How to Find Things Worth Money in Charity Shops

After summertime and due to people's lockdown clean-outs, charity stores had an abundance of items. So if you're looking for things worth money in charity shops for your online business, you're at the right place. Become a professional and locate the greatest goods, including where to look for designer clothing, how to recognize bargains, and where to shop online.

woman choosing clothes in a thrift store
People are donating numerous good and valuable stuff

Start with finding the best locations where you'll pay for goods you'll present to your audience. Once you know all the sites, ensure you visit them regularly and get the hidden gems. However, don't go just every day, but learn from the volunteers all about the rotation times, and don't skip sections. 

Are Things Worth Money in Charity Shops?

People are buying items from various sources to resell on Etsy (or elsewhere) for a profit as the resellers' community in the UK expands daily. Resellers have access to a variety of sources for their supplies, including charity stores such as the Red Cross, car boot sales, high street stores, and online marketplace platforms such as Depop and Etsy itself.

So, yes, there are objects worth the money in charity stores. And here are some of the best ones you should consider for your eCommerce business:

  • Books and comics,
  • Clothes,
  • Jewelry,
  • Furniture,
  • Toys and board games,
  • Video games and consoles.

Is It Legal to Make Money Reselling Items Like These?

Reselling anything you've got on the high street is completely lawful. You can use it any way you like once it is yours. But be upfront about its use and describe any blemishes or flaws in the item. 

And once you start earning a good living, you'll need to pay taxes. Make sure you understand how tax returns work and pass on figuring out how to sell on multiple platforms and increase your profit. Explore the best UK marketplaces and use software to sell on both eBay and Depop - some of the most popular ones.

And What About the Ethical Side?

The question of whether it is moral to resell products from a charity shop for your own profit has generated some discussion online. Are you damaging the charity stores by doing this? Although everyone has an opinion on this matter, it's critical to remember that thrift stores determine their own prices, and as you're considering becoming a reseller yourself, it's a topic you need to understand.

Staff members are taught how to appraise goods, and if anything seems very valuable, they may decide to put it up for auction or even list it on their own online stores, such as eBay and others. It is the same for the charity shop whether you purchase something to resell or use at home. You can use it in whatever you want once you've purchased it.

surprised woman
Thinking about the ethical side is completely normal

Find Out What Are the Best Locations

Starting an online store requires many different skills, and you have to be prepared to sacrifice your time and energy if you want it to succeed. That's why besides using reliable online selling tools, you'll also have to know what charity organizations are worth your time. In fact, figuring that out is the first (and most important) step in finding a good item. 

The places in wealthier areas usually have better choices, but notice that the item coils are priced a bit higher - local residents are willing to give more money for the objects in question. On the other hand, smaller places will surely have lower prices, but the range of goods will probably be restricted. 

Be the Best Student and Follow Charity Stores Online and Check Their Virtual Outlets

Living in the technological era, it's only normal that charity organizations nowadays have their social media profiles and online outlets. And not only is it more convenient, especially after the Coronavirus outbreak but also because you can select the goods sitting in your comfortable chair at home. The best thing is that you can search for some of your favorite brands online. That's why following these kinds of organizations on social media surely will help your eCommerce. However, look for the delivery fee you'll have to cover.

Be Regular in Visiting These Organizations

Visiting these places regularly, no matter whether you prefer physical or online, is a must if you want to find the best pieces for your collection. There's another side of the story, of course. Showing regularly, you'll become familiar with the volunteers and boost your chances of finding some hidden gems before anyone else. 

Also, as the weekends can get a bit more crowded than working days, you can ask volunteers to leave some pieces aside. Last but not least, be an easy bird - showing first thing in the morning can yield bargains too.

Make Sure You Know Everything About Rotation Times 

Another thing you should learn is the rotation times. Although there are numerous benefits of visiting these organizations regularly, you shouldn't go every day because there just aren't enough goods going out. As for everything in life, learning the balance is everything. 

For example, many stores get new goods on Monday and discounts are on Saturday. Check this information at your favorite shop and organize your time adequately

Assorted colorful shirts
Don't visit these organizations every day

Don't Skip Sections - You Never Know What You'll Find, From Painting to Jewelry

Another piece of advice many second-hand resellers don't know - is never to skip sections. Instead, go through each and every section of the charity shop, even just briefly. Unless, of course, the chosen reselling shop has a niche. For example, not so old men’s t-shirts are often overlooked, even though some cycling jerseys, band t-shirts, or football shirts can have high prices on eBay, making it a good bargain. And that's why you shouldn't skip sections, even if it's done with ratty old t-shirts.

Look Where Big Brands Donate Their Surplus Stock or Returns

Many people just don't realize that many charity organizations are supplied by some big brands. They are called corporate partners. And if you're starting a business without money, then not only do you need a good crossposting app, but you have to learn what your audience is all about. 

Making this step, you'll likely have more sales and a reasonable profit as well. Remember, these goods are usually returned, so it could happen there are no tags. However, this can give you an opportunity to price them reasonably and not mention the old price. So, here are some examples of brands supplying charity organizations:

  • Age UK - Ted Baker,
  • British Heart Foundation - Zara,
  • Save The Children & Scope - Marks & Spencer,
  • Scope - ASOS.

Check Some Useful Tips on How to Choose the Best Item for Your Shop

Starting an eCommerce business and making it successful isn't as easy as you thought. From figuring out why you should use a crosslisting app for listing on eCommerce platforms to picking the right and in good condition objects that your buyers will love and eventually buy is a long road. To ease the whole process, here are some tips on how to pick items:

  • Get digging because the gems are often at the bottom of the baskets or containers.
  • Feel your way and touch every fabric before you purchase anything.
  • Check the condition and examine the piece of clothing or anything else. That way, you'll be able to determine the price you'll use in your store.
  • Keep note of all locations you liked. 

After Finding Things in Charity Stores, List Your Items Using the Best Multichannel Listing Software

Having one of the best online selling platforms will mean a lot once you find all the gems. Sign up for Zipsale and show your audience what you've found effortlessly. This way, you'll have more free time to think about how much you'll price the goods and other important things that will boost your small business.


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