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What Not to Sell on Vinted - A Detailed Guide

Navigate the world of online selling with diligence. A multi-vendor marketplace platform like Vinted requires resellers to be knowledgeable about guidelines and policies. Learn what not to sell on Vinted and devise a business plan that would work. Vinted's restrictions and ethical standards are there to protect its community. You, as a participant, should strive to offer the buyers quality and reliability. Here's our guide on what to avoid.

A laptop next to shopping bags
Don't risk getting suspended after listing a prohibited item

Don’t List Any Counterfeit Goods

Online sellers, primarily those that sell used items, should maintain the authenticity and integrity of the products offered. Listing counterfeit goods is a breach of trust and legality. These items mimic the trademarks and distinct designs of established brands without permission. This can range from logos and brand names to the unique features of a product. 

Sellers should thoroughly inspect the authenticity of the products before deciding to resell them. The sale of counterfeit goods only undermines the credibility of the online shop on the marketplace platform.

A woman holding shopping bags
Check even the patterns on the bags to see whether they are counterfeit

Certain Animal Products and Real Fur Should Not Be Sold

When reselling goods online, be mindful of the products you choose to list involving animal products. It's restricted to offer anything that involves real fur, natural shells, exotic skins from ostriches, camels, karakul, and reptiles. 

These restrictions are in place due to international agreements aimed at protecting endangered species and preserving biodiversity. Users are urged to exercise caution and ensure that their inventory does not include anything prohibited.

There Are Certain Exceptions Regarding Clothing

Selling clothes on Vinted is the primary focus for sellers, and, of course, certain pieces are made of leather and wool. It's essential to know that this is allowed. Despite the restriction on certain animal products and real fur, there are exemptions. Anything made from leather, sheared sheep wool, mohair, and cashmere is allowed. 

So, if you are adamant about creating a successful e-commerce business on the platform, know that certain materials are still welcome. This fact reflects Vinted's commitment to balancing ethical considerations with providing a wide range of options for buyers and sellers.

A woman looking at clothes
The platform's main categories involve men's, women's, and kid's clothes

Food and Drinks of Any Kind Are Not Allowed

Best online selling platforms are unified in restricting beverages and food from being sold on the Internet. This policy is in place for several reasons. Firstly, there's a health risk when ordering foods and drinks since perishable items can be contaminated or spilled in transit.  

Secondly, Vinted's infrastructure and business model is designed to uphold the sale of durable goods. Anything that needs to be consumed falls under different logistical and regulatory considerations. Therefore, don't list cookies, wine, champagne, cakes, etc. It's of utmost importance to provide a safe and reliable space for users to sell, buy, and swap with confidence.

A cake on a chopping board
Vinted doesn't allow the sale of perishable items

Certain Types of Kitchenware Do Not Align With Vinted's Policy

Kitchenware is not a listed category on the platform. The focus is on a community that exchanges clothing, accessories, and certain home goods. Since there are restrictions on particular kitchen items, you shouldn't list:

  • Pots, pans, lunch boxes, chopping boards and flasks,
  • Appliances such as coffee machines, food processors, mixers and kettles,
  • Utensils,
  • Cups made from paper and plastic,
  • Cleaning wipes, towels, oven mitts, and sponges,
  • Sharp knives and cutting tools.

Still, Some of It is Allowed

By now, it may seem like you cannot sell anything on Vinted. But, that is not the case. We should recognize that some kitchen items are indeed welcome on the platform. Notably, a listing offering a table knife with a dull blade intended for use as cutlery is permitted. 

This means that the knife cannot be considered a weapon of any kind, and that is why it's allowed to be sold on Vinted. However, for a thriving online store, we recommend avoiding this category since this is not the place where buyers search for kitchenware.

Plastic kitchen items hanging from a wall
If you're interested in flipping kitchenware, turn to eBay instead

Avoid Listing Works of Art

If you're aiming to make reselling profitable, know that not all categories fit in the platform's scope. This might surprise typical buyers, but drawings, paintings, photos, and other artistic works don't align with Vinted's primary focus. Even though printable artwork is gaining popularity on the marketplaces, the trend is not seen as universally accepted. Therefore, if you are an artisan creating unique art pieces, choose to list them on eBay or Etsy instead.

Check out the video containing tips for reselling art online.

Now That You Know What Not to Sell on Vinted, Learn What to Sell Instead

Whether you're decluttering your space or aiming to establish a niche within this community, tap into the platform's most welcomed categories. The diverse user base aims to shop for affordable fashion. Here's a list of everything that can be sold on Vinted:

  • Stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children,
  • Toys and equipment for children,
  • Brand new cosmetics and gadgets for wellness enthusiasts,
  • Smartwatches, phone cases and headphones,
  • Puzzles for all ages, video games, and books,
  • Clothing, toys, and travel accessories for pets.

Try Selling Software to Boost Your Sales

Upon establishing a niche, a bit of help is needed for customers to notice your listings. We recommend investing in multichannel listing software that would boost sales by offering your listings on multiple platforms. Not only would Vinted's user base see your offerings but Depop's, eBay's' Shopify's, and Etsy's as well. 

With the help of a crossposting tool, it's possible to gain more followers on social media as well. Without further ado, look up Zipsale, the best crossposting app on the market. Not only does it improve sales, but the cross-listing software protects from overselling with its auto-delisting feature. Register with the software for selling online today.

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