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How to Make Money on Etsy

Is there a secret recipe for making numerous sales on one of the best online selling platforms? The answer is a firm YES. Here, you can find the most essential tips on how to make money on Etsy and turn your hobby into a lucrative dream job. From promoting listings to leveraging market analysis, we'll explain everything. There is a secret to success in the form of a crossposting tool. 

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Use Etsy to make money and expand an online business

So, how can a seller ensure a business becomes profitable on Etsy? Adopt effective strategies to ensure profitability as a reseller on this multi-vendor marketplace platform. You'll have to compete with approximately 7.3 million other sellers, so list high-quality products that are sought after by shoppers. Employ some SEO practices and invest in marketing the items. Enhance the store's reputation by offering the best customer service. Lastly, be in tune with the market trends at all times. 

The First Step Is to Pick a Profitable Niche

The initial step is always hard for new online resellers who have not figured out the focus of their e-commerce business. What makes this easier is simply asking yourself - what niche am I interested in? Concentrating only on a specific category of products is always easier for creating an online store and building a brand.

For instance, a particular market segment that you can choose can be something like:

What Are the Best-Selling Products on Etsy in 2023?

Choosing a niche that is interesting to you but not profitable is a devastating mistake that would cost a lot of money. Knowing what is profitable and what is not can be simple - just check what the best-selling items this year are. After researching this, pick a niche within those categories that there is a high demand for. For 2023, the most popular products on Etsy remain:

  • Clothing such as leggings, hoodies, T-shirts and leggings,
  • Desk items like journals, calendars, wireless chargers, desk mats and mouse pads,
  • Home decor items like rugs, candles, blankets, pillows,
  • Accessories such as hats, phone cases, and handmade jewelry,
  • Digital prints like posters, stickers, greeting cards, and bookmarks,
  • Kitchenware such as cutting boards, oven mitts, aprons, and serving trays.

Be an Etsy Student Before Creating a Store

What do we mean by an "Etsy student"? Well, reselling on this online marketplace platform can be daunting for some, so taking small steps is recommended. Dedicate some time to familiarizing yourself with the platform's dynamics and how best to sell items. 

Explore existing online stores and note down their product selection, customer interaction, and presentation. Understand Etsy's return policy, guidelines, tools as well as fees and charges. Most importantly, read how the platform works before launching a store.

For more info, check out the video below.

Utilize Compelling Marketing Channels for Promoting the Product

Increasing visibility and traffic to the shop starts with compelling marketing. Without advertising products, you can't boost interest in your items. The easiest way to get started is via email marketing. With a simple email list, send deals, info about new products, upcoming sales, and promotions. 

Another way to generate income is to create articles and videos that share details and fun facts about the brand. On top of that, don't miss out on an opportunity to optimize listings with meta tags, popular keywords, backlinks, and titles. Craft listing descriptions that contain the most searched terms

One of the Ways of Making More Money is via Influencer Marketing

Collaborate with influences by requesting affiliate partnerships, product reviews, promotional giveaways, and sponsored content. Be free to leverage their follower base. This approach capitalized on the credibility and influence these individuals have with their audience. It's also possible to attract buyers who don't even have an Etsy account to check out your page and order items.

Start a Hype Around the Product on Social Media

Generate excitement for your product on social media. Platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram offer diverse audiences perfect for showcasing the items you want to list. Craft eye-catching content, such as engaging reels and posts that highlight the product's features and appeal. Use trending hashtags to create a buzz around it. This will just set the stage for increased sales. The rule is simple - the more hype, the more customers will be willing to pay for an item.

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Selling online can be fun! Create funny TikTok reels and boost your sales

Analyze the Market Every Month and Make Adjustments

Stay on top of changing demands, trends, and customer preferences. Observe the broader market tendencies within your niche. Never stop learning and expanding on your knowledge. Also, gather essential data about the store, such as clicks, visits, and orders. This can be done with the help of Etsy Stats

Have a clear overview of the store's performance and reveal what's working and what isn't. If there is something that is completely redundant and detrimental to the success of the shop, do away with it.

If You Make Your Page Attractive, You'll Sell More Items

A well-organized and attractive Etsy shop is everything. Set up a page that has a compelling name and an engaging description. Provide more details about the e-commerce business and ensure that the page is welcoming. 

Incorporate a user-friendly search bar and well-defined product categories. With an "About Us" section, you'll add a personal touch and strengthen credibility. Determine the color pattern of the Etsy shop and choose a pattern that reflects the brand.

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A good trick is to use a free website like Coolors to generate awesome colors

Now That You Know How to Make Money on Etsy, Explore the Benefits of Software for Selling Online

A certain way of garnering buyers and making a profit is with the help of one of the best online selling tools, a crossposting tool such as Zipsale. This multichannel listing software won't offer the products only to Etsy buyers but to customers on Depop, Shopify, Vinted, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay as well. 

It might seem overwhelming at first, but the whole process is simplified with the awesome feature of the cross-listing software. There will be more users who want to pay for the original price. You have to source the items and list them - the crossposting app will do the rest. Read more about this awesome crossposting software on our website and sign up.

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