Ultimate Guide on How to Sell Second-Hand Clothes Online

The global second-hand clothes value is estimated to be more than £75,000 in 2021 and is projected to rise even further in the years to come. It is no surprise many begin to wonder how to sell second-hand clothes, especially now, with eCommerce as well on the rise. We got all the answers you need, so be sure to follow our simple guide.

Clothes on hangers sold through a crossposting app
Selling second-hand apparel will not only earn you extra money but reduce the unnecessary waste

To sell second-hand clothes online successfully, you must choose garments that are most appealing to potential buyers. Afterward, you should prepare and market them appropriately, with high-quality images and adequate descriptions, and set the right price for each piece. You should also decide which online platform you should post them on. It is always best to combine multiple channels and use a crossposting tool to help you manage inventory. 

Determine Which Wardrobe Pieces Are a Good Choice for Online Selling

Let's start by pointing out that not all used apparel will be attractive to a large audience of buyers. Therefore, not all garments should be listed on a Shopify store, Vinted, or any other online marketplace platform. If you want to gain profit from your sales, you'll need to learn how to sell good quality second-hand clothes, which are:

  • Apparel that looks new or, even better, still comes with a tag - customers are drawn to these pieces because they get to wear a practically unused item for a much lower cost than they would typically pay. 
  • Garments that suit current style - stylish and fashionable items, according to current fashion standards, also bring a lot of interested buyers.
  • Branded pieces - aside from having a few brands they love, customers can be familiar with the quality and sizing of the apparel. That is why branded pieces are usually sold better than ones that are not. 
  • Vintage and one-of-a-kind items - specialty pieces appeal to many who take pride in being unique, so it doesn't come as a surprise that the vintage clothing market is huge. 

At the same time, keep in mind that certain types of the wardrobe have more buyers than others. According to Statista, T-shirts and tops are the most popular on the UK second-hand market, followed closely by coats. 

Which Pieces Should You Avoid Listing?

Some apparel isn't worth listing since it will only take your energy and time but won't be able to produce any kind of profit. Buyers don't search for attire with stains, tears, or unbranded and outdated (but not vintage) garments, so it's always better to opt for the items mentioned above whenever it is possible. 

Clothes hanging on a clothing rack
In order to list successfully, a posted item should be in near perfect condition

Create High-Quality Images to Earn More Money

It doesn't matter if you want to place garments against a plain background, model in them, or get another person to wear them when you're taking a photo. What matters is the quality of the taken photo - it must not be blurry or cropped. The garment must be shown in whole and from different angles. Refrain from adding too many filters, and try to take your photos with as much natural light as possible. Additional tip: be sure you have a consistent photography style - it will appear more professional and earn customers' trust. 

Photos must be followed with short but accurate descriptions that contain information about:

  • Brands, 
  • Sizes, 
  • Conditions, and
  • Materials, 

Ensure Listed Clothes Are Presented in Their Best Condition 

This should go without saying, but you must do your best to make each clothing piece presentable. Take some time to prepare garments before using online selling tools to list them. That means that all of the pieces must be washed and ironed (or steamed) before you decide to take pictures of them. The better you prepare your item, the better the photo will look, which will result in more interested buyers. Of course, after items are purchased, they will already be prepared for shipping - no additional cleaning will be needed. 

Seasonal Items Sell the Most, so Make Them Visible

Many buyers search to purchase items for the current season, which is why you should ensure they see them first. If it's winter, for example, sweaters, coats, and knitwear will sell a lot better than shorts and T-shirts. Be sure potential customers see those first when visiting your online clothing store

Girl holding a pile of sweaters meant for selling online
Always have the current season in mind when listing different wardrobe pieces

Set the Optimal Price

Good pricing is a recipe for success, but how can you achieve it? If you place too small of a price on an item, you won't be able to profit. On the other hand, you won't have any customers willing to buy if you set a tag too high. 

So, how to sell second-hand designer clothes, for example, and price them right? Attire that is 25% less expensive than in retail shows the most sales while simultaneously allowing you to earn a bit. However, you must count on the condition of the piece as well as the prices offered by the competition. 

To find more about effective pricing strategies, take a look at the video below:

Decide Which Platform You'll Use to Sell Pre-Owned Clothes

What are the best online selling platforms for listing used apparel? There are numerous listing tools available worldwide, but take a look at some of the best UK marketplaces for selling pre-owned garments. 

Depop Is Mainly a Millennials' Marketplace

With a grid layout, explore tab, and hashtags, Depop holds a format and looks similar to Instagram. It is a good choice for both occasional and serious sellers for any kind of clothing piece. However, it's preferable to have a younger audience in mind. When selling on Depop, listing items is cost-free, but there is a 10% sales fee.

Vinted Has a Broader Audience Range

Vinted is used by all generations, but it's often reserved for more high-street fashion. There are no seller fees (Vinted earns money through buyers), and you'll even get an option to swap your clothes for stuff other sellers are offering (if you're not just looking to make money on Vinted).

Old School eBay Is Always Popular with Those Looking to Earn Money Fast

Famous eBay is one of the world's largest marketplaces on which many different products are sold - and used garments are just some of them. The lower shipping cost eBay offers makes it attractive to numerous buyers, which will provide great visibility to eCommerce business owners. With it, you can let buyers bid on your product or set a fixed price.

Etsy Works Amazing for Serious Vintage Fashion Sellers

Etsy is specialized in vintage items, and, according to its policy, clothing pieces you sell must be at least twenty years old. As for Etsy fees, listing an item costs as little as £0.16, but there is a 5% commission fee, as well as a processing fee when you start getting sales on Etsy. However, if you want to target vintage fashion buyers, there is no better choice than this listing software. 

A girl going through vintage clothes listed with a cross-posting tool
UK buyers are leaders on a global level when it comes to shopping for pre-owned attire

How to Sell Second-Hand Clothes through Multiple Platforms at Once? Our Cross-Listing Software for Selling Online Will Make It Easy 

You don't have to choose only one of these online platforms. Moreover, listing on several marketplaces will provide you with better visibility, resulting in increased sales. However, managing your data and inventory while selling on multiple platforms can become challenging.

That is where Zipsale - a multichannel listing software - comes along. We provide cross-posting software to sell on both eBay and Depop and many other similar platforms without any difficulties. Our cross-listing software allows you to sync your inventory and orders across different platforms, making managing your products much easier and stress-free. If you're interested in what we offer, sign up now and learn how we can make your online business more successful than ever.


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