How to Swap on Vinted With Other Users?

Some of the best online selling platforms provide sellers and buyers with trading options, and Vinted's one of them. But do you know how to swap on Vinted, and is it safe to begin with? If you need a simple tutorial about trading with this software for selling online, all you have to do is go through our guide.

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Around 200 million products are currently available on this platform - and many of them are swappable

In order to swap on this platform, both your and desired products must be available for trading. If that's the case, you should get in touch with the owner of the article, coordinate prices, purchase, and allow further shipping instructions. Once the other person receives the article you sent, the sum used for buying this product will be refunded. 

How to Swap on Vinted - A Step-By-Step Guide for Exchanging Fashion Garment 

Vinted's one of the leaders when it comes to the online second-hand market in the fashion industry. It makes it an excellent buying and selling software but also offers options for exchanging clothes in all three categories (women, men, and kids), as well as any other product listed. 

How to swap items on Vinted? All you have to do is follow the next steps:

  • Make your articles available for trading (you can do it while listing the item or while editing), 
  • Look for an exchanging symbol on posts from other members (a circle of arrows), 
  • Contact the member you want to trade products with, 
  • Coordinate the price of articles (optional), 
  • Buy an item (through Buy Now button on the product you wish to acquire), 
  • Follow shipping instructions
  • Keep the shipping receipt until the parcel arrives, 
  • Press Everything is OK once your shipment arrives (you'll receive the payment after the recipient presses this button too).

Know that you'll technically have to buy the product you want by trading, but the same amount will be refunded once the other member gets your shipment.

It's Always Best to Stay Within the App's Limits

For the complete protection of its users, this platform suggests you don't make any exchange outside of this app or website. If you do, and you're not satisfied with the swapped item, you won't be able to file a complaint or claim a refund. For similar reasons, it's always better to use Vinted's private chat option than to make a deal in person or through another app. 

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Trading on this platform is easy, as long the booth sides reach the agreement

Does Trading on This Listing Software Cost?

If the traded items have the same monetary value, you won' have to make an additional payment to the other member. However, if the article you want costs more than yours, you'll have to pay the difference.

Additionally, know that trading isn't entirely free - you'll have to pay shipping costs, as well as the Buyer Protection fee. This fee consists of a fixed cost and a variable expense. Fixed costs always go between £0.3 and £0.8. Variable fees depend on the set price of the product you want to get - it amounts to 3% to 5% of the item's cost. 

This protection covers the cost of shipping label production and payment processing and guarantees that your money and products stay safe. If you get a damaged or misdescribed product, or if it gets lost, you'll be able to claim the refund.

You Can Sell Online on This Platform Without Spending Money

Did you know that Vinted's one of the most seller-friendly platforms on the UK market? When you want to start an online clothing store with no money, you should consider this platform since registering, listing, and managing your inventory is free of charge. 

How does Vinted work? Although many other online selling tools share Vinted's business model, most of them aren't cost-free for sellers. On this platform, on the other hand, the buyer carries the cost for each successful transaction through the already mentioned Buyer Protection fee. Therefore, when making money on Vinted, you can rest assured that the total amount of each transaction will stay in your pocket. 

If you're new to this platform and need a few tips and tricks on how to use it effectively, check the following video:

Is Swapping on This Online Marketplace Platform a Good Option for Resellers?

Resellers who are not sure where to sell used clothes often choose to try this online marketplace. Whether you want to sell vintage clothing or just some pre-used pieces, selling clothes online on Vinted can be an excellent start for your e-commerce second-hand fashion business. 

Still, make sure you don't neglect the possibility of trading. Although it won't make you any significant profit, it can be an excellent way of refreshing your supply. If you notice that some of your listings are not selling, swapping them for some other that might sell well is an excellent solution.

How to Do a Swap on Vinted and Avoid Fraud?

Although this platform guarantees protection, you can never be too safe with these exchanges. In order to avoid scammers, make sure you review the member's profile before requesting a trade. There you'll be able to see the evaluations from other users. Naturally, the better reviews a member has, the less likely you are to be scammed. If a member does not have good recommendations, don't start the trading process.

Let Zipsale, Our Crossposting Tool, Help You Start and Grow a Successful Business

Swapping is a helpful feature to have, but if you want to become a successful reseller, you must think bigger. If you want to help your e-commerce business grow, you should consider selling items on multiple platforms. With more listings, your products will get greater visibility, which will result in more purchases. 


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