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What Items Are Hard to Sell on Etsy - A Seller’s Guide

Knowing what items are hard to sell on Etsy is key to steering your shop toward success. Learn all about low-search volume items and basic products that can stop the online shop from increasing traffic. Niche market demands are growing, and steering away from them could lead to potentially detrimental mistakes. Use our tips to sway a majority of active buyers to click the BUY button.

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Gain popularity on the multi-vendor marketplace platform by using specific strategies

Learn What Items Are Hard to Sell on Etsy and Avoid Mistakes

Don't be disappointed after listing items on the site and receiving no orders for months. It is not yet time to give up on an e-commerce business just yet. The problem might lie in the decision to sell goods that are not typically desired by Etsy buyers.

Get more sales by researching best-selling items on Etsy as well as hard-to-resell products. Identify what typically struggles to find an audience. Refine the product line and tailor the marketing strategies to enhance the shop's appeal. A proactive approach doesn't allow you to waste valuable time and resources on goods that are less likely to succeed.

Here's a video about what to expect from the first month on Etsy.

It’s Difficult to Sell Fragrances Over the Internet

Becoming a full-time reseller of fragrances is not a good idea, as it poses substantial risks and challenges. First of all, experience is personal and subjective, so describing a particular one for a huge audience is hard. Most consumers have a natural preference to smell a perfume or fragrance before committing to a purchase. 

Venturing into complex scents significantly narrows the pool of potential buyers willing to gamble on a product they haven't tested out. The hesitation around purchasing complex fragrances online often leads to a higher rate of returns or exchanges. This erodes profits and complicates operations for sellers.

Don’t Create Listings for Fitted Clothing

Reselling general apparel such as sweatshirts and T-shirts doesn't require a perfect fit, but the nuanced sizing of fitted dresses, suits, or pants will result in returns and exchanges. For many clothing stores, the luxury or higher margins allow them to absorb the costs associated with returns.

However, individual resellers and small businesses could see diminishing profitability. Fitted clothing is also priced higher, so most buyers would evade clicking on such listings. Maintain a sustainable business model that escapes any complexities. We recommend sticking to vintage clothing and sourcing them online.

Low-Search Volume Products Don't Bring Profit

Low-search volume products are those that you've failed to make appealing to customers. For instance, if you just sell "sports T-shirts," the listing will get lost in a plethora of the same offerings on the multi-vendor marketplace platform. 

It's of utmost importance to convince the buyers of the value and the appeal. Be more specific when describing the goods in the title and do a bit of research on whether the customers are interested in the given market. 

Use Relevant Keywords and Make the Listing Appear at the Top of Search Results

Relevant keywords are the secret to reaching more customers. If the products are not searched often it might be that you have not described exactly what you're reselling. Select high-search-volume keywords that effectively convey the message to the potential buyer. Instead of just posting "gold earrings," make sure that the title contains more information. 

A great title would entail "gold plated hoop handmade earrings." This approach leverages the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to connect your unique offerings with the right audience.

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SEO will improve the searchability of the online shop

Things You Can Easily Get a Local Shop

Selling anything that can easily be found in a local shop poses a significant challenge for entrepreneurs looking to make money on Etsy. The platform is renowned for its handmade items, which means that easily accessible products struggle to capture the attention of Etsy's niche market. 

Shoppers turn to Etsy not for everyday goods they could pick up around the corner but for unique finds. To truly maximize profits, sellers should focus on offering products that distinguish themselves from what's available in local shops. A generic birthday card, chapstick, and a bar of soap that can be bought at the local grocery store won't attract any customers.

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Don't list anything widely available or generic

What to Sell on Etsy for Profit?

Now that you know what type of items struggle to increase traffic, it's time to focus on what can turn an online store into a success. There's always a demand for authentic accessories and home decor. Here are some product categories that have proven to be profitable:

  • Handmade jewelry - Custom pieces, personalized designs, or unique materials are popular.
  • Personalized products - Anything from custom-engraved cutting boards to monogrammed bags. Personalization adds value.
  • Vintage finds - Anything that is at least 20 years old, especially those that tap into current trends, have a dedicated following.
  • Craft supplies - Source hard-to-find materials for DIY enthusiasts and other crafters.
  • Home decor - Vintage or handcrafted decor products that add a special atmosphere to any space.
  • Digital products - Art prints, planners, or educational materials that customers can download instantly.

The key to making a profit is to offer something that stands out through its quality, uniqueness, or personal touch. Seek to attract buyers willing to pay a premium for items that meet their specific needs or tastes.

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Be creative with listings and be unique

Get Selling Software to Boost Your Listings

Improve sales quickly and easily with the help of multichannel listing software. Benefits offered by selling software include increasing visibility across different platforms and monitoring orders. The higher number of listings offered means that the store will gain attention. Seek a reliable crossposting tool that would let you list and delist anything on the go

A user-friendly interface of a crossposting app that signifies what is live and what has been ordered is required. We recommend having one of the best cross-listing software working for your benefit. Register with Zipsale, which can make sales skyrocket. With our reselling tips and our software, opportunities are vast.

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