best online selling platforms simultaneously. This can be accomplished with the help of Zipsale, software to sell on both eBay and Depop. This useful crossposting tool provides its users the benefit of keeping track of orders and sales 24/7. A multichannel listing softwaresaves the seller time and money by amending details on numerous listings and auto-delisting anything that gets sold. If you want to reach more people, register with Zipsale, and you'll earn more money and grow your business.

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