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How to Start Selling on Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace platform where resellers usually offer vintage and handmade products and supplies. There are numerous categories under which one can resell, such as toys, art, jewelry, clothing, bags, tools, and supplies. If you want to know how to start selling on Etsy, it's necessary to first plan how you want your online business to look and function. In this guide, we will take you through all the steps of becoming a reseller on this platform.

Three persons looking at a laptop
Your store needs to stand out from the rest if you want to increase sales

Here Are the Steps to Take at Any Cost Before You Begin to Sell on Etsy

Starting out on this international multivendor marketplace platform should be planned out thoroughly. If you have a clear idea of how you want to begin your e-commerce business and how you will target your customers, the process of establishing a successful online store will be much more effortless. Follow our steps on what to do before you even create your listings.

Decide What You Will Sell

Do you have a plan about what you want to offer to your customers? If you want to own a store, you need to find products you want to resell. Since this online platform revolves around vintage and handmade items, it's best to find something that is associated with this category. Whether you are interested in offering vintage clothing or vintage furniture, with the right branding and cross-listing software, you will get a lot of sales. Our tip for any new e-commerce business is to begin with a couple of things and then slowly expand.

Handmade bags
A great option is to begin reselling handmade and vintage bags - they are always a hit

Establish a Brand and Come Up With a Name

Create an identity for your business. How do you want the products to be perceived? Make a story that would tell the customers more about the items you are selling and you as an online reseller. What is the overall intention of your shop? It's ideal to have a color scheme, a logo, and a quirky name. When you begin brainstorming what your name could be, gravitate towards something fun and catchy. Also, the store's name is necessary for the URL that people will see when they go to your page.

Create Your Logo and a Shop Banner Image

A stunning logo will establish you as a serious and reliable reseller on the site. It is an integral part of your brand as well and it shouldn't be neglected. There are free sites where one can create a logo easily. These are:

  • Canva,
  • Wix.

Additionally, banner images will be required when you set up the store. It will be one of the most visible parts of the page. Use a free website to create one that will be similar to the logo and appealing as well. Successful Etsy shops have colorful and unique banner images.

A person looking at pictures on a tablet
Good branding, as well as listing software, will bring you numerous sales

How to Start Selling on Etsy - Create a Shop and Listings

Now that you have a clear plan for how you will get sales, you need to create an account. Register on the website and enter information such as an email address, password, and name. Then, search for the option Sell on Etsy. When you answer a couple of questions, proceed to type in the shop's name. When you complete this step, select the option "Save and Continue."

The next task is to create your very first listing. This is an exciting part of the entire process since they will attract buyers the most. First, select the option "Create a Listing." Type in all the information about the product and make sure that everything is accurate.

Many new resellers wonder how to sell digital downloads on Etsy or how to start selling art on Etsy. But, for any seller to garner orders, the most important parts are videos and images. Nothing sells a product better than visual representation. We recommend using high-quality and well-lit images as well as a video that would provide more information.

Watch this informative video about starting successful shops in 2023 on one of the best online selling platforms.

Make Sure to Fill in Details About the Listings

All listings that appear on the website need to have additional information about them that will make it easier for buyers to notice it and select them. Here is a list of the information that needs to be added:

  • Title of the product,
  • Choose a category,
  • Write a description,
  • Add tags,
  • Add a price.

How Much Does Setting up a Shop Cost? Etsy Fees Explained

If you want to learn more about how to start selling things on Etsy, it's necessary to be informed about Etsy's fees associated with setting up a shop and selling. First and foremost, setting up shops is free, but there is a listing fee that is around 15p. The charge will apply again in case the listings get renewed. After four months, the listings will expire, and then it may automatically renew, or you can renew it manually. But the fee will still have to be paid. 

There are also transaction fees which are 6.5% of your sale. When you use Etsy's money-transfer system, you will be charged 4% of your sale plus 20p.

Pink piggy bank
How do you sell on Etsy? Create listings and set up a shop but bear in mind the fees

What Does a Reseller Have to Do Next? Set Payment Options and Begin Taking Orders

After completing all of the previous steps in our guide on how to start selling stuff on Etsy, you are ready to reach potential buyers. However, you still need to set payment options and create a shipping profile. It's up to you to decide whether you will offer free shipping or set a price. Then, decide how you want the marketplace to pay for the sales. This option is different for individual sellers and businesses.

Here is a video that will help you solve the dilemma of deciding for and against free shipping.

Now You Are Ready to Resell Products - Use Social Media to Boost Shop’s Visibility Online

As soon as you have everything set up, orders will come in, and buyers will begin to select the listings. However, since you are new to the platform, it would be ideal to make your shop's presence known on social media platforms. Most people will search on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Experiment with pictures and short videos that will get people's attention as they scroll. For starters, invite family members and friends to like your posts and your page.

Pinterest on a smartphone
Social media platforms and a cross posting tool will boost the shop's visibility online

Improve Sales by Using a Crosslisting Software

We've discussed in depth how to sell stuff on Etsy, but we've yet to mention how to sell things on Etsy as well as on Shopify, eBay, and Depop at the same time. New resellers might have a harder time getting interested buyers, so reaching a wider customer base with the help of crossposting software is of utmost importance. We recommend using online selling tools and simultaneously offering items on different platforms. In this way, the shop's bound to take off in record time and get noticed on Shopify, eBay, Depop, and Vinted.

Woman holding shopping bags
Multichannel listing software will be of great help when you are first starting out

Ready to Begin Your Journey Into the Online Selling Industry?

You don't have to struggle with the question how do I sell on Etsy anymore? Make a plan on how you want the store to function, what you will resell, and what your branding will be like. After you finish setting up everything on the platform, don't forget to promote items on social media platforms. Bear in mind that the best software for selling online that will promote Etsy's listings on different platforms like Shopify and eBay is Zipsale. Not only will the orders increase, but you will be able to become a star reseller. So, get the crossposting app and see the benefits for yourself.

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